Dogs of PWDs and their pictures :-)


@docslotnick, I can’t wait to see what these big boys will look like when they are fully grown.

@SLEE, your two girls remind me of Beauty and the Beast, in particular because there seems to be such affection and loyalty in Mocha’s eyes

Sam and Kitsune are some of the handsomest ones!


@MaryPat Maple is a girl! I wanted to name her after a tree so she’d be sturdy and solid. (Didn’t work!) But also so she’d be sweet. Turns out, she’s the perfect maple syrup color. (Did work!)

Loved seeing everyone’s pups! Dogs are so fun and bring such a special element to our lives. We appreciate our own, but love seeing other people’s too! We meet people every time we travel because we stop to pet their dogs. :-):grinning:


Bringing the dog thread back to life since people are asking!



Kimber Rose Limoges our purebread poodle


Wow! She’s a beauty! Is she as soft as she looks? Because she looks like she’s a cloud shaped like a dog.


She’s pretty ridiculously soft, and doesn’t shed, and doesn’t smell like a dog…



Best dog in the world. Absolute best.


Maybe currently. But I had the honor of owning the best dog ever, Beau. It seemed he was very motivated to protect us and keep us out of danger. He was an excellent judge of character and motivation. Better than any human being I ever met.

He’s been gone for about 15 years, but I still pine over him.


He was a beauty!

Our lab, Jake, is so good with our boys. It actually upsets my boys that Jake refuses to play tug with them because Jake is afraid of hurting them. Jake has put himself between the boys and potential danger more than once…most notably keeping a loose pit bull away from my son and getting bitten himself by the pit.


So handsome! They live in our hearts forever, don’t they…


@docslotnick, what a stunning, beautiful dog!

@T1Allison, when you look at Jake you want to give him a big hug, he looks so friendly!


I didn’t know there was a dog thread! I love it! You guys have such beautiful furry friends!

This is my boy Dudley. Until he came along, I had no idea you could fit so much zest for life and unconditional love into such a small curly, fluffy package. Love him to bits!



And just for giggles, here he is running around in his track suit last weekend, lol :joy:


@kpanda01, what a cute little guy he is! Particularly in his track suit :slight_smile:


He was a beauty! And apparently had the personality to match.

And your comment makes me feel so much better about myself!!! We lost our 18-year-old wiener dog Sharkey a few years ago, and I’m still not over it. Neither is Eric. Probably more often than once a week we comment about how much we miss him. Eric always ends with “he was such a good dog!” and I say “no he wasn’t, he was awful, but we loved him!” And we laugh. Because Sharkey was totally out of control - I can’t count how many times we had to have his stomach pumped because it was full of chocolate! Eventually, we got rolling chairs in the dining room to prevent him from getting on the table. And once, he got into the trash bag by climbing up a step ladder, and wound up stuck inside of a corned beef packet. I found him half asphyxiated in there when I got home from work. Once he came to, he was very happy to just lick all of the leftover corned beef off of himself. :crazy_face: We’ve got a whole dinner party’s worth of Sharkey stories. He was amazingly food motivated, could always find the warmest spot in the house and he adored Eric. And he loved to help with any projects at hand.

Our current dog Maple, is very well behaved. Boring, by comparison. But we’re kind of okay with that. :blush: And she’s an awesome hugging dog. She’ll jump in your lap if you invite her and rest her head on your shoulder. And at her last vet appointment with Doc, she ran in and leaped right into his chair!




Maple is a beauty! Mine is a doodle mix as well but is super curly… I love Maple’s shaggier hair!! And mine’s a hugger too :slight_smile:

We talk about our first dog the same way… we lost him not quite 2 years ago and thinking about our Chester still occasionally makes me tear up. He was a nut, but he was ours!


This is Penny our 14 year old chihuahua.


OMG I free the same about my CJ, CJ was a beautiful large golden retriever. Each day when I opened my truck door upon returning from work there was a large paw laid upon my lap, He was just there to say hi, how are you.

He been gone for close to 10 years but I still have his collar hanging on a nail beside my workshop door so I don’t forget one of my best friends ever.


@Gary, do you have a pic of CJ?


No, Unfortunately I don’t.