DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


I’m imagining a whole building full of children hiding under desks. Thank goodness for streaming television and headphones?


In my own defense, the original run was 4-6 RPE… so one might interpret that as there being a remote possibility, albeit very remote, that there could be a run today that is considered light but falls near a 6 RPE…

But I’ll just go light. :grin:

I’m food loggin’. It’s on. And, for the record, I do not lie about my food stuff. I might not be up front and tell you what I’m heading into the pantry to do, but I’m not going to lie about what happened in there. :yum:


Good for you to get your food amounts figured out. But keep in mind, the only thing I am looking for is grams of carbs, protein, and fat, plus insulin.

I am not going to get into a dissertation about what is healthy to eat and so forth. So don’t worry about that.

I simply want to know if you are getting enough fuel for training. So you don’t need to have a bunch of detail in it. Just totals.


I’ve had people diplomatically phrase things this way to me when they wanted me to not go overboard on something…or “to go all Allison” on something.

So @Nickyghaleb, don’t “go all Nicky”…I think is what’s being said.





Yeah, that’s what I heard.


Okay. Totally crappy crashy afternoon. Yuck. The good news is I didn’t blow through my new running gels while I was down. And, trust me, I considered it.

Here they are in all their glory…

I’ve got a good feeling about these.


Two things:

First, why, doesn’t everyone go all Nicky or all Allison or all Kim on everything? Oh, right, they don’t. But I feel like a person could go all out and it would be fine.

Second, I went running in Muir Woods today, and it was delightful. I thought of all of you runner types while I was out there. It’s my birthday and it was fun! (Mostly I went out there on my own to retrieve a scarf knitted by a dear friend which got lost on a hike on Saturday. And I found it 3 miles in! Yay!)

I point of both of these things, because going back and doing a 6 + mile hike at top speed to find a scarf that very well might have been stolen/disposed of/whatever, it’s clearly going all out. So sometimes it’s excellent! But when you are just making food logs for Eric, probably isn’t necessary. :rofl:




@TravelingOn Happy Birthday, what a great CELEBRATION, too! I love Muir Woods! :slight_smile:


@TravelingOn, Happy Nelated Borthday!!!

Fell asleep last night looking at birthday funny stuff for you. Sorry I couldn’t have actually shared any of them with you on your birthday. :roll_eyes:




Party all week!!! See you’re prolonging the fun!!!

Also, the dude abides.


I specifically thought of you @trying when I was considering runners while running. Specifically why you chose Monday as your day off. It made me chuckle to attempt to figure it out. And I thought of you @Nickyghaleb when I was chugging up an endless hill. :blush:


I have no idea where I am or what I’m doing. :smiley: I’ll just start with that.

I took yesterday off. It was a big day for my kids and for taking care of some stuff for them. It was too much too run, so I opted for some very bad eating and a really long nap. It was a big mix of guilt and relief and I don’t even care, and it all ended in a grand finale of my waking up in the middle of the night to a 200+, thinking my pump was beeping because I was low, eating 3 sugar tabs without evening thinking or looking, and then waking up this morning to a 340. That’s how you do it.

But today was a new day. Thank goodness.

@Eric, I didn’t get your text till after my run, but it looked like we kind of had the same idea—- yours, of course, was just a little bit more reasonable. :smiley:

Oh, and I had a horrible starting BG. Long story. I’ll save it. I started at a 194, but I had no insulin on board.

The workout:
1/4 mile @ 6.0
1/4 mile @ 6.5
5.5 miles @ 7.3
1/2 mile @ 6.0
1/2 mile @ 6.5

Starting BG: 194
Mile 1: 147
Mile 2: 118 (took about 15 g of GU… no good reason other than I didn’t really think it was going to do anything)
Mile 3: 103
Mile 4: 93
Mile 5: 83
Mile 6: 69
Mile 7: 54

No carbs other than the GU, and I honestly felt fine. I did know I was dropping a little in the end, but I decided to let it ride rather than to take something I’d have to probably do insulin for. Having a banana and some cheese and running out the door to get the kids.

RPE… was about a 6-6.3ish for the first 5 1/4 miles. That last 3/4 was harder, but it was never harder than a 7. If that.

Reading tonight and getting my food logs done today.


You run fast.


Awww, @Chris! Thank you. :hugs: “Fast” is a stretch, but it’s definitely less slow than what I used to do. :grin:


@Nickyghaleb FYI, those same shots at Walmart are $1.48/ea


Really… :thinking: Why thank you very much, @elver. I like them, but I think they’re about $2.50 each at CVS. Just feels like it should be a more exciting “shot” at that price. :grin:


Most welcome @Nickyghaleb


I’m just gonna say … all the good stuff is being left out when I don’t “go all Nicky* on the food logs.

I feel like the numbers are really only half the story.

How is that a fair representation??