DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


The Huma gel was great. I liked it a lot. It felt like I had done something— like there was no doubt whether or not it was going to do the trick. I can’t remember for sure now, but I think it was still a little slower to kick in than I thought it would be, but I can’t remember it clearly now. What I do remember is how it was good for miles. I also think that was a result of having cut out the basal, but I liked what I saw either way.

About the insulin… yes, I certainly think it was the right ballpark. I was a little nervous at the time because I wasn’t flat and even going into the Huma and bolus. We had talked about doing that combo when I was even, but I was dropping a little… and definitely felt like I needed the carbs. I still wanted to try out the insulin just to start getting used to it and was not overly concerned with what a 1/4 unit shot would do. I like doing very small boluses while I run. They’re great. I never had any idea you could do this.

Post-run fueling… That’s also going great. I’m finally listening and doing it right. I’ve been doing varying amounts of insulin either before stopping the run or just having finished, and I try to start building it back up again so that I can have my banana almost right away. I think I’m having the banana within about 10-15 minutes of finishing. I’m doing plenty of insulin afterwards but keeping a close watch and am having my dinner (good protein and carbs) within about 30 or 45 minutes of finishing. I’m also doing some temp basals over night.

Its 2:30 in the morning. I hope those answers make sense.


Can I just second that!!! When I ran my 10-miler I had to stop myself from running super fast at the beginning – I knew I was going too fast because I was running 8:30 minutes/mile and most of my practice long runs were 10:30min/mile. And 8:30 felt EASY on race day, maybe because of the initial adrenaline! I was like “maybe it’ll be fine.” NOPE. I was dragging by in the last mile or two, seriously dragging. I did make it over the finish line with a 10 min/mile average, but I’m pretty sure if I’d been better at pacing myself early on I could have finished a touch faster.


Those are good reminders, @TiaG. I’ve got just a little of that in me… the overzealous gung ho start with trying not to die finish. That’s a good thing to keep in mind for my daily runs, too.


Monday’s run (March 11)… I had big plans to write this up last night as well as to get all kinds of other stuff done, but you can’t do these things asleep. Well, you can… but it’s probably not a good idea. Anyway, I’ll try to remember what happened yesterday because I do remember it being a great run…

So Zero Basal… I didn’t get it turned on too much before I started. Sick son, busy schedule— all kinds of things going on so I wasn’t sure when I was going to run until it was just about the time it was available. The good news is I had a ballpark in mind, so I was able to stay away from boluses throughout the morning. Oh! And I also want to add a thought about Basal-IQ and carbs… because I had no Basal-IQ yesterday… but I’ll try to get that at the end. Anyway, maybe 15-20 minutes ZB.

Tested while I got my shoes on at an 86. 5 minutes later, as I started it up, I was at a 90. So it was a good starting BG, but with there being a weak basal cut, I decided on a Huma Gel early on.

The run was a tempo tun with 1/2 mile warm up (6.5), 3 miles at 7.5, and 1/2 mile cooldown (6.5).

Starting BG: 90
1/2 mile: 75
Huma Gel… Not 100% sure why I did it, but I didn’t like that fast drop and knew I had a decent run ahead.
Mile 1.5: 70
Mile 2.25: 74
Mile 3: 79
Mile 3.5: 87
Mile 4: 90

I resumed basal at 3 miles and did a unit bolus at 3.5 miles. Took another 2 units as soon as I got off the treadmill and had a banana within about 15 minutes. No spikes afterwards today (I’ve gotten a really good handle on those lately), but there was a surprising amount of lows. They weren’t terrible, but they were persistent. I was surprised because the run wasn’t long and didn’t feel hard— RPE of about 6-6.2– but, looking back, I probably could’ve done a little reduction afterwards.

About the Basal-IQ… I’ve started doing some of the reading about cumulative fatigue and carb intake and all of that. Very interesting stuff, and I’m thrilled because, having been listening to you for a spell (and, yes, I do listen), a lot of it sounds familiar. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about how to get carbs into my breakfast without causing big spikes. Thinking a lot about it because morning carbs are hard on me. So I messed up starting my new transmitter Sunday night and never got my transmitter to connect with my t:slim. It meant no Basal-IQ Sunday night or Monday morning. It meant full basal. It meant lots of carbs. I realized that when I have any pump that is working those suspends in the background, it’s also having an effect on how I eat. Yesterday morning I had oatmeal, a banana, coffee to my heart’s delight… yogurt… and never went above a 120. The downside is that on school mornings, with no suspends, I’m also one breath away from a crash at all times. Point being, this doesn’t mean I’m choosing one over the other but have realized I’ve got another tool. Today I wanted to not pour sweat over my children as we got ready for school, so I left Basal-IQ on. I did another hefty bolus for breakfast, included oatmeal, and am now watching that rise. Tomorrow maybe I’ll try turning off Basal-IQ halfway through our morning rush… I’ve got things I can try. That’s my point. I’d like some morning carbs, and I may have found a way to get them.

Hoping for a noon run today… but first bills. :cry:


And today’s run… Good run, so-so numbers.

It was an easy run today— just a straight 4 miles @ a speed of 6.5. RPE was maybe a 5-5.5. However, it did take me almost 3 miles to get settled in so that I felt like I was just at a cruise. The first 3 miles had me feeling tight in the right hip/glute area. No pain, just tight. What was interesting though is that when I pulled myself up in position, the tightness was gone. Completely. The last mile felt wonderful.

So I did a good job this morning doing my last bolus at around 8:30. I ate well and managed to stay away from coffee. I did start to drop a little though at maybe 11:00, so I corrected. I figured I could get a yogurt, and I think it was just a bad call. I saw I was rising a little around 11:30, but I had really wanted to turn off my basal, so I decided to go ahead and do it despite the little rise. By the time I started on the treadmill 40 minutes later, my BG was a 164. I was a little irritated, but I decided I’d try to see what a tiny bit of insulin would do. I chose just .35 units and started.

Starting BG 164
*.35 units
Mile 1: 170
*.5 units bolus and resume basal
Mile 2: 122
Mile 3: 93
MIle 4: 73

I do think I would’ve either cut out one of those boluses OR maybe left my basal off for another mile or two if I had a longer run, but honestly, I was very happy.

Off to read…


That could be applied to so many life situations of mine. I kinda want to frame it and hang it on my wall.


Okay, @Eric. Please tell me this is how you wanted it. The only little notes I’d like to attach (and, trust me, I’ve really trimmed these down :grin:) is that days 5 and 6 included oatmeal and some more mealtime carbs. I’m hoping to keep that going. Also, the one that says Day 7 isn’t really day 7… it was the one I told you about with the crashing and whatnot. The only reason I included it is that although I like to think of it as an “atypical” day, I’m not so sure it is. As I was flipping through my History, I noticed a fair number of days where my total bolus units were in the 30s. I really, genuinely feel like the 6 days I logged were very standard routine days for me, but I’m not sure what to make of those other days I saw in there.

That’s all I’m saying. The great news is this got easy in the end— the logging. If I need to do it again, no problem. :grin:

And now, without further ado… :grin:



Perfect! Exactly what I wanted to see.

Can you put them as numbers in a post for me so I can copy them into a spreadsheet for you?


You mean just put them in a response?? Like I do my BG stuff?


Yes please!


You know all I needed was that song, right?? :grin:

Yes, of course. Gimme a sec…

10 minutes.


Oh Nicky, you did your stuff
You did your stuff like I asked, hey Nicky
Hey Nicky

You finally did your numbers, what took you so long?
If I had known it woulda helped, I woulda already done the song


If I had known the song would help, I would’ve asked for it. :smiley:

Day. Carbs. Protein. Fat. Bolus. Basal

  1.     125.      91.        75.       20.4.     25.06
  2.      106.     81.        68.       17.81.   24.15
  3.      116.     44.        35.       18.03.   24.87
  4.      137.     94.         51.      22.3.     20.45
  5.      152.     53.        34.       25.        21.05
  6.      175.     58.        33.       27.25.   26.43
  7.      219.     41.        63.       31.67.  25,37

That’s a messs. I apologize, but I’m late for a run date. :smiley:


In all fairness… that came up even MESSIER than what it looked like when i wrote it. I will be back to fix if you’d like…


Just getting to really take a look at what I gave you… I have a few exercises to do and then I’m all done. Can I fix that?? I didn’t know it was going to put my stuff in lines like that… it took my days, which I guess thought were numbered entries, and tried to organize it. :woman_facepalming:


Okay, your carb percentage per day is a bit on the low-ish side for your activity. The consecutive mileage days are going to wear you out a bit.

I suggest increasing your carb percentage a bit. See if you can get that up to about 55%. About 50 grams more carbs per day gets you close to that percentage.

If you want to make any calorie reductions, I suggest trying to drop the fat number down to 25% if you can. That’s a tough one, lots of delicious things have fat.

All-in-all, nothing horrible.

Here are your calorie percentage averages:

Calories from carbs Calories from protein Calories from fat Total Calories
589 264 462 1314
44.8% 20.1% 35.1%


From which day? The day I had 219 g was a crashy day. It was probably 150g of Welch’s Fruit Snacks. The day I had 175 grams was a recent one where I’d already begun making a concerted effort to get some carbs in. I think my typical day is probably about 120 g. So I should shoot for 225??

I do want to make some calorie reductions. Those fat totals are a little off though. I couldn’t find egg whites, so it said I was eating 14.3 grams of fat when I really only 5. I also had a hard time getting the salad count right, and it was tallying like 20 g of fat when I think it’s probably 5 tops. And before you get all upset, those were the only foods I had a hard time with. I think everything else is accurate.


I wouldn’t be upset.

I was looking at the 7 day average.

For the next 7 weeks, see if you can make these meals more carb-focused:

  • Tuesday dinner
  • Wednesday breakfast or lunch (whichever meal is before your run)
  • Wednesday dinner (post-run)
  • Friday dinner
  • Saturday breakfast or lunch (whichever meal is before your run)
  • Saturday dinner (post-run)

That way you are not getting too depleted before or after those significant run days.

About 200-225 would be good. And also if you can swap out more protein for some of the fat, that would help.


That’s a plan. :smiley:

Definitely more than what I’ve been doing on a regular day. My brain shouts out hooray, but I’m not so sure there’s anything to be celebrating. It’s an extra couple of applesauces. No reason to be baking brownies every night… :thinking:

More protein for some of that fat… Ideas?? I told you I think the fat totals were a little higher than what I actually eat, right? Hmmm… I’d love to do this. I also told you this is starting to sound more like the way I’ve eaten most of my life… pre-diabetes. It’s also what it took me years post- diabetes diagnosis to learn to avoid. Not the protein stuff but the whole diet. The higher carb, lower fat, good amount of protein…




It depends on what a person needs. You are ramping up your mileage, and the intensity you are doing is going to be high enough that you will be using a lot of glycogen. more than what you are used to.

More protein will also help your muscles recover better between workouts.

It’s not high-carb or low carb, it’s right-carb.