DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Oh, sorry. Yeah, I could barely make out what the English said on that label. I don’t think you can read it while running. :slightly_smiling_face:


I shouldn’t… but it’s true so…

I’m glad you guys came around and joked about the label because without my glasses I thought it said Always follow constipation with water which I found really odd for an energy gel warning.

Glad that was cleared up.


It’s all making more sense now. :grin:


I mean, that’s a pretty safe rule to live by.


I knew you’d appreciate that, @T1Allison. :grin:


Great run today…

So. I did have a coffee and a dance kind of just before starting. My BG was kind of floating most of the morning— not high but at around 130, so that’s why. Why I had coffee and danced. :thinking:

Starting BG: 146
Mile 1: 99
Mile 2: 85
Mile 2.8 (tested a little early because was getting ready to start the last 5 minutes): 71
*had 2 glucose tablets BECAUSE I had no reason to have a full 23 in the GU, AND I had no water on the treadmill. From what we covered yesterday, I really wanted something little that was going to take hold quick… 8 grams worth of chalky citrusy vitamin c tasting tablets sounded like it would do the trick, and it did.
Mile 3.5: 77
1/2 mile walk and got off at an 86
*Did 1 unit of insulin for good measure, and my blood sugar has been spotless since

RPE was a 5? Very easy run. Now I’m going back to my list to see what else I can do tonight. I think it’s supposed to snow this weekend, so hopefully it won’t get canceled??

And you mentioned talking numbers, @Eric. In here??


We need to go over 2 different things.

First the race logistics, dosing, general tips and all of that. And second is the pacing strategy and our little pep-talk.

You decide when and how, either here or on the phone.

Let’s get you on that podium.


What podium?


Top 3 in your bracket.


That’s cute…

But unless only 3 are participating… or I’m allowed to name whatever bracket I’d like to be a part of (middle aged women with brown hair who have a cat who had six girl kittens) I’m not worried about that.

I want to finish, I want to not have a crash, or have a 400… or to trip… to show up to the right place… I’ve got a lot I’d like to accomplish, so I’m not worried about that. And don’t you be worried about that because I will just lie to you and say I took first if I think you won’t be able to handle the truth… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Nickyghaleb, I do not know what race you are running, but unless it’s like the Boston Marathon or it’s just you and Eliud Kipchoge competing, I would not be surprised AT ALL if you wind up up there, at least given the times @Eric’s been making you run, haha! I ran a 10-miler in October and my pace (a little less than 10 min./mile I think?) put me solidly in the middle for basically everything . The fastest women were in the 7:28 min/mile range. That was not a super competitive race but either way, your times are pretty fast !!You’re gonna do GREAT!!


Thank you, @TiaG. :hugs::heart:


That’s it? 2 miles total?? No long and slow or anything??


Had to come back around on this… That’s awesome— a ten miler at less than 10 min a mile. Really awesome. I think I’d like to make this a future goal. :heart:


Pick-ups. Do the pick-ups.

We want to spark the aerobic system and fast-twitch muscle fibers. Not the red fibers, the white ones. Like dark meat versus white meat on a chicken. The wings.


I have no idea what you’re talking about here, but

Okay. Say no more. :grin:

I get it. I’m off then to work either my dark meat or white meat. :nauseated_face:


I can explain this to you. It’s easy stuff, and interesting.

Ever wonder why a chicken has dark meat and white meat? Same for you.

It doesn’t matter for your race, but it’s interesting stuff if you want to learn about it. You have fast-twitch muscle fibers, and slow-twitch muscle fibers. You use them both.

The fast-twitch are better for sprints and faster speeds, but they fatigue more rapidly. And slow-twitch have more endurance and would be more predominate in a longer race.

The fast-twitch fibers are more anaerobic. They do not need as much oxygen and therefore do not need as much blood.

Slow twitch are the opposite. They are more aerobic, and need more oxygen and therefore need more blood.

Muscles that contain a lot of slow-twitch fibers are red, because they contain more blood vessels. They rely on a rich supply of oxygenated blood to produce energy for muscle contraction.

Anyway, an easy way to remember it - chicken wings and breast are white meat, they are fast twitch so they can fly. Their wings and breast need to be more fast-twitch to enable them to create the speed needed for flight. Chicken legs are dark meat, those muscles do not need to move fast.


Which might explain why even though I’ve continued to be very active over the years, I still feel absolutely ridiculous and like I might break when I try to sprint? That’s not all just in my head?

I can’t wait to get my fast twitch muscles warmed up again, assuming that’s part of our future plan, and surprise my 14 year old next time he wants to race. :grin:

That is interesting, and that does make sense. So then… when I got on the treadmill an hour ago and was fine at a 6.0 pace but felt like a sack of nails and bolts at an 8.5… but only for the first three sets, is that fast twitch/slow twitch stuff or just a more vague muscle thing because my body has t warmed up yet? I feel like a 6.7 used to feel like nails and bolts… and I did accidentally hit 9 and almost came off the back, so I’m obviously not ready for anything like that. Maybe ever.

I’ll be back to give you a quick summary of today’s run. Sick people to tend to first.


I’m on here only to say 2 things:

  1. Best pep talk ever. Thank you.
  2. Ready.


Kinda looks like that glove is doing a middle finger thing. Completely unintentional. I just happened to cut off the fingers of those two so I could test and do things.

Dammit. I was almost in and out of here with just the picture and 2 things, and now I’m all explaining…

All done. Talk to you tomorrow. :grin: