EdgePark Medical Supplies: good customer support experience

We get our Insulet pods from EdgePark Medical Supplies because of the deal that they have with our insurance company.

In December, right before leaving for vacation, I found that, out of the 4 boxes of 10 they had shipped us in August, one of them only had two pods. I was furious at myself for not having checked each individually at the time. I was out of time and could not call then.

Today I called their customer support. I explained that:

  • one of the boxes from our August shipment only had 2 pods

  • I know for sure that it is true, because we have a storage system where we only use one “current” box at a time, and leave the others in a different storage location. When I was ready to open the next box in line, I found it only had 2 pods.

I was sure they would not believe me so long after the fact, and had mentally resigned myself to never get the missing pods. Instead, the rep went through all the box numbers etc., then very nicely told me that they would ship me an extra box right away, and would try to make it happen before the shipping deadline of the day this very day.

I was impressed, and this is giving me a very positive feeling about EdgePark. The rep, Sherry, was very friendly, competent, and efficient. I hope she gets a promotion!


I’m glad you had a good experience with Edgepark. Since I just got a bill TODAY for an order fulfilled in May 2017 I am not so happy. I have been trying to cajole them into submitting this claim (my first with Edgepark) properly to my rinky dink health insurer for about 6 months and they finally did. The good news is I had two more shipments in 2017 that have not been billed yet.

Their ability to bill inflated prices for CGM supplies ticks me off to no end. My “20% copay” for 12 sensors and 2 transmitters was roughly 60% of retail price I could have paid without insurance. How does continuing to pay inflated prices make any sense to me the patient in 2018 as I start in on a new deductible? Somebody please walk me off the ledge before I switch to Freestyle “CGM”.

I agree that the customer service reps on the phone try to be helpful and friendly. However in my experience they have a very difficult time following through as evidenced by this delayed billing snafu I am stuck with.


This could be a real problem.

I could imagine being billed 18 months late and having our insurance refuse to pay :frowning_woman:


Their billing department does not appear to be up to par with their customer support…

There actually is a contractual limit which most distributors must agree to with the insurance company which limits how far back in the past the distributor may bill for.

I have had a distributor bill me for items which the insurance company would not pay because the distributor waited too long on requesting the reimbursement from the insurance company. It was over 12 months but I don’t recall exactly how old. I checked with the insurance company and they said I was not responsible. The distributor withdrew the bill.


just putting in my 2Cents: i use CCS Medical for all of my pump supplies (and my sensor supplies when i was on the dexcom) and they are excellent. not only are they timely, their reps and tech support are above and beyond. each rep is happy to dig in to any “problem” or confusion. they work hard for you to make certain that your insurance will cover everything (and i am on Medicare and AARP UHC). i have never had a co-payment.

they even call me back the next day to keep me posted on what is happening with my order (they also email me to find out the same and to THANK me for using them) wow!!

i highly recommend them to anyone.


So I received our replacement box of 10 Pods!

I am still surprised, and pleased. I was unhappy when I discovered the original partial box.