Dogs of PWDs and their pictures :-)


I have a picture in my head! :blush: I can imagine how nice that was to come home from work to! Golden’s always have such soft hair and ears.


Luna next to a corgi-sized pile of her fur! Thank god for the furminator :joy:


Omg, I adore corgis! Luna is beautiful!


Here is one of our last dog in her prime.


What a friendly looking girl! She makes you want to grab a fold of skin and rub :slight_smile:


If you would have rubbed on her ears, she would sit on your lap for hours. The problem is that she was a 60lb clumber spaniel. So it wasn’t always as wanted as some of the lap dogs out there.


Kimber Rose with a haircut

I love that this dog doesn’t shed, at all… literally zero


She looks super cute! And pretty good size!


She’s only about 40 lbs, tall and long legs but super skinny. Still has a little room to grow


He drooled by the gallon, shed like crazy, and ate like a horse. But what a great dog!!



My god, his tongue is a mile long! But what a great looking dog!