DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Start the book, give me the food log for a week, and pick a date and then we get busy.

In the mean time, run by feel. Have someone pick a speed on the treadmill for you, between 6 mph and 8 mph. Cover up the display on your treadmill with a towel and see if you can determine the pace without looking. Run at that pace for an RPE of 4-6, without looking at the distance. Get the GPS in your body and head tuned in. Know what every speed feels like.


Aside unrelated to your awesome running prowess: What do people who work outside the home do for childcare when there isn’t school?


Some of them drop their kids off at my house. :roll_eyes:

I have no idea, @TravelingOn, but it’s raining outside tonight, and below 50… and we’re all nervous. :woman_facepalming:


Ordering the book now and printing some logs. On it.

I don’t trust any of these people like that…: especially the little, sweet ones. If I tell them 6-8, they’ll put me on 11. My mom will put me on 2. Going to need someone I can trust more, like a stranger.

So run until it no longer feels like a 4-6? As soon as it feels harder, then stop??

In the fall… mid-late fall maybe. I’ll go do some looking now. :heart:


Did you know that if you got the iFit module for your treadmill, I could program your workouts for you?

That might not work for a 6 mph speed. You’d be on there all day.

But something like that would be fine for 7-8 mph or so. But you need to have a time limit.


I hide mine under my desk…pray that my husband’s shift ends on time and sneak them out to the parking lot so he can take them to either delayed start school or take them home with him.


That was at the top of my old To Do list. I dropped that sucker in the trash. Wasn’t getting any of it done, and it was starting to make me feel bad.

I saved the email though. I’ll go find it and try to call them tomorrow to see if they can tell me what I’m supposed to do.


You’ve got really good kids. I could put mine there, but they wouldn’t stay.


Today’s run…

First, let me explain. I posted yesterday’s run with the CGM values as well as meter values. They all aligned fairly well. I didn’t have any IOB, and I didn’t have a fast crash. I also looked at what happened with the Glucose Liquid Shot vs. the CLIF gel and saw what I expected— that the glucose shot was much faster and much better. I’m writing all of this because I wanted to kind of do the second part to that today, hoping to show how the CGMs look with a less stable blood sugar AND hoping to look at those carb sources again.

So I’m not just testing away, in case it’s how it looks. I’m learning. And I’m drawing a few conclusions on which to base some strategies for the next goal. I already knew I wouldn’t be relying on my CGM readings at this next stage, but I really WASN’T sure what to make of these gels… And I’ve learned a ton over the last few weeks. I’ve also finally learned to stay away from IOB. And to drink water.

But here’s part 2 to yesterday’s numbers, and this one was on 2.5 units IOB and a fast drop early:

Had some cookies after lunch today, and had to do insulin. I decided to run at the last minute and found myself starting with a relatively fresh IOB.
Starting BG: 174
Mile .6: 123
Mile 1.1: 111
Mile 1.6: 81
CLIF gel (slow acting, not expecting a profound effect on BG)
Mile 2.1: 66
Mile 2.65: 53
Glucose Liquid Shot (fast acting)— really feeling low
Mile 3.2: 48
Mile 3.6: 62
Mile 4.2: 55
Mile 4.7: 65
Mile 5.0: 70

Really felt that low today, and I think it was a result of having the IOB and having a fast drop. I still had insulin on board when I did the Glucose Liquid Shot, and part of me thinks that even though it gave me a good boost, it was short lived with my still having insulin and being in the act of running. I’ve been warned about having that insulin working, but now I really understand and will be more motivated to avoid it.

I also think I have what I need to really make sure I’m grabbing the right kinds of carbs. I think I’ll pack up my GU and CLIF and put them away. I won’t throw them away because I think they MIGHT be helpful on longer runs, but they’re not good for anything on the short stuff.

CGM numbers today:
Starting BG: 174 D: 164 G: 146
Mile .6: BG: 123 D: 160 G: 151
Mile 1.1: BG: 111 D: 147 G: 147
Mile 1.6: BG: 81 D: 143 G: 146
Mile 2.1: BG: 66 D: 119 G: 131
Mile 2.65: BG: 53 D: 84 G: 115
Glucose Liquid Shot
Mile 3.2: BG: 48 D: 48 G: 98
Mile 3.6: BG: 62 D: LOW G: 81
Mile 4.2: BG: 55 D: —- G: 68
Mile 4.7: BG: 65 D: —- G: 60
Mile 5.0: BG: 70 D: 48 G: 57

I’ve enjoyed watching the numbers, but I’ve found what I was looking for and will be happy to run without doing all of this.

I’ve ordered the book. Tuesday I’ll start reading.


Excellent review!! I know it took a toll on you, too, with the lows! :face_with_head_bandage: I agree with you, too, on IOB, best to have 0 on board when starting!! I’ve had the same experience :frowning:


Thank you, and it did. But I’m stupid like that, so I’m used to it. :grin:


So I had a wonderful run today, but I couldn’t do it exactly like this. There was no one around to pick a speed for me, so that kind of killed any determining the pace without looking, but I still kept to the 4-6 RPE piece.

I also danced for a half hour before I ran. I already know that’s not a great strategy, but sometimes it just happens. I had a very stable BG before dancing, with no IOB, so I took a couple of glucose tablets. Then I got on the treadmill. I decided I would set it on 7.0 and just run to see how that feels. I did 4 miles at 7.0 at a comfortable RPE of 6 but decided to stop when I started working harder. In reality, I’m not sure it was the running that made me feel like I was working harder or the blood sugar, but I figured you hadn’t specified—- so I decided just to cut it.

Starting BG: 103
*CLIF (23g-decided it might help cover some of the drop from the dance— just trying stuff)
Mile 1: 83
*glucose tablet (4g)
MIle 2: 77
MIle 3: 67
Mile 4: 59
Mile 4.25: dropped to a 6.5 speed
*1.5 units
Mile 5: BG: 84 and done

No insulin on board today, but I had that 30 minutes of dancing on board. :roll_eyes: I can dance afterwards. It’s no different than a bolus, so I’ll try to avoid that next time.


“oil pulling” apparently does have some weak evidence of benefit in a few studies. That said, I tried it for a while and found it exhausting.


I had read that, too. Only reason I haven’t dropped it completely— that and because my mouth feels so clean afterwards.

I agree. It’s not exactly my favorite process.


The RPE was good today. Just going by feel is what we wanted for the day, so that was perfect.

I think you will like the Primes. You could have taken just one at mile 3 and that would have been all you needed for the whole run.

How long will it take to get them from the place you ordered them from?

Did you turn off your basal for the run today?


I know. I was forced to go back to my chalky glucose tabs so was trying to just do one at a time. That wasn’t with spectacular results.

I’ll double check, but I think they’re supposed to be here within the next day or two. I hope. I can’t wait to try one. If it hadn’t been for the kind of ”tired” low, I think I had another mile or two (??) in me.

Not before I ran, but I did let it suspend, which it did just a few minutes into the run. Now that I’m back being able to get myself stable heading into the run though, I think I’ll start trying to get at least a 20 or 30 minute ZB to take some of that load off in the carb department. And because it’ll mean I stop cheating with the coffee. :neutral_face:

Tomorrow? Same run, different pace??


Yeah, I think doing a ZB would help you a lot.

Have an easy run tomorrow. We’ll get you back to work soon enough.

Assignments going okay?


Assignments are going okay. I have logs… they’re blank, but i’ll start putting words and numbers on them tomorrow. And my book should be here tomorrow… and then there’s the race. I sent you another idea… maybe it’s a possibility?? I did get a little overwhelmed looking for a race today and then crashed. :smiley:


Light tomorrow… so not another RPE 6 thing??? Or could that be considered light??

Also need to order the foot thing. And get an MRI scheduled. Dragging my feet on those… pun intended and nailed. Get it? It’s a double pun with the “feet” AND “dragging” which was my hip injury. :rofl:


6 is not light.

1-2 is nothing.
3-4 is light.
5-6 is moderate.
7-8 is hard.
9-10 we save.

Go light tomorrow.