Dogs of PWDs and their pictures :-)


My 2 basset hounds.



Another CutiePie!!:slight_smile:


My little mongrels…Sam & Kitsune


@MaryPat, I have 2 shiba inus, Sam (male/16) and Kitsune (female/12). They are extremely pack structured, and a bit of a handful at times. Never a dull moment. They always treat my wife and I like rock stars!


@Bradford, your basset hounds are both beautiful!


@TravelingOn, can’t wait to see some good pics!

My dog Bailey also has a weird attitude to strangers. he will bark hard (a deep, dark, frightening bark and sometimes a growl) when he sees strangers outside the door. But once they are inside he is all over them trying to get petted…


@elver, did you mean to post a pic?

We had very dear friends with Akitas, whose dogs we loved. These Akitas took a long time to warm up to us: years, really. My experience with Shiba Inus is that they are more ebullient and friendlier with strangers. Both breeds I find truly beautiful.

It is only when getting familiar with Akitas that I found out that there are bears in Japan, btw. I had no idea (Akitas can be used as bear dogs).


I attempted to post a pic, but obviously goofed somehow. Tried using the
upload button…Is there a better way?


IMHO, sounds like Bailey is protecting hearth and home and is a little intimidated until he realizes it’s ok.


The upload button works if the jpeg is small enough (we have to pay for image storage). First you click on “choose files”, then on “upload:” many people forget to click on “upload.”

If you have a hard time, PM me, I will process the image and post it in your post!


@MaryPat, there are 3 breeds that genetically are closely intertwined in Japan - Shiba (of which there is only one real strain left), Hokkeido, and Akita. Since most of the dogs were starving after the war, many servicemen took them home. In the US Akita was commonly crossbred with Mastiff altering their size and temperment. Shibas have been genetically groomed to have that “Teddy Bear” face, and Hokkeido remain largely elusive outside of Japan. All 3 breeds are like a cat in a dog suit, and Shiba rules them all (Napolean complex).


The easiest way to ensure your photo is small enough, is to take a screen grab of your picture and then copy paste it into the entry dialog. If you don’t have snag-it, Greenshot is a freeware tool that does this well.


Upload is the correct method for uploading pics for display. Just click Upload, then click the “choose files” button and drill down to your image, attach it, then click the Upload button. If you did it correct, the image should appear on the right hand side (preview screen) before you click the Reply button to make the actual post.


Gracie Lou Beenoodle Poodle

Our 10 year old Bernoodle





How interesting! I am familiar with the Akita and the Shiba Inu, but not the Hokkeido. Is that by any chance another Japanese name for the Ainu?

@Sam, your bernoodle looks like it has a great sense of humor, like its owner :smile:

You should post some more pics!

@elver, your Sam and your Kitsune are truly gorgeous!

(edit) Your Kitsune looks particularly mischievous :grinning:


That is exactly how I was able to upload mine. Not very intuitive, however.


I’m having the same issue and I reduced the size of my image by making an iPhone screenshot of it (which has worked in the past…?)


Here’s Maple!

(I took a screenshot of the screenshot!)


What a lovely little gal (guy?) Maple is!