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I have been doing mostly MDI for the past few months, but I am starting back on primarily doing pump again. Starting back full-time today.

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What considerations led to that decision?

The circumstances and loose ends just resolved in certain ways.

@Eric How do you utilize the pump? I’m sure it’s not just in the normal, everyday way knowing you.

I am not sure if I should post this publicly, but…what the hell.

Sometimes I run it intravenously, like this:

@Eric Yes, I figured you would be doing something like that.

But what I meant was do you use it as your only insulin delivery, or do you still inject or inhale depending on the situation?

IOW, how does it fit into your insulin delivery routine?

My plan is to use it for normal basal and bolus stuff. Occasionally, even with a pump on, I will still go a “different route” (like IM or IV) for faster delivery. There really is a significant speed difference, and sometimes I am in more of a hurry for insulin.

Also, on some days I am in more of a hurry to not have IOB, so I do the IV delivery for those circumstances (in addition to the speed advantage, the insulin duration is only about 30 minutes when doing it that way, which is very nice!!).

For days when I am in a hostile environment, I will use MDI.

But for normal days, I am just going normal boring :sleeping: subcu pump.

I don’t believe you do anything normal boring :scream:


You take Diabetes treatment and care to a whole new level.


but i thought that you felt so strongly about the control you had found on MDI. what was it that precipitated the change of heart?

and, do you have exercise plans all mapped out yet?

very curious to know how you plan on handling this “new” situation. (of course thats probably redundant b/c i know you have used the pump before and no doubt have been as neurotic about running as you ever are/have been)


PS: maybe now you can help me by being my athletic rabbit.

Circumstance are leading me back to the pump. I can do either one. I have much more experience with MDI than I do on pump. The pump does give some advantages, so I am looking forward to getting back into it.

I don’t plan much! I just look at what Coach has for me each day, and then adjust my insulin and food to fit into the runs he gives me. I vary my insulin and food based on the time of the run, how long, and how intense. I usually only need to cut off basal for longer runs. That’s one advantage of the pump. On MDI, I was just trying to plan on my basal insulin running out a certain time, or cutting my basal dose down in the morning. And then doing IV shots to limit IOB. I will still do that.

BTW, last night on the pump I cut my basal down to 60% and was just above 60 for most of the night. :open_mouth: It was nice to be able to adjust basal. Otherwise I would have had to go over to @docslotnick’s for donuts all night.

This is a little crazy. The night before I was at 60% basal. Last night I cut it to 65% and I was still skating over low all night.

Seems like 60-65% should be a pretty drastic cut in basal, but apparently not enough.

Hmmm…tonight…20%?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Eric Did you treat when you dropped below 50? If you did then your basal is way too high.

Well that’s what I was saying. Maybe I wasn’t clear when I said “I was at 60% basal”.

What I meant is that I cut it that much! I cut it 60% and 65% on two straight nights.

This is the basal that was working pretty good for me, but now it’s just dropping me like crazy.

I figured cutting it 60-65% was a pretty big adjustment. But I gotta go even bigger.

how insulin sensitive are you? i know from just starting to work out seriously that my insulin needs have changed noticeably.

but you eat so much. what is you I:C ratio and SF? have you worked this out yet on the pump? are you able to transfer the MDI data into the pump so that it is a rather smooth transition?

Wow. Sounds like you got the same cure I did a few weeks ago :grin: