DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Thank you. :slight_smile: The magic’s all gone this morning though. Time to get up and get stuff done. :grin:

Yes, I do realize the Dexcom did well with that run. The Guardian, despite that overshooting the drop, also did well. Kind of. :grin: I decided I would track yesterday because I was hoping to show what they do on a fast rise. All of the sensors do it, Libre included. They latch on to a fast rise, and it sometimes launches them way higher than what I am. Exercise, with its ability to cause a fast turn in blood sugar, can really make for a mess on my CGMs. Yesterday I was just too stable to see any of it… and there’s no good complaint I can come up with about that. :grin:

I’ll put all the sensor stuff away again and just stick to my meter readings, but I’d love to see how long one of those overshoots takes to sort itself out.

IOB and the types of sources I’m using for raising my blood sugar are probably a better place to spend the energy. That’s what I’m working on going forward.

I’ve had coffee and was kind of responding to you and kind of giving myself a lecture. :grin:


Indeed! Very nice. I haven’t read every post so I probably missed something, but are these indoor or outdoor runs? If outdoor, how much do you find terrain and weather affect your numbers?

Incidentally, re gels and sports drinks, there was some interesting research out of Britain recently (which I could try to track down if you want) that demonstrated pretty convincingly that simply swigging and spitting out a sports drink or sugar solution boosted performance. You didn’t have to swallow, but just the taste tricked the brain into believing that you’d ingested carbs and so the brain made the body go the extra mile, as it were. Not sure how that translates for T1s, though.

Would a simple syrup, made with honey or sugar, work? I used to rely on that for long hikes over rugged terrain. (Those were the days!)


@Beacher interesting about the UK article tricking the brain to thinking it had carbs. I think for a T1 though carbs are really needed if already low. Maybe enough are getting through via the saliva??

Yes, I was thinking maybe just add something sweet to my water. Did you just add honey to water? I’ve read in the past some runners make their own energy drinks, but not necessarily for lows, but seems like it would do the trick as energy usually comes in the form of carbs!


@Beacher, I’ll be back to respond in just a sec. I’m hot in ordering my gels and want to out this in before I get it all confused. :grin:


Had to buy this from jet.com instead of from amazon. Amazon had one ordering option and it was for $76!


I’ve just gotta day that at these prices, I’m definitely motivated to just bring a box of Domino packets. :woman_facepalming:


Too funny!!!:):rofl:


On its way: Honey Stinger, Huma Gel, Transcend, and Gatorade Prime

And I’m headed over to pick up another couple over-priced but very effective CVS Glucose Liquid Shots. Because they work.

So excited.

Just out of curiosity, can I not just put sugar in one of these little bottles and mix with a little water??? Do glucose tablets dissolve?? And I saw powders that definitely dissolve… if I can find one that is any cheaper than the stuff I’m getting, could I try that?

I recognize the themes around here… @Eric’s seems to be works well, @Trying’s seems to be natural and not full of chemicals, and mine, in case it’s not clear, is cheap, cheap, cheap, and not going to kill me. It is what it is.


You could just use lemon or tea and some regular table sugar. That’s what we used in the desert last winter for two weeks, it worked perfectly well :slight_smile: It will be hard to beat the price.


You can do whatever you like, but…

  • Gatorade prime uses various sources, like isomaltulose, dextrin, and maltodextrin as a secondary ingredient. So it’s delivery is better than straight table sugar.

  • The pre-packaged pouches are easy. Put a bunch in your fridge, take some to your treadmill, and whatever you don’t use, put them back. It will always be ready to go, instead of having to mix it up before a run every time.

  • It will always be consistent, rather than your homemade mixes. The same amount of carbs in every pouch.

  • Each pouch has 23 grams, so you don’t have to guess by trying to drink a certain number of ounces out of your own bottle.

  • The price you saw on Amazon…not sure what is up with that. Here it is for $26 for 20 pouches.
    Try that link. Once you get it into your Amazon order history, maybe it will be easier to re-order at the cheap price.

Try to keep it simple. Mixing your own really doesn’t do much for you.

Keep in mind, sometimes you get leaky ones from Amazon. That’s one of the downsides. But just toss those and keep the good ones. It’s still pretty cheap I think.


Those are all excellent reasons. I’m excited about getting them. Just exploring options…


Would be good to buy it once from Amazon so it’s in your history.


I would’ve been happy to have bought it there already. That’s cheaper than what I paid. How did you find it?? I looked and looked, and it only gave me the one option.

Regardless. When and where and how do we get conversation going about my new goal??? Is there something else I need to do because I’m losing my mind waiting. :grin:


Maybe this is part of the goal…

I mean, you ran 10 miles at an RPE of 6 yesterday without having a goal…

You know @Eric better than I do but maybe his silence is purposeful…like a Yoda thing…


Yes!!! Cheap is good, too, though! :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to getting your opinion on these once they arrive!


Yes, all good points. When I was taking my own sugar syrup on hikes and long off-road bike rides, I wasn’t even aware there were commercial options beyond those hard white B-D tabs. Or maybe there weren’t. I’m getting old.:disappointed_relieved:


I have long given up on trying to understand men’s silence, and have just learned to embrace it.



With a little help from my friend, coffee.

Best friend in the world. Puts all of my lazier friends to shame.


Maybe it has to do with getting old… or maybe there’s some kind of self-reliance thing going on there where you didn’t need to set out looking for it because you knew how to get what you needed.

I’m my case, I’m forced to shop. :grin:

Seriously, I think it might be fun to experiment, and I’ll do just that. I also think I’ll be a happier runner if I save my experiments for other times of the day. I’ve just grabbed my first little bottle to fill up with… something creative. I’ll concoct something tonight. Try it on my husband.


I know you are not going to like this, but this is week 1.

You already ordered the gels and Primes, which is good because that was going to be top on your list of things to do this week.


I’ve been asking you to do this for a while. So this is your assignment. I want a food log for the week. I don’t need all kinds of details. You can put as much detail as you want in there, but this is all I really need.

This is all I care about. I don’t care what foods they are, or why you ate them, or what time. Just totals.

Carb grams Protein grams Fat grams Total Bolus units Total Basal units
Monday (example) 207 113 57 13.8 17.1

Everything you eat, no matter if it’s a snack, a meal, or a correction. Your body doesn’t care if you eat carbs because it’s a correction or meal, it’s all used by the body. Fill this out. No cheating and making stuff up. Give me real numbers.

If there is a day that is an outlier, like 300 grams of corrections one day, or 30 units for high BGs, make a note of that and we can toss it. I want “typical” days.

Grams of each, total bolus, and total basal for each day.


Buy this book and read chapter 3, and chapters 6-10.


Last, find a target race. You know what you are looking for now. Give me the date.

Take a look at the course and consider that strongly. Anything with an out-and-back sucks. When you run X number of miles one way, and then have to turn around and run the exact same road on the way back, that is mentally draining.

Too many repeat loops also sucks. One or two loops around a course is fine. Doing 5 loops over the same course is another thing that is mentally draining.

Gentle rolling hills are fine. It works different muscles and lets your body rest and work differently at different times, so that is fine. But very sharp or big inclines will cost you time.

Consider temperature. Ideally you want to race in the 40’s. June in North Dakota is better than June in Texas. But December in North Dakota…not so much.

If you have a question about the race, feel free to PM me and I’ll take a look at it.


I told you that you would not like this week. Do all of this and I will start feeding you workouts.


I had a feeling… but, okay. My pleasure.

But just to be clear— like get it all underway, and you’ll start feeding me workouts, or get it all done?