DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


The race is Sunday?!


How about you tell me! :grinning:


So it is Sunday. :thinking: Glad we had this talk. I was going on Saturday. :grin:

We’ll chat this week, right?? We can pick a good time to talk? I’d love it if you’d post just so it’s all in here, but I’m sure I’ll have questions… so if you don’t mind doing it by phone, that would be nice.


I’m nervous and excited and looking forward to the running this week! I’m surprised. I thought it would be a whole lotta nothing, but it’s not.

Okay. Back to my list now.


Had a great run today. I did have a coffee about 45 minutes beforehand though which I know is inside what I was working toward, but I was low… and then I danced off the spike. :smiley: So coffee and a pre-run dance (a little one), and two back to back fingersticks prior to starting showed me at 101 and 106. I figured I was good.

Starting BG: 103
End of warm up: 89
First recovery: 75
*had 23 g of carbs
Second recovery: skipped
Third recovery: 67
*held off on carbs since I knew that 23 would be working for a while
Fourth recovery: 64
*held off on carbs since I STILL believed that 23 could be working and because I was feeling fine
Fifth recovery: 56
*Finally had my carbs. It was late in the run, but I still had one rep left and recovery + cooldown. Took 23 g of carbs and .5 unit of insulin
Sixth recovery: 54
1/2 mile cool down and was a 68 getting off of the treadmill.

I know this is still probably borderline low for a run? Maybe? But I am trying to learn how my body feels at these numbers. These were very short distances, and I’m learning there’s not a big chance of my plummeting between the beginning of the lap and the end of it. I’m learning I have time to make a decision. And although it’s very possible it won’t always be true, it’s certainly been true consistently enough that I’m getting comfortable with the idea. I could’ve had carbs at any time to give myself a bump, but I honestly didn’t need them.

Also, I’m trying to get a handle on my post-run numbers, and I’m doing better there, too. If I can cut back some of the unnecessary carbs during the run, it’ll certainly make that task easier. Today I did .5 unit with 3/4 mile left, then another .5 unit when I saw the 68 but was done with the workout, and then another .5 unit when I saw a 92 10 minutes later. Even with that insulin, I rose to a 136 within 25 minutes, so I chose a 2 unit IM. I came home at a 90, did another unit because bananas can lead to a nasty spike, and had my banana. I’m at 101 now, and I’m very pleased. Each one of these pieces is important… the pre-run, the run, and the post. I’ve got some serious work to do on that pre-run piece, but I’m doing okay in the other two categories.

Oh, and RPE… 5.5? 6?? It was an easy run! :two_hearts:


I love this!

Running with these numbers is not the horror show everyone makes it out to be, is it? :smiley:

What do you do when you are in the 50’s in the middle of a run? Take some carbs and keep going. :wink:

You are seriously flirting with the Dark Side here. image

That 7:08 pace was easy, right? No problem, there?

Hit that insulin hard after the run. All those carbs are gonna catch up with you. Plus the insulin allows you to do better with the post-run fueling.

A little bigger bolus when you are done, plus some protein & carbs, and you will never see north of 100.

What was happening with your basal during the run? Off?

No, not “okay”. Great!


:blush: Like music to my ears.

It really, really isn’t. Now… I think this is completely different with a bunch of insulin on board, or if you’re falling fast, but not all 56s pack the same potential. I did not feel in danger at my 56 today. I didn’t feel bad at all. And I was in the middle of a workout still… so that’s a new thing for me. I think if it hadn’t been for the faster paced laps, I could’ve easily stretched that 56 to the end. I may have been able to do it today, but I’m not positive. I’m still trying to understand what GU actually does to my blood sugar because it seems to have a kind of prolonged effect… It seems to provide both a sort of rescue rise but also a slower one as well. Unless it’s skmethjng happening with my blood sugar behind the scenes… which is obviously very possible.

It’s what all the kids say until they get arrested, but it just feels right.

Easy. :blush:

I’m inching my way in that direction. I was being a little more aggressive a couple of weeks ago— maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago, and then I had a couple of big crashes. I’m back to being a little tentative again, but that’s okay. I’m doing multiple smaller shots, which is also kind of doing the trick, but it’s a higher maintenance approach. I believe in hitting the insulin hard right afterwards, I’ve just gotta find that comfort zone again. I’m getting there.

Not quite. This has kind of become a mental block. I’m not sure why I’m stuck here, but I am. It’s bexause everything leading up to the run is a little awkward— very difficult to try to get locked into the zero basal stuff with a pretty unpredictable schedule. So I’ve gotten quite good at doing patchwork… and now I’m afraid to mix in the suspend. My brain cannot find the value in shutting it down when I know I won’t see the immediate effect… It’s my brain putting its foot down but like in a 5 year old unreasonable way. I’d like an adult to step up here, but I don’t know any. :grin:

I’ll be right back…


Please let that be superstar


It’s delayed.

This is a good time for pop-quiz. I’ve mentioned a few things about that.

You tell me. Explain why it would be delayed. Can you give me 2 reasons?



I have not done any insulin to let it in? :thinking:




Final answer.




Cortisol spike… :thinking:

I’m not a big fan of pop quizzes. just for the record.:rage:


Are you going to come back with the answer, @Eric, or are you just gonna leave me hanging here… wondering if I somehow passed…


I will give you simple answers. Each of these could be given with much more detail. This is the quick version.

  1. Dehydration slows your digestion significantly. Are you working on staying hydrated before and during your runs? That is one part of the delay.

  2. When you are running, your body is prioritizing blood flow to your skeletal muscles. Digestion is put on the back burner. As soon as you stop, all the stuff sitting in your stomach will start to hit. You are seeing that spike when you finish from the gels you ate while running. Once you stop, digestion becomes prioritized a bit more by your body. That is another part of the delay. Your body does not want to use it’s valuable resources on digestion.

  3. Gels and solids are not doing to digest as fast as liquids. Your body needs fluids to process things. If you don’t have enough fluids, the delay will be even more. The closer the carbs are to being the same osmolality as your body’s fluids (about 290 mosm/kg), the faster it will be processed. Those gels you are eating are thicker. They have a higher osmolality than your body’s fluids. So they take longer. Fluids will work better.

So, what do you do?

  1. Drink more, stay better hydrated.
  2. Know that intense runs will slow everything down.
  3. Use a faster carb source. A liquid instead of a gel. See below.

This will be the fastest carb for you when running. 23 grams per 4 ounces, and will hit very quick. This has a much higher carb content then normal Gatorade, so it is easy to pound down a quick blast of carbs.

The Gatorade Prime is not ideal for taking out on the road, but for a treadmill it works great. This will be much faster. Try it.


Seriously?? So you mean I could be seeing that delayed rise because I’m dehydrated?? Does that mean I should see it kick in faster if I were better hydrated? Would it be clear like that, or does it not work that way?

Sooo… this is very interesting, but have we ever talked about this?? How does one get around this?? It makes a lot of sense for what I see during and after my runs, but what’s the fix??

The fix… I actually did kind of consider whether or not the gels could’ve been at least partly responsible for the delay, but I figured it was too simple an answer. So that does make sense. Why am I buying all of these gels then?? Except for the fact when I try to open a liquid while running, I end up wearing it?

This all makes a lot of sense, but I feel like I just overfilled my “needs to be solved and something probably needs to be purchased” cup.

And if digestion is delayed, how am I even getting anything from it at all until I’ve stopped running??


Just saw there was more in your response. Ignore whatever I said up there.


Okay, that’s simple enough a solution, but what for the road then??


A little faster yes. If you are better hydrated, your body will be able to process it faster, yes.

It’s all part of it. It’s all incremental.

Running slows your digestion, dehydration slows it, gels versus liquids are slower.

All the things together are contributing.

Being better hydrated, understanding there is a potential delay as you increase your intensity, and using liquids.

The gels are not bad. They are easy to eat, very easy to manage. But it helps to have water with them. And you can use them, or use Gatorade Prime, or both.

On the treadmill, drink water whenever you eat a gel. A lot of the gels tell you to drink water with it!

It is slowed down, it is not stopped. Your body still processes what is in your stomach, but much slower!


@Eric, what is this “always follow with water” red underline? The original text clearly is a couple lines below:

“Boire de l’eau apres chaque [sachet]”


I grabbed the image of the French label. You are supposed to drink water with them. It helps your digestion process it better.


[it was a joke]