DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


First of all, your BG numbers looked good. So stop beating yourself up with all that talk, what is wrong with these numbers?

Taking carbs during a run is NOT a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all. Absolutely a good thing. Carbs, glycolysis, pyruvic acid, the Krebs cycle, energy. All kinds of good things. What you are doing is fine there. Those BG numbers are stellar.

Before we discuss RPE, how did you get to 7.25 miles? Is that counting your first go before you restarted?


Yep, if only we could be normal!! :wink: Still, your numbers are excellent, though I know not easy to achieve!

Do you reduce your basal on these runs? I thought you used to. Sometimes it’s just not possible given the timing AND the current BG, I know. Everyday is different for sure. I find reducing basal 80% of normal works best for me, but not always possible. Yesterday, I didn’t reduce at all, and still went from 118 start, to 145 at end! :frowning:


7.75 with the first try.

I just ran. I was mad. I’ll be back in a minute to explain myself. :grin:


Well, first you have to have really blown your pre-run numbers. Unless you guys are blowing pre-run numbers on the same level I am, it might be hard to achieve. :roll_eyes:

That’s a joke. Just so we’re clear. :grin:

Thank you very much. I do love how I’ve learned to herd it all in, but… gotta pull myself together and get back to that Zero Basal.


I’m not beating myself up unnecessarily. There was nothing wrong with those numbers. Here’s a little context though…

That’s the second day of it in the last three. Today I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around what I think I need… and that is the idea I’m only as good as my last decision. I have been working really hard, and that’s great, but my numbers will always only be as good as my last decision. There’s no riding on your reputation with diabetes. Not that that would get me far anyway. :grin:

I’m regrouping. That’s all. There’s been an increasing amount of casual mode in my management lately, and I can’t say too much of it makes things any easier.

Well that’s good. I’d be in serious trouble. :grin:

Thank you. It’s not for nothing. I really am learning what I need during my runs to stay nice and stable, and I have not always known what to do. I should add that to my short list of things that feel good about today.

7.75 including the first stab at it. Just kind of ran for a little afterwards. RPE was just a steady real today. :grimacing:

@Trying, you are right. I was doing ZB prior to starting my runs. I’ve gotten away from it… mostly a consequence of laziness. That’s okay because I think what I’m learning is that that little organization up front makes it all easier in the back end.

I don’t know what I’m learning. :thinking:


It was hard and it was supposed to be hard.

I never said this one would be easy.

So you got it done. That’s what matters. Get it out of your head. Important stuff coming up.

“You only grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.”
-Percy Cerutty


Then great. Nailed that. :grin:

No, you didn’t, but you did mention the possibility of my finding it too easy… The power of suggestion, my friend. I know men don’t listen on this level, but women really do get meaning from each word. Word whisperers. Men, not as much.

Already gone.

Then I should be huge.


Okay. Easy run today, completely uneventful, shouldn’t be much to report, but i’m high on coffee, so…

I started my day off with a 5 mile walk with my mom and cousin. It was beautiful.

It was as quiet as it looks… except I was commentating for my mom and cousin because I was worried they’d miss the beauty in it.

Then I danced. It was a 30 minute celebration of life and Fridayness and of February.

Then I ran. No zero basal because with all the dancing and walking and talking, I just covered stuff with carbs. Plus, it was a really short run. My BG as I put on shoes was a 100. It was an 82 maybe 3 minutes later as I started the treadmill. I did 23g of carbs… only because of the dancing and the likelihood of a fast drop. I also decided I’d see how far 23 grams would take me on a slow and easy run… my first attempt at experimenting at a lower number rather than just ensuring I didn’t drop. At mile 1, I was a 73. I decided I felt fine and was fine and could probably get to mile 2 before testing again. At mile 2 I was a 61. I decided to see what would happen in a mile if I did another 23 g (because I was starting to feel it) but along with .5 units of insulin. I felt 23g was too much, but I didn’t have any way to do less. So 23 grams and .5 units of insulin, and a mile later I finished at a 63. By the time I sat down to take off my shoes (maybe 2 minutes later), I was back to 80. Did a little more insulin for good measure, and put my music back on. :smiley:

Off to go help people appreciate the silence around them. :smiley:


As a very general rule, while running, insulin can be anywhere from 2.5 to 5 times more powerful. Longer runs will amplify it more.

So that .5 units you took was maybe more like 1.25 to 1.5 units if you were sitting.

Just a general rule, a way of making adjustments to what you are taking.

Testing and dosing and eating and running at the same time is a great skill set. You are indeed an Elite.


Whoa, another new thing I learned!!:star_struck:


I kind of knew this. A little bit. Although I’m not sure I was applying it correctly before… You know I have a mini-trampoline, right? I used to give myself 1-2 units of insulin and jump for 5 minutes to get it working. It’s not the same thing— in fact it’s faster-acting rather than more potent, but it was a nifty trick. I’m sure there are rules here… general, of course— but how …

I’m not sure what I’m asking. I’ll regroup and come back.

But I’m taking this with me. :smiley:


Today’s run… Today was an easy one. It was 50ish minutes at an RPE of 4. Those were the instructions. I was not to exceed an RPE of 4, and I didn’t. I also allowed myself to dip a little during the run, and that was intentional. I’ve gotten very good with knowing when to add some carbs, but I’m interested in learning a little about my limits. So even though I hung in the 60s for some of today’s run, I was trying to understand better when I need those carbs. So just experimenting and learning…

Starting BG:

… oh. And I did have a coffee before today’s run because I couldn’t get away for it until way later than I had planned and I was pretty drained, and that’s my story. This means I had a coffee about 20 minutes before starting and did not do any kind of basal reduction.

Starting BG: 114
Mile 1: 119
Mile 2: 102
(Mile 2.35: started to open a GU to take carbs but decided I would wait. I was thinking to do it because of the fact I had plenty of run ahead of me, no zero basal behind me, and at a “low” BG for exercise. That’s the silly thinking though. I countered that thinking by considering that 102 was not low at all, and that with such a slow and light workout, I was not likely to plummet)
Mile 3: “guessed” I was 76. Actual BG was 78. This time I decided to have the 23 grams of carbs.
Mile 4: 65
Mile 4.8: tested early because a little nervous… “guessed” 71. Actual BG was 69.
Mile 5.6: 62. Ate 2 glucose tablets, walked 1/2 mile, and got off at a BG of 95.

RPE 4.

Read em and weep. :smiley:


There ya go. Exactly what you should be doing. image



Learning from the best. :heart:


Alright, big week coming up for you. Before I post your running for the week, a few very important things to go over.

  1. Get everything together that you will need. Don’t wait until Saturday night. Make your list, gather it all together.

  2. Make sure you have run a few times with what you will use. Clothes and all. If you are carrying your pump in a SPIBelt, make sure you have tried it out.

  3. Get your sleep this week.

  4. You will want to have your meter bracelet so you can check many times while you are waiting for the race to start. Don’t test while racing, you will be going too fast. But test every few minutes while you are lined up and waiting for the start.

  5. The only thing you need while running is nothing. But you will need your pump a few minutes before. So if you can hand it off to someone, that’s fine. If not, plan on carrying it. You will not have enough time to use it, and put it in your car. If someone will be there with you, hand it off. If not, have a pocket or SPIBelt to put it in.

  6. Have one syringe pre-loaded for before the race. I will go over that with you. It will be easier to use a syringe.

  7. Weather looks like a short sleeve shirt under a long sleeve shirt, and shorts, hat, and gloves. That’s what you should run in. You will be cold for one minute, and then you won’t feel it. You want the engine kept cool. Do not over-dress. Get a cheap hat you can discard midway if you are feeling warm.

  8. Get a cheap zippered parka you can discard at the start. You can get them for a few bucks at Walmart. Buy one with the plan to toss it and lose it. Zippered will make it easier.

  9. Get your sleep this week. I know I said it already. I am saying it again. Get your sleep. Particularly on Thursday and Friday night.

  10. Eat smart this week. Eat well, but don’t over-stuff. Eat light on Saturday.

  11. You need a sugar drink in a bottle with a top. You need to know what one ounce is when you take a sip. Practice it with water this week. Practice so you know exactly how to sip one ounce. Read this post.

  12. And you need an easy-to-eat 20-25 gram rapid carb source that won’t be nasty. I recommend Huma gels. But you already know that.

  13. The runs this week need to be followed. Do not cannibalize your race because you do not like a fraction of a mile or something. 30 minutes means 30 minutes, not 35 or 40. Quarter-mile repeats are not half-mile repeats.

  14. Drink plenty of water on Friday and Saturday. Not much Sunday morning.

  15. I will give you a plan for race fueling and insulin dosing later this week.

  16. Get your sleep.

  17. Turn off the automated monkey-business with basal on your pump as soon as you wake up. Leave your basal on all morning before the race. Don’t let it suspend. If you are low, sip some sugar beverage. Do not screw with basal that morning.

We are going to put the diabetes away for 20 minutes or so. It won’t be a problem. But just get to the starting line flat and in range, that’s all you have to do. If you do that, there will not be any diabetes for 3.1 miles, I promise. It will not be a factor.



Not yet… but I did just scan to the bottom so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. :grimacing:

I’m gonna go start at the top now and see what is going on in there.

But just so there’s no misunderstanding in my tone, thank you for taking the time with that. :heart:


Crap. Forgot something.

  1. Turn off the automated monkey-business with basal on your pump as soon as you wake up. Leave your basal on all morning before the race. Don’t let it suspend. If you are low, sip some sugar beverage. Do not screw with basal that morning.

(edited my post and added it above)


So many questions and also none at all.

They’re coming though…


Sorry, had to edit the days. I forgot the race is Sunday, not Saturday.


On Friday or Saturday we go over your pacing strategy and pre-race insulin dosing, and also we will have a little pre-race pep-talk. I can post it here or do it on the phone, whichever you want.

No core work this week! Only daily stretching.

Week 12 - Race Week:

Monday, 2/11
Pace Work

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

6 Repeats:

  • 1/4 mile @ 7:08 pace (8.4 mph)
  • 1/4 mile recovery @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)

1/2 mile cooldown @ 9:00-10:00 pace

Total today = 4.0 miles

Tuesday, 2/12
30 minute Easy Run with Fast Finish

25 minutes @ 9:00-10:000 pace
5 minutes @ 7:30 pace (8.0 mph)

Wednesday, 2/13
Rest day, stretch only
(And Happy Birthday, Cupcake!!!)

Thursday, 2/14

2 miles @ 10:00 pace, with 8 pickups
During the run, bump the speed up to 8.5 mph for a short little 15-30 second burst. 15-30 seconds only! Do that every quarter mile or so, 8 times during the run. We just want to wake up the white muscle fibers a little bit.

Friday, 2/15
Rest day, stretch only

Saturday, 2/16
Final gear check.

15 minute easy run @ 10:00 pace, with 4 pickups at 8.5 mph. 15-30 seconds only!

Sunday, 2/17
Race Day!