Dogs of PWDs and their pictures :-)


@elver. Those are some beautiful pups!

All of you have seen my late, great Bloodhound Walker (my avatar).

Here is my Bailey, 10 month old St. Bernard and Taavi, 4 month old St. Bernard. They are the most loveable pains in the butt you could ever meet!


Precious (the pups that is)!!


They are already huge!

One summer, my husband and I drove through the Col du Grand St Bernard, in the Alps, by the monastery where they still breed St Bernards. There were many tens of giant St Bernards housed in big pens, right by the road.

In fact, you could smell them from a mile away with the windows open :slightly_smiling_face:

The original St Bernard were quite a bit smaller, but over the years they have been bred to bulk up.


@MaryPat Bailey is now about 140 lbs, Taavi is about 50 lbs. Taavi’s sire is a large European Saint, so we’re expecting him to be uber large.


Holy crap doc, do you buy food by the pallet?


They are beautiful, gentle giants!

As a comparison, my big, fully grown Bailey is 85-90 pounds :smile:


Why yes, we do😭


Funny, I just read this again and thought of all the “Holy crap” I clean up out of the backyard every Saturday. :wink:


It has got to be like having mini horses! Crap-tastic


This is our Mocha, an English bulldog. A face only a mother could love but we love her. During cold time we bring her inside to keep warm. Here she is taking advantage of her circumstances to pester me for a little attention.


This is Pearl, Midnight Pearl actually, but she answers to Pearl. She is as dark as the night. She is quite the soft Pomeranian fur ball.


Of your two dogs I give you only one like. My brother in law had an English bulldog with a far grosser face than yours. It’s face constantly got yeast infections. We had to watch it a few times and I had to constantly put vagisil all over its gross infected face. I no longer like English bulldogs.


Mocha is a dog that requires a bit of maintenance, The folds and wrinkles on her face require periodic cleaning to prevent yeast infections.

She is actually our grand kids dog. When their mother realized that a drooling dog was not a good house dog she was sent to our house. We have a fenced yard in which she stays. We enjoy having her around.


The bulldog I knew had about a million times as many “folds and wrinkles” as yours does. I believe they paid extra for a guarantee that it was as hideous and unhealthy as possible… yours looks like a nice dog in comparison. Still though, only one like…

My despise for her grew even deeper when she started going into heat… then she had to wear a diaper around the house. Yep, a bulldog with a diaper on one end and a yeast infection on the other… what’s not to love. That and even on their very best days they still smell horrible…bulldogs and me just don’t mix


@Sam, you bulldog-lover you!


A friend of mine once had a couple of Italian greyhounds that always seemed to be terrified of everything, even inanimate objects. They perpetually shivered in fear and, yes, piddled all over the place. So they wore diapers. Two thin, trembling dogs with terrified eyes, in diapers. Disney couldn’t have done better.


OMG I could not imagine having to put a diaper on a dog. I live in a much warmer climate that @Sam and feel that the best place for a large dog is outside, unless of course the weather is real cold then they sleep in my shop office.


@SLEE How can you keep a family member outside?

We’ve had large dogs for the past 30 years (85-240 lbs) and they have all lived and slept in the house ( in bed with my wife and I on occasion).

They have all been my "babies":blush:


LOL easy you never allow them access to the indoor world, except when its cold. I believe that outdoors is the natural habitat for dogs. Small dogs like our Pom are different, selective breading as made them less capable of living outdoors.


Thank you everyone who has shared a picture and story of their pack member, they are all wonderful, beautiful and diverse members of our families. I feel very lucky to have been included in this thread! :slight_smile: