DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


It feels like a week ago that I ran, but it was only about 12 hours ago…

Okay. Today I was supposed to do 5 miles at 7.0, and I did that. It was a great run— and I mean great. Yesterday I was worried a little about my hip/glute, but today there wasn’t even a whisper from it. I started the run feeling good and strong, and I never felt anything but. So that was happy-making stuff.

About my BG… Also very happy with that. I did drop more than I would’ve liked, but I had a gut feeling it was going to happen and decided I could wait on the carbs anyway. So it ended fine, but I think I could tighten it up a little next time.

I was planning for a noon run, so I had my last food bolus at 8:30 this morning. Basal-IQ did suspend for a little bit, and I saw a bit of a rise at 11:20 that caught me off guard. I was at a 163, and I really didn’t want to go any higher. I decided to try a half unit bolus, just to blunt it, and to leave on my basal until I got closer to the run. At 11:30 I was a 170, but I was already in the 130s twenty minutes later. I suspended my basal at that time.

Starting BG: 117
Mile 1: 112
Mile 2: 96 (my instinct was to do the carbs now, but I chose to wait)
Mile 2.85: 70
*Huma gel and .35 unit bolus
Mile 3.85: 62
Mile 4.5: 64
*Resume basal
Mile 4.75:
*One unit
Mile 5: 65

RPE: 5.5-6 for the majority. I think I got up to maybe 6.5 in the last 3/4 mile or so.

Really enjoyed today’s run. It felt clean. Plenty of energy, plenty of strength, plenty of good music. :smiley:


You do know I had to seal up a bag of chips and put a date on them and had to accept some kind of dare/challenge from some guy to see how long I could go without eating them in order for me to stop eating them, right? Did you know that? I love that right there… …not high-carb or low carb but right-carb… That sounds great. It’s just a dangerous amount of freedom in my hands.

I’m going to do it because I honestly believe I need those carbs now, but I am only hopeful I don’t abuse it.

My new right-carb diet. I do like it. :smirk:


Have you noticed anything yet about the Wednesday runs on your schedule??

Get dialed in on that pace. Total muscle memory. I want you to be able to feel that pace without looking at the treadmill. I want you to get that Wednesday pace seared in your brain and in your legs.

For the next 7 weeks I want you to know exactly what it feels like, so that it can become automatic.


It’s a very comfortable pace. Felt wonderful. I’d like to be able to do it outside though… I’m afraid it will feel harder out there.


I love this. You dropped from 117 to 112 to 96 to 70 and then took insulin. While running. Nice!


That’s just your brain playing tricks on you.

Calibrate your treadmill sometime to see if it is correct.


Do you think I waited too long for the Huma gel? Should I have tried to avoid that drop from 96 to 70?


No, that was fine. That’s an ideal time to fuel up. It let’s you take in carbs and not spike. That’s exactly what you want, carbs on a slow drop to 70.

The trick is countering with the right amount of insulin. It just depends. You can get a feel for it. Maybe a little less or little more depending on how hard you are working and how quick the drop was. You did great today.

If you find you took too much insulin, no big deal, just take more carbs a mile or two later. Your body will be happy with that.


Thank you. I’m beaming. :hugs::cherry_blossom:

I’ve got the kids back at school, I’m here to volunteer (and hopefully catch my new little friend), and then I’ve got the day to do nothing but read, sleep, and dance.

And to get my MRI scheduled, of course… and the other stuff on my To Do list. :grin:


Not on my To Do list but glad I did it… a long quiet walk with my moms. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Can I try my run today outside??? I can use my Runkeeper to keep an eye on my pace?? It couldn’t be prettier out…


I’m not your coach.

But I’ll always advocate for an outdoor run. That’s the whole point to me. :wink:

Clearly there’s a reason I’m not a coach.


Couldn’t agree more, coach. I’m already out. :hugs::fist:


Approved! Run outside.

Any day is fine for outside, except sometimes when you have to do intervals and it’s hard to get the exact distance when outside, or if you have to stop for traffic and can’t hit the intervals, or it isn’t flat.

Other than that, outside is fine.


Slept like a baby last night. 10pm-8:30am. Napped yesterday. Thinking about napping now. I haven’t slept well in about 15 years… the last year has been horrendous. But I’m sleeping now. And it’s oh so good

That’s why I didn’t post last night. That’s my point. Here it is though:

Decided to go outside because it was 70. Swallowed 2 bugs within the first 4 minutes. Almost went home, but it was 70. Closed my mouth. :smiley:

I didn’t have any carbs for breakfast yesterday, volunteered at the school, and was a bit tired when I got home. It was way too late to bolus for anything, but there was plenty of time still for a coffee and .5 unit IV. This was an hour and a half before leaving, so I figured it was still following the rules. I did still spike from the coffee to a 190, but it fell immediately, and I was back to an even 103 for 30 minutes before leaving for my run. I decided to have 2 glucose tablets on my way out the door… because I thought I should.

Starting BG: 92
Mi 1: 83
Mi 2: 72
*Had a transcend right after testing, but I think I wasn’t done putting everything away until almost 2.85 miles… so it looks like I didn’t test again until 4 miles
Mi 4: 59

I knew I was dropping there in the last .5 mile, but I was too lazy to test and knew I wasn’t bottoming out. I wasn’t surprised or concerned with the 59. I was also still a mile and a half from home, so I resumed my basal and made it back home at a 64 without taking anything—- point being, that 59 back there was pretty stable.

It was a nice run. The hills were harder than the treadmill but not too bad at all. I did find keeping a steady pace difficult, but I was also relying on Runkeeper to tell me what my pace was, so I can’t be sure just how off I was at any given time. I’d have to say it was an overall RPE of 6.5 though, and my total time was a 34:29. (The run was supposed to be 4 miles at 9:13 pace— and this was my first attempt at holding a real pace outside).

Okay. I’m already into today’s mission of trying to keep up a good BG before my long Saturday run… so I better check myself… before I wreck myself.


The first 2 miles tells you a lot. If you are steady at that point, you are in good shape for the rest of the run. But a drop like that within the first 2 miles tells you what you need to know for the rest of the run.

You can carb up at that point and be fine. But use that 2 mile mark as an indicator for the rest of the run.

I agree, without a bunch of insulin behind it, a 59 is no big deal to handle.

Give your Garmin pace indicator a try. Or you can use the virtual training partner feature, and set it for your planned pace and it will show you if you are going too fast or too slow. :wink:


Hi. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just ordered my shoes and am in the process of ordering my spibelt and insert things… except I can’t find where you put the link to the inserts. Any chance I could just get you to give me another link?? Please? Or I could continue scrolling through all the threads and threads and threads…


I’m getting ready to go for my run soon. I’ll grab the Garmin and see what I can get it to do.


Never mind. Found it.


Just finished today’s run. It was lovely. Ran it outside, and the wind and hills made the first couple of miles hard, but once everything got going in the right direction, it was miles of sailing. I think my RPE was higher in the beginning, maybe 6.5, than it was from miles 4-7, where it dropped to less than 6. Last mile was back uphill and the wind picked up again, and it was easily 6.5 until the end.

Had everything in line this morning. No boluses past probably 9 in the morning, and I didn’t head out till about 2:15. I only had 2 cups of coffee when I first got up, so that wasn’t an issue either. My BG about a half hour before heading out was flat at 90ish, so I took a banana with me since it’s a half mile walk to where I start my run. Had the banana just before starting and saw that my BG had dropped to a 67. That’s where I started my run. Oh, and I had probably had my basal off for about 45 minutes before starting.

Starting BG: 67
Mi 1: 72
Mi 2: 61
*Stinger gel
Mi 3: 59
*Stinger gel
Mi 5: 67
*.5 unit bolus
Mi 6.5: 57
*Gatorade Prime
*.5 bolus
*resume basal
Mi 7: 58
Mi 8: 60
*1.8 unit bolus
20 minutes after finishing (still walking) BG: 91

It was good. My Garmin is not tracking pace… at all. It bounces so that it’ll show an 8:15, then 9:15, then 7:50… like every couple of seconds. So all I had was my Runkeeper, but according to that I did 8 miles in 1:08, with miles ranging from 8:29 to 8:51.

I also have a few random questions… What kind of earphones do you use?? I hate mine. And what do you do with your trash?? I tried tucking my old trash into my waistline on my back… and I now have two raw spots from where they rubbed. I can’t bring myself to drop stuff on the ground though. Any ideas??