Emotional Spikes

Just another experience I had yesterday due to the Covid Pandemic. I am 66 years old type 1 trying to be safe every day. I needed to go to my CVS to pickup my prescriptions my BG was 101 and I felt good. Jumped in the truck and headed to CVS when I arrived I put my mask on and went inside I got my prescriptions and headed home. When I arrived home as I usually do I check my blood glucose I guess I wasn’t too surprised my blood sugar had gone up to 232 my point being the emotional stress just going to my Pharmacy raise my blood sugar in a half hours time. One of my biggest problems being a type 1 is dealing with everyday emotional stress over anything that happens in my life can cause my sugar to go up or my sugars to go down that’s a big struggle in a type 1 everyday life. A big percentage of your highs and lows can be attributed to stress in your life figure that into the factors just be aware of it.


Good point to remember. We can tell when my son is about to have a test or finals well by just looking at his CGM. Stress is definitely an under appreciated factor. Sorry your CVS doesn’t have a drive through. Might take the stress down considerably.


Hi Chris my CVS does have a drive-thru but due to covid-19 it’s so packed right now we have no choice but to go inside thanks for your respond have a good day Chris.


If I have a stressful meeting at work, I can see my BS go up and up during the meeting…lol. Frustrating…


I experience the exact same reaction. Usually, though, for me, my BGs tend to to rise from stress, rather than go low. But it is interesting to me how they will come down without doing a bolus correction once I am finished with the stressful situation (not always though).

If I see my BGs begin to rise before a stressful situation, I am apt to use a TB preemptively to avoid the spike. It works rather well for me. Just my 2 Cents. and YDMV.


Thanks Daisy may it can be a roller coaster.



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