DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


It actually wasn’t intentional. I got about 2.5 miles down the road and realized I had left the other GU at the door. So I had the 23 g of carbs when I saw the 49, hoping to stretch that, but I ended up running into my house to grab some sugar when I passed back through at 5 miles. It all felt fine though. It was cold, and I don’t feel lows very well in the cold, but I felt very comfortable.

When do we talk about the next episode???


Let’s schedule a chat!


Okay. I’ll be in touch. :wink:

Question… I took a long-for-me run yesterday afternoon and ended up crashing most the evening. It wasn’t just the run— I also had a few bad numbers and blah blah blah, but I wanted to ask what is a reasonable plan after a big run? I know you don’t do a temp basal, but is there a way around it? I had a nasty crash last night followed by a way nastier rebound. Any kind of blanket strategy you could give here?? It is it too vague a question?


My formula is simple and is consistent every time.

Every run is followed by…what?

  • insulin
  • carbs
  • hydration
  • protein

For longer or harder runs, hit the carbs (and insulin) extra hard, and follow it for a few hours with checks and carb snacks as needed.

Also, a meal soon after will help a lot.

Replenish your body on your own terms (in the hours soon following a run), otherwise your body will replenish on its terms (like at night when you are sleeping :open_mouth:).

You can cut basal too if you want. I sometimes cut it at night when I am asleep, but if I am awake, I’d much rather eat!

We can work through some basal adjustments if you want.


Okay. I know you guys have been talking about this on other threads, but I was still working on just getting some control over my post-run numbers. I was trying to just avoid doing roller coasters. I think I’m getting the feel for that now, so it would help to figure out a plan. Especially when I take afternoon/evening runs. Morning runs seem to be more straightforward as it usually means just getting some more carbs.

Okay. I’m headed for an evening run today. I’ll try to refuel with a little more attention and consider dropping my basal for even a couple hours. Maybe?


Sure, experiment with it. Maybe cut down to 75% for 4-8 hours after your run, depending on how hard your run is. (by how hard, in this case I am referring to the amount of muscle glycogen you are using)

Take insulin and carbs right after! Again, depending on how hard you might take 30-50 grams or something like that.

We can get an estimate of how much muscle glycogen you are using and then try to replace a portion of that right away, and the rest within a few hours later with a meal.


I’ll try this this evening. I haven’t been good about this at all. I’ve been trying to position myself so that I wouldn’t have a crazy spike, and sometimes it means I don’t get my carbs until an hour after I’ve finished. Last night I just couldn’t keep up, and I crashed hard at around 11— and then hit the roof on the rebound. Bought myself a 28 minute lecture from my mom this morning before I could even get to my coffee. :woman_facepalming:


I’ve got a plan… kind of. Tomorrow I will take the day off from running and hopefully start a new thread. Monday, if you’re available, @Eric, we can talk about a new goal. And that’s it. That’s my plan.

You said to go by feel today, Eric, so I went for 8.5 miles. It was really nice.

Starting BG: 135
Mile 1: 115
Mile 2: 86
Did 10g of carbs only because the effect has been slow. So a preemptive thing.
Mile 3: 71
10g carbs
Mile 4: 68
8g carbs
Mile 5: 74
Mile 6: 69
Mile 7: 71
8g carbs
Mile 7.5: 1 unit of insulin
Mile 8: 65
Mile 8.5: 65
1.5 units of insulin

Had another unit and a half within 5 minutes of getting off when I saw my BG was an 86. Came home and had my banana. Began dropping almost immediately thereafter, so I got another banana. Maybe 20 minutes later, I had a plate of chicken and broccoli. Oh, I also did another 2 units with the second banana because I’m afraid of the rebound… Finished my run about an hour and a half ago and am at an 85, so I kind of think I made it through the first level. I’m definitely hitting a temp basal tonight though since I ran so late.

Very happy. Haven’t done 8.5 miles since I was like 16 years old. Hope I can walk tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:


I don’t think there is anything left for me to tell you. This is exactly the way it should be. You looking at direction and slope of the BG change, doing preemptive stuff, taking carbs and insulin while you are running, taking insulin when you are about finished, doing insulin and carbs at almost the same time…

Seriously DN, seeing this stuff warms my heart. There is not a formula that can do what you did here. Not now, not ever. This is beyond what any machine can do, beyond any algorithm. Your instincts are now sharp. Perfect stuff today.


And you didn’t think I was listening. :wink:

Oh my goodness does that make me happy. I was hoping you’d be proud. :hugs:

I couldn’t agree more. There’s a lot going into those choices, and they have to happen at the right time. You know all of this. Obviously. I couldn’t agree more.

Oh, there is. There’s lots more. But this is just really cool. Feels good knowing how to do this. Thank you for teaching me. :slight_smile:


@Nickyghaleb Fantastic results!! I’m so impressed, as @Eric says, just perfect, which can only be achieved in real time by watching the numbers and experience. So brave to have taken that insulin while still running. I don’t think I’ve done that before. Worked out perfectly and you got your refueling in without any highs! :star_struck:


And no lows last night!! I’m glad you wrote something… I meant to come back and say that, too. I did have a little dip around 2 hours after finishing, but there was that confusion I just couldn’t avoid… having had the 2 bananas instead of one, adding more insulin out of fear of rebounding, then being all flipped upside down with a low BG/high IOB combo. It went on for about 30 minutes where I just had to work my way through. Once I got it settled though (which really only took an extra 4 glucose tablets), I was good. Had a great night. Definitely worth trying to replicate tomorrow.

I do love starting the small boluses before the end of the run. I’ve done as much as 2 units when I was within a mile of finishing and knew I had consumed a lot of carbs, but I’ve been finding that even a series of .5-1 unit boluses seems to work well, too. Depends on what I think I’m looking at.


Even better, no lows!! Yay!! Yes, good thing you tested w/ a finger stick rather than just bolusing from the CGM. I find that my CGM is frequently off after a run and during a run! Not always though.

Looking forward to following your new thread :sunny:


Mine is, too. It’s usually a lag though… this one was an overshoot. Of course. :grin: How are you doing?? I haven’t seen anything on your thread lately??


Yes, sorry, I haven’t posted anything lately. I will try to post an update this week. I actually injured my foot about 3 weeks ago, so could not run regularly for about 2 weeks except some test runs. Started back last week and still feel a bit of a strain but mostly recovered.


Sorry to hear it, but I’m glad you’re on the mend!

I’ll keep an eye out. I look forward to hearing how everything’s going. :slightly_smiling_face:


Plan on running Tuesday if no rain and will post afterwards. Hope I can mimic your great results! :smile:



And I’ve got your distances in sight. Not in range. But in sight. With binoculars, sure. :grin:

I’m hoping for no rain and a pain free run for you. :crossed_fingers:


Yes, your there now, and no lows and highs!! :slight_smile:


Last post in here. I’m about to talk to Eric and hopefully come back with a new goal, new plan, new thread…

Today, left to my own devices, I came up with a Monday run that felt like something Eric would’ve given. Only much easier.

My run was:
1/2 mile warm up @ 6.0
1 mile @ 7.3
1/2 mile recovery @ 6.0
1 mile @ 7.5
1/2 mile recovery @ 6.0
1 mile @ 7.7
1/2 mile cool down @ 6.0

I hadn’t eaten anything at all for hours prior to starting so I was going very even, but I also never bothered setting a ZB or any kind of reduced rate… so I had a coffee :grimacing:

@Eric, whenever you want to take over again, I’ll be happy.

Starting BG: 95
Mile 1.5: 112
Mile 3: 100
Mile 4.5: 97
Mile 5: 86 (finished)
3/4 mile walk
Mile 5.75: 70
2 glucose tablets

Everything’s been chill since. :smiley: