Does Anyone on a Sensor Take Herbs or Vitamins (or Supplments)?

i know that us sensor people are warned about taking Tylenol, but has anyone been told by either Dexcom or Abbott FS Libre not to take Vitamin C, D, or B ?

Abbott told me that if i was needing Tylenol, i would have to wait 4 hours after taking it before i could expect my sensor to become accurate again. then, i figured, “what else do i take that might interfere with my readings?”

so i mentioned my vitamins to the Tech Support person. i was told that taking 500mg of C would cause problems with accuracy, and the same with B and D.

so i went to my local Vitamin Shop and bought a multi womens vitamin which gave a decent dosage of those 3, plus many more vitamins to top it off. i think i made the right choice.

has anyone heard of this before? has anyone had any problems with this before?

searching for an answer!!!

Daisy Mae

I take all of those (and at times fairly high doses of C and D), with no problems with my Dexcom accuracy.

For what it’s worth, Tylenol causes it to run a bit high for me, but if I keep that in mind, it’s not unworkable (especially since its effects are fairly consistent), and since Tylenol is a necessary part of my pain cocktail sometimes, I’ve made that work. Of course, other people’s results may vary, but it’s also consistent with the research papers I read re: Tylenol’s effects on the G5 (the system I’m currently using), that it just causes a fairly consistent mild elevation to the readings.

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thanks for your post. when i was using the dexcom, i was warned about the Tylenol right off. but, no one ever said a thing about vitamins or supplements, so i just assumed that for the Libre it would be the same. but then i spoke with a Tech Suport Rep and was warned about vitamin C, as i was taking 500mg every morning (did you know that after 500 mgs you just pee out the rest? so essentially, if you take more than 500mg, you are literally peeing your money away!! :money_mouth_face:

anyway, thats the latest info i am working with. more will be revealed :wink:

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