DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


I think I have to nap. I think the choice is out of my hands. But it looks like I need a small correction already. :woman_facepalming: This is why I’m not a fan of this stuff.


It’s fine. Learn and move on. Plenty of days left to get it ironed out.

I am working on your schedule. There is a lot of mileage in it. You will absolutely need to be fueling yourself for this schedule. Eating is just as important as running.


Just getting up from my nap… at an 80. Afraid to move or breathe. :no_mouth:

I’m very good at the eating part. It’s the controlling what I eat part that’s tricky.


How long are the hills in your area?


Long. .5-1.5 miles?? They feel like they go on and on forever, but that’s not an exact measurement. I could just go find out.

Today was great. Frickin fantastic. My mom just threatened that if I don’t come help with dinner, she’s not making dinner any more, so I have to make this fast…

Did my last food bolus at around 11;00 this morning. Ate a yogurt, banana, oatmeal… coffee… all of that between 6:15 and 11, so I got in all my carbs and caffeine and decided to go heavy on the food bolus with the hopes I’d have a little insulin left over for snacking. I ended up also having a yogurt right before I closed my eyes for a nap, slept an hour, woke up at an 80. I planned on cutting the basal off 30 minutes before starting, but then a NEIGHBOR showed up and started talking about a leak in her FRIEND’S house, and I ended up with an extra 20 minutes of ZB before finally getting to start. I had nothing on board though and almost an hour of ZB when I started it up.

Starting BG: 83
Mile 1: 72
1 glucose tab. Just because.
Mile 2: 64
Huma gel and 1/4 unit (This was almost 20 minutes into it, so I shaved off some of the recommended insulin. This wasn’t as much a “fueling” Huma as you were anticipating— I was feeling like I needed it a little, but it worked fine.
Mile 3: 64
Mile 4: 76
Mile 5: 82
Mile 6: 70
Transcend and 3/4 unit
Mile 7: 69 (resumed basal + 1 unit bolus)
Mile 8: 79

I know you said 7 miles. I thought it was 8. I had all those things I was keeping an eye on, and I didn’t double check this. I’ll double check the workouts from now on.

Oh! RPE maybe 5-5.5 until about the last mile. Never more than 6.


A couple things to ask:

  • The Huma gels, how did they work for you? What did you think?

  • The insulin for the Huma, you were dropping so you cut it back a bit, but do you think we are in the right ballpark? Maybe cut it back a bit next time. I suggested 0.50 units, maybe 0.35 would be better to try next time if you are not dropping.

  • Post-run fueling, how did that go? You have to do that. Otherwise these runs are going to catch up with you in a bad way. I am almost done with your schedule. Lemme tell you this very important thing - you have to prioritize carbs when you finish. 40 grams right away, and then a good carb-focused meal within a few hours. I need you to get your carbs.


Here it is. We can talk about it later, but this is the training for the next 8 weeks.

You need to eat well to do this.


First of all, thank you. I really appreciate your putting in the time and effort into this. This is awesome. :hugs:

Second of all…I’ve got questions. I know we can talk about it all later, but I’ll just make this observation: I don’t run the full race distance once. I assume you realized that. :thinking:

Third of all, thank you :slight_smile:


Yes, I know. You are running 8’s, 9’s, 10’s, and 11’s. Plus a lot of mileage in each week. You will be running those long runs on tired legs. In the race, you won’t be starting on tired legs.


I’m just going to trust you on this one. It’s counterintuitive, but I can see, I suppose, how that will…

Just gonna trust you.

I’ve got more questions, but they can wait for daylight. :grin:


I was reading all of this very late, @Eric. I’m just now getting the chance to come back around on everything you said here and in our other exchange. It all makes sense. I was too tired for it to make sense last night. It’s written into my personality to not trust what I don’t yet understand, but that was no reflection on you. It’s actually a compliment. I don’t understand how I don’t run 13 miles once over the next 8 weeks but can expect to run it on race day, but because I trust you, I won’t give it another thought. I don’t think there’s been one idea you’ve shared with me that I haven’t come to validate in my own time, and this, I’m sure, will be no different. Take no offense. My dad taught me to question everything, so I do. The cool thing is every time I’ve questioned something you’ve shared with me, what I dig up is the fact you give good information. So I’ll drop the “I’ll just have to trust you” rhetoric because I obviously do, and maybe you’ll permit some questioning knowing I’m going to take care of stuff—- just not without grilling you a little. :grin:

I owe you some food totals. I’ll get them to you as soon as I get up from this splendid nap I’m hopefully about to enjoy. I also have a “cumulative fatigue/Hanson brothers” search open for when I’m upright again.

It’s a helluva plan, and you’re a helluva coach. Just so we’re clear. :wink:


It’s fine to question it, as long as you are gaining an understanding.

In your 5k training, not once did you go all out at a 9 or 10 RPE for 3.1 miles. We built you up to that. Certain things you just save for race day.

I know late night messages are not always easy to understand. Let me try again, just in case it did not make sense.

The first 3 miles of a 1/2 marathon are easy. Very easy. The whole thing is pretty easy…until you get to the later miles. Your body needs to learn to run on tired legs.

Look at week 6 above (gotta post these differently so it’s easier to see…).

Your long run is “only” 11 miles. But before you do that long run, you are running hills, a base run of 5 miles, pace work at 6 miles, 1 day of rest, another 5 miles of base, and then 11 miles. So you have about 21 miles on your legs BEFORE you run that 11. Those 21 miles simulates what you feel at the end of the 1/2 marathon.


Here is week 1, a little easier to see.


One other thing on this. When you run the 11, force yourself to stop. You will feel like you could easily make another 2 miles. You will be frustrated and angry about not getting to go 13.

Good. Hang on to that feeling. Remember how you felt like you could keep going. Keep that feeling and let it fester and bother you for 2 more weeks.

And then spend it on race day. Like I told you before, all these things are going into your piggy bank. Spend them on race day.


I’ve done some reading, and I think I understand what you’re saying about cumulative fatigue. It makes a lot of sense. Some of my thinking is flawed. Probably a lot, but at least some. There is a permanent imprint in my brain that says if you haven’t pushed yourself to the limit in a workout, then you haven’t benefited. I know this is wrong, but it tugs at my brain when I exercise. Part of me can see that this training isn’t going to be easy, but then that other part still sees the 4 and 5 mile days and thinks it won’t be enough. But everything you said was there, and it does make sense. I’d say all I need to do now is get my brain to shut up, but what I think is going to happen is that once I get going, I’m going to be too tired to question whether or not it’s working.

I’ve got stuff to get to you and stuff of yours to which I need to respond. I’ve also got a very sick little boy. I hope to be able to get everything done, but it might be tomorrow. Either way, tomorrow I run. I can’t wait for that.


Right now for this stuff, let me take care of the thinking for both of us.

And you - think less, run more.

Answers please.



Imma do just that. :smiley:

What else can I put you in charge of?


Thank you for just bringing those questions to me. Will be back in one second to answer…


More than one second. Tonight. The sky is falling right now. :woman_facepalming:


Take your time. Whenever you have a chance is fine.