DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Wow. We really do think alike.

I can see how I am lovably maddening now.


The only thing that matters is the numbers. You can use your own notes to try to make improvements or changes, but that is not why I wanted the numbers.

The only reason I want the numbers is to see if you are adequately fueling yourself for the upcoming training. To see if you are getting enough of what you should be getting. That’s it.

When you are training, your body does not care about any reasons or explanations or notes. Your body does not care why it got a certain amount of a nutrient, or the circumstances surrounding it. Reasons do not matter one bit to your body. It only cares about the fuel it can use.

If you want to use your log to see where you can change, that’s fine. But that’s a different subject altogether.


I actually don’t think I want to do that. I know what I’m eating that I shouldn’t be. It’s not exactly a mystery when my daily log contains egg whites, low fat cheese, bananas, and a shameful number of servings of mini-donuts.

And, honestly, I really was joking. Pretty much. No, I don’t think I want to start analyzing …

No, I’m good. I’ll just get you the numbers.


Mmmmm… Donuts! Everyone loves donuts!


Real simple…
Saturday, do 7 miles @ 6.5 mph. Get zoned in on that pace.

Focus on your BG leading up to the run. No IOB and turn off basal 30 minutes before and leave it off during the run.

Have you tried the Huma gels yet? Let’s try that on Saturday.

At 30 minutes, if your BG is in range, take 0.50 units and 1 Huma gel. I want you to start fueling your runs as you are going, and not just taking carbs to respond to lows. Try to be flat leading up to that 30 minute mark.


Also, tell me about Saturday breakfast or lunch, whichever you are doing before your run. What are you planning? Let’s start working through that a bit. Do you have a preferred meal before running that has a good amount of carbs in it?


Okay, first…I’ve registered for my next race— a May 4th half marathon.


Next, but who cares… I ran today for about 3.5 miles, blood sugar was fine, all was fine. And danced. :hugs:

I now have THREE days (2 100% complete and one missing only the late night sugar crash carb intake numbers) of nutrition totals. I can give you stuff on Sunday?? Hopefully I’ll have 5 days’ worth by then?? Is that enough?

Sounds good. Inside?? I tried heading outside today, but it was too cold and snowing. Supposed to be 75 on Sunday. :woman_facepalming:

Good. Finally some good, clear instructions. :grin:

Okay. I can’t run until early afternoon, or maybe even late afternoon, so this is going to be tricky. I know I need to focus on this though, so I’ll try to be organized tomorrow.

I wish I could run in the morning, but it’s not an option. It’s just me and the kids this weekend, so I can’t go until my mom gets here. This could happen anytime between 11 and 2. That’s my guess. This is why it gets tricky. However I will know 30 minutes in advance, so that part will be easy— to knock out the basal. I’ll have my coffee in the morning and will just not have any after I get home from my son’s game. That will take self-control… which is not really my strength. But I’ve promised you, so I can make that happen.

Beyond that, I have no plans. Honestly, I think it will probably make the most sense just to not eat carbs… because I can’t. If I have carbs anytime within a couple of hours prior to starting, I’ll need insulin. So knowing you’re going to tell me I need to have some carbs for the run, I’ll include a banana with breakfast. So 2 cups of coffee, some eggs, and a banana for breakfast. Then I’ll stick to a couple of pieces of cheese and a bowl of egg white salad for lunch, and then hopefully I’ll be all even and flat with no IOB before takeoff.

How about that??


Where are you in the Clark book?

Eat it 4 hours before to eliminate the IOB. If you eat 4 hours before and turn your basal off 30 minutes before, you will have less IOB than you normally do when you leave your basal running the whole time.

The fuel your body needs is carbs. Egg whites will help with repair, but doesn’t do much for fueling. Cheese, egg white salad, that doesn’t do much for your run.

Eat some breakfast please. You are eating gtabs and gels and all kinds of stuff while you are running. Let’s get a handle on that. I’d rather you eat stuff you are fueling for while running, rather than always treating lows while running. That process starts with some carbs for breakfast.


Okay, I do have a hard time with these long chunks of time like this. I’m a grazer. But I can’t nivvlw on carbs at all if I can’t do insulin, so it leaves me with nothing but cheese and stuff as a meal before my run. Am I misunderstanding something?

So let’s say tomorrow I have breakfast at 7:15. I could have a banana and yogurt?? And coffee. I’m home by 9:30, have my coffee… and then eat only cheese and egg whites before I head out for a noon run. Turn off my basal at 11:30.

Is that okay??


How many total carbs is that?


20 for the banana… the yogurt is also 20.


Okay, 40g is useful.

That’s kinda the point of the food logging. Just need to see where you are with all of that. If you are gonna be putting in the higher miles, it’s gonna be tough without sufficient carbs.


I love carbs. I just don’t handle them well. I do get a banana for breakfast on a halfway regular basis, but it’s not until about an hour or two after I get up, and it’s omly once I start crashing. School mornings only. Never need it on the weekend. So 40 grams of carbs tomorrow morning will be an interesting little experiment. I’m guessing it’s going to be a disaster, but I don’t know that. It might work out just fine.

I’m probably going to need to find some good healthy carbs though if it’s going to be necessary to eat them. I’m also not all that reliable when it comes to picking reasonable ones. But I have a plan tomorrow morning. I can do that tomorrow and it’ll give me an idea what I might need to tweakS


Oatmeal is great. Can you try that next week?
Prebolus with enough insulin, and then you have a few hours to get settled out.


I love oatmeal. :heart:

And I even have some available now, which makes me love it more.

So are you around? Can you help me out with a kind of tentative plan? My mom and I agreed on 3:00. It’s 10:30 now. How would you lay out the eating schedule if you were planning on eating a banana, maybe some oatmeal, a coffee or two, and some cheese and egg whites but were heading out the door at 3?

I’m not trying to pin you down on this, but this is the hardest piece for me. I basically have no rules and no guidelines which means I start every day from scratch. If I could just knock out any decision-making on my part for a couple of tries, I might be able to make better decisions as I take back over.

Please. :cherry_blossom:


Hi, I am here.


I suggest eating 4 hours prior to your training runs. That removes most of the IOB.

Did you eat already?

Don’t be afraid of giving an overly sufficient supply of insulin for your meal, since you have 4 hours to let it all get settled out. And snacking a bit between your meal and your run is a good way of keeping from dropping. Just do very small bits of food to control your BG after your meal.

What are you doing now?


Okay. I’m on schedule then. Excellent.

Three times.

That just made my day. I did that. I did a heavy dose with the idea it might give me a little leeway between now and my run. I was sure it was a really bad idea, but now it’s come from your mouth… which either confirms it’s a bad idea or makes me a genius. We’ll have to see how it shakes out.

Seriously considering a nap. Can’t eat carbs and coffee if I’m asleep.


Check frequently, do small corrections leading up to it. Get there flat and you will be fine.


Small food corrections. No boluses. I already know the answer. I’m not sure why I’m seeking clarification.