DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Okay, so I wanted to put my race stuff in here. Today was my first 5k in approximately 26 years, but it’s not because it hasn’t been at the top of my To Do list… I have wanted to run in a 5k for a very, very long time, but diabetes was just getting in the way—diabetes and hip problems— so I had just stopped wanting it. Met @Eric, and he got me thinking I could, then he got to telling me how I could, then he got to coaching me… I’ve needed a lot of guidance in both areas, running and diabetes, to be able to be back on this path again. I know I said I was coming in to tell of my race, but I wanted to leave this in here, too. It’s really been a journey leading up to that line this morning, and I really had abandoned any hope of it long ago. Eric, thank you. :blush::rose: … And, of course, FUD, thank you. :rose::rose: Two flowers for you. :smiley:

So the short of it is that I placed third in women’s overall. I haven’t gotten the official time yet, but it showed 23:11 as I crossed the line. Or 28:11… but I really hope not. :smiley: It was a tough course, it was 26 degrees, and I had a few things malfunction, including my “not sick” status, so it wasn’t exactly smooth.

My BG was pretty good this morning. I had some problems with a new Dexcom sensor last night, so my blood sugar over night was a little messy. I woke up, say, at a 160ish. I had 3 hours before the start of the race, so I did a correction and food bolus, had 2 cups of coffee, a yogurt, and a piece of cheese. By 20 minutes prior, I was looking pretty even between a 100-120. I tried testing again with my Contour Next One meter and received a couple of errors. Assuming the meter was bad, I ran to the car and swapped it out for another only to end up getting some errors on that as well. It appears it was the cold. 5 minutes before starting I took out my 1 unit syringe and gave myself the shot and had my 23 gram GU 2 minutes later. Then they said “go”. It was 26 degrees as I said, and I felt like a block of ice, so the first mile was tough. My fingers were FROZEN. I had 2 more GU gels in my little pouch, but I don’t think I could’ve bent my fingers to get to them. I wasn’t worried about crashing at that point anyway. There was an enormous mud puddle about halfway through the race with no way around it. On the other side, both my hands and feet were frozen. This was the first point where I began to worry about my blood sugar. I do not feel lows in cold temperatures, and that can be even at 40 degrees, so even though I was comfortable with what my numbers should’ve been, I found myself starting to really worry— no meter, screwed up sensor, no natural ability to detect anything at all, and I was working hard. So, yes, diabetes was on my mind for probably 10 minutes of the race, but it didn’t ever affect what I was doing. I’m very happy with that result for my first time around. I hope to only get better though. I finished my race at a BG of 194 which was a major surprise… for 10 minutes I had been concerned over a crash, so it was mildly amusing to see how far off that had been. Oh! And my T:slim also gave me a couple of back to back occlusion alarms right after the race, so I also missed the 3 unit bolus I had there at the finish. I ended up doing a few IMs just until it looked like my t:slim was warm again, and it’s all been good since.

Long story. A lot of good things today, but a lot of things I want to do better. But first, dance party.


That’s AWESOME! Way to prevail!!!


@Nickyghaleb, you are the BEST! Mazel Tov!


Congratulations you did awesome, you truly are an inspiration. :smiley::smile::laughing:


Really great job! That is what I call unlimited. It isn’t unlimited when everything goes perfectly, it is unlimited when you encounter trouble, persevere and come out the other side. The podium is just a nice side effect.


This is an AMAZING result and also officially proves that @Eric is clearly psychic as he predicted you’d be up there on the podium! Great work @Nickyghaleb!!!


I think we shold move this to its own thread, for those not following this one.


What do you think, @Nickyghaleb? When a thread grows beyond 100 posts most people don’t open or follow it. It would not be a bad idea to split this story, and to kickstart a new DN running thread every quarter or so. You could put a link to the next/previous thread at the end of each quarter? The other issue is that very long threads can create forum load problems.


Congratulations, @Nickyghaleb! What an accomplishment, on all counts!


Thank you, @Tapestry! :heart::heart:


I’ll do what you see fit. Do I name it the same? Can I give it a new title? And I have no idea how to link stuff, but I’m sure you could show me?


You can leave it as is and keep on going in your thread: it is totally up to you. But it is true that there will be more readers if you have more threads that are shorter. And I think it will be more useful to more people if you chunk it.

If you want, I could split the part of the existing thread that leads to your 5K, if you tell me from which post to split. That would be a nice sequence, with a beginning and an end! Then you could take on from there with a new thread to start.

Each thread needs a unique title, that’s the only rule. But, for instance, you could have DN’s Running Spring’19, and change the title every season. Or DN’s New Adventures, and use sequel titles for each, like book series :slight_smile:

I can build the links for you, so that there is a link from each thread to the next. Once I have shown you, it will be really easy for you to do it yourself in the future—but it’s always OK to ask me to do it :slight_smile:


I have to come back for this. I promise to take care of it over the couple of days… and will never ask you to link anything for me that I can link myself. :grin: I just need to be shown once. Maybe twice.

Since it’ll take a couple of days to get any transition going, I’ll put a little pressure on @Eric to tell me about this week’s schedule??? It’s almoat Tuesday, and I’m all rested and ready to go. Please? :grin:


I know I have a little organizing in here, but I had a nice run so I thought I’d put it in while I transition to the next… level.

5 mile easy run.
Starting BG: 67
Mile 1: 78
Mile 2: 72
Mile 3: 68
Mile 4: 71
Finish: 75

Got me some water on my treadmill… finally. So I sipped today with the GU but also tried to gnaw on a couple of my good old chalky glucose tablets for a more immediate effect. Took 2 tabs at the very start with a small bit of GU and repeated at mile 3. Did 2 units with 1/2 mile left, and my blood sugar has been calm since.

That’s all. Need to start a new thread and to have a talk with Eric about the next goal…


Wow, FANTASTIC numbers!!! :star_struck:


That’s damn sexy!


Finally. :dancer:t2:


Thanks, @Trying. :hugs::heart:


Posting in here until somebody makes me stop…

Ran 7 miles today, Eric. Sorry. I haven’t had a long run in a while, and it was a lovely day. I’d like to get discussion underway though about the next goal so that I don’t destroy myself in the meantime.

Starting BG: 71
3.5 IOB… that was a problem
23 g of carbs at start
Mile 1: 52
Mile 2: 49 (23 g of carbs)
Mile 3: error :confused:
Mile 4: 54
Mile 5: 58 (23 g carbs)
Mile 6: 54
Mile 7: 57

All those carbs (GU style), and I decided I’d better get some insulin on board for the post run climb… because I was sure it was coming. Did 2 units with 3/4 miles left. Still hit a 134 about 30 minutes after finishing, but it looks like I’ve got it back under control.


See that? You can run that low if you need to.