Doing limited MDI while on pump

I recently started back on my mm530g and am using novolog in tje pump. Prior to resuming pump i was doing MDI using tresiba and humalog. I am thinking on reducing my basal on the pump and augmenting with tresiba. I was injecting 30 units of tresiba nightly and daily basal rate is around 32 units curently. I am debating taking 15 units of tresiba daily and reducing my pump basal rate to compensate, as well as using humalog for corrections or at least part of.
My reasoning for this is i have a large stash of tresiba and humalog. As well as one pen each in my go bag. Am not trying to use it all up but to just decrease stockpile some, like to one box each. I also have large stockpile of novolog.but use alot of that, my average daily total insulin at this time is around 55units.
Am woundering how you feel about this.


@T1john, I think it is a totally reasonable idea to do partial MDI on tresiba and complement the rest with pumping. Several of us have experimented with it, for instance for sports. In fact, it is a really good way to deal with drifting basal needs with Tresiba, since you can keep a stable Tresiba baseline and compensate for change with your pump!

@Chris, @Eric, do you have any specific advice?


I think it can be a useful thing to do for certain people and for certain situations. Like for pump users that need to frequently disconnect for example.

But I personally would never choose my regimen based on having a large stash of anything. That’s just me. I would want to pick the best tools and then use them. If I didn’t have it, I would get it. If I had something else, I would not worrying about trying to use it up just to get rid of it.

But…since you asked…

If you did want to do it, I would suggest finding your lowest basal amount, and have Tresiba as the amount that covers about 25-50% less than your minimum basal. That way you could still do reductions if you need to.

For example, if your minimum basal is 1.0 units per hour during daytime, but 2.0 units per hour at night, choose the lower number, and make Tresiba cover most - but not all - of that.

So in this example, your Tresiba would be maybe 0.50 to 0.75 units per hour.

That means you could still drop your basal down to that 0.50 to 0.75 units per hour number if you turn your pump completely off.

Make sense?


Yes great point, have not considered that, was just using daily amounts to calculate doses. And i am not totaly basing the idea of doing this on supply but largely on lost insurance beging of February and dont want to run out of anything if possible. Am not doing any rationing have reduced carbs in hope of reducing insulin demand. But just want to take advantage of my supplies will without insurance. Love using pump and have probably 6 months of hard supplies but mabey 1-1 1/2 months of insulin for it. But have 16 pens of tresiba and 16 pens of humalog. If i combine i can get alot longer use out of pump and benifits. May not get insurance back untill end of summer.

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So my son does this every baseball season. As a high school baseball catcher he needs to disconnect for 3+ hours per day, 6 days a week. This throws his insulin regimen into chaos if he doesn’t have an injectable basal insulin on board. i.e. without doing 50% of his basal with Lantus he would need to inject or reconnect his pump at least twice during most games. So we love the untethered pumping approach. We know of one other person that only uses their pump to deliver food boluses and meets all of the basal insulin needs with an injectable basal. The nice part for us is that 50% of his basal is just about perfect for the “average” game.