DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Okay, we can go over this a bit when you are awake. No worries, you pushed through and got it done.


So I was falling asleep last night as I was writing up my run. :roll_eyes: I’ll go clean that up in a second. I just wanted to let you know it was my fourth set I kind of just got myself through by slowing stuff down a little bit. I went with 7.3, 7.8, and 8.2. Struggling. But it made me feel even happier that I finished, even if with scraps.

Anyway. I’ll go clean up my sleep posts and see if I left any out elsewhere. :woman_facepalming:

On my way home. :sunglasses:


The speed of the treadmill you were on may have been calibrated differently than yours at home. So it’s fine to go by RPE when you are on a strange treadmill. Cheer up. You got it done! :grinning:


Oh, I’m cheered. I didn’t die during the workout or fall off the back of the treadmill in a crowded gym (guy next to me kept looking over, and I think between my breathing, my meter bracelet, and my windsprint, he was scared), AND I survived a crazy bad dinner and breakfast. Crazy bad. But I never went above a 220 (if that).

All cheered. :yum:

Oh, and I’d like to tell you about the doc visit. 2 hours… That’s a lot of talking. And we talked cysts, neuropathy, and running, and I’m coming home with a simple plan on how to follow up on the tailbone issues. The best part is that when he happened to mention posture in running as a possible contributing factor to the increased tailbone pain lately, it didn’t go in one ear and out the other. He didn’t know that was my posture and was only thinking out loud, but having just gone for that gait analysis, I knew.

I’m a little prone to car sickness and am really pressing my luck right now. I’ll tell you all about it when I get home. :blush:


Home. :smiley:

I did not get to run today. That happened. But that is the only bad news on the day (which means I should probably go to sleep right now so as not to challenge the universe)…

I’m in a very good mood. It was a long ride home, and there was no run, but my appointment was worth the 18 hours in the car since yesterday morning. I went to see the neurologist today, and I do travel to Boston to do that. Between my history of Syringomyelia, neuropathy, and Tarlov Cysts… and ongoing symptoms of them all… I have no problems justifying the effort. Unfortunately, my regular doctor called out today, so I actually didn’t get to see him, but the doctor I did see was great, and the evaluation and consultation was probably almost an hour and a half— so satisfyingly thorough.

This is a diabetes site, and I guess it would be appropriate to talk of my neuropathy news (which was good stuff), but I’d really like to talk about the tailbone cysts, since those have been on my mind since the hip pain started. I brought up all of my disks for the doctor to review, and I told him about the two episodes of severe hip pain I’ve experienced in the last year or year and a half. I then told him that in the last month or two, my tailbone has begun to ache again with sitting. I haven’t felt this since before getting Fibrin Glue Injections in 2008. Even though these cysts do not appear to be causing neurogenic symptoms throughout my legs, as was evident by my strength during the evalution, I still wanted to ask if there could be any chance the increased speed and distance in running could be, in any way, contributing to the new pain. His answer started with him explaining to me the positioning in running, and how runners have a tendency to lean forward, therefore making space in that sacral area. In general, he said, running probably would NOT irritate them as it actually creates a little space around them. Then he said that some people who run more upright might experience the opposite. These people, he went on, have a tendency to run with straight legs… and this is ME. If it had not been for the fact I had gone to the gait analysis recently, I would not have paid any attention to what he was saying. I never realized this was how I ran, but the guy doing my gait analysis gave such a detailed description that I fully understood what the neurologist was saying today, and I know it’s what I’m doing. I’m running faster and longer, and although I do try, it’s very hard for me to get myself in the right position. I have been doing all of the exercises I learned at the gait analysis… except one. And I was skipping that one because it was very hard to do and very unpleasant, and I think I better start. It was the one most geared toward strengthening the core, and I think it’s that core instability that makes it so difficult for me to not run like I’m on stilts. :smiley:

Had a few things to say it seems. Sorry. My hips are hanging in there, and I think increasing my cadence has played a HUGE part in that. Now I have tailbone pain with sitting and a couple of large cysts there on the end, and I think focusing on the next part again might have another positive effect. I’m also going to have another MRI done locally, and then my neurologist wants me to just have them filled again with glue.

That’s good stuff. Oh! And I won’t go into detail about the Diabetic Neuropathy stuff, but I will say I told him I’d seen a little improvement since our last visit, and that I thought my drop in a1c had probably helped. He asked what it was, and I told him a 5.3. He was beaming. He said a 5.3 was perfect, and I should do what I can to stay down in that range. Above a 6 can just cause problems with symptoms, and everything gets worse as it goes up. With all of the discussion about what’s a good a1c, it was nice to wrap up an appointment this detailed with confirmation that, for me, this number was good, and that I should continue to keep it down. He was not concerned with it being too low. He was more concerned with symptom maintenance. For now, I agree.

Another post for the record books. Wow. And tomorrow I run.


Sounds like a great doctor! And great a1c, too! Definitely worth the trip, but man, that is a long drive! Have a great run tomorrow!


Okay, so I took the liberty to add a little to today’s workout since I was given that liberty on Thursday but couldn’t and because there was no run yesterday. Needed to get back on top mentally, and I was up for it today.

I told you this morning I forgot my bolus for my coffee. I started my morning at a 70, but by the time I realized what was going on, I was at a 250. Wrecked my morning BGs, and wrecked enjoyment of my morning coffee. So I did a little insulin as soon as I realized, but I was afraid of getting an enormous amount on board because I was hoping to get my run going. I wasn’t ready for my run until about 2, and when I started my BG was a 170, but I had nothing on board, so I decided to give it a go. I also had no ZB and did not do a correction. I was banking on a drop around a mile or two in given the conditions and figured I’d just carb my way through.

Starting BG: 170
6.5 speed
Mile 1: BG 171
Increased speed to 6.6
Mile 2: BG 90 (20g carbs)
At end of 20 minutes, increased speed to 7.0
Mile 3: BG 110
Increased speed to 7.1
Mile 3.9: BG 98
Increased speed to 7.2
At end of 20 minutes, increased speed to 7.3
Mile 4.85: BG 91 (20g)
Mile 5– increased speed to 7.4
Mile 6– “ “ 7.5
Mile 6.75– increased to 7.6
Timer went off at 7.1 miles… so just .2 miles more than your workout
Mile 7.2: BG 91
Jogged for another 10 minutes and finished at 8 miles. Got off the treadmill at a 106 so did a little insulin for the anticipated rise. I’ve been just right ever since with some gentle nudging on my end.

Feels good to feel good. That was today’s theme. Worked on cadence and thought nonstop about my angle. Mind blowing how badly I want to pull up. Anyway. RPE was about 6 for the first 40 minutes and closer to 7 for the last 20 minutes. Hope what I did was okay.


Everything looks great. Got your BG down quickly and then handled it perfectly throughout the run, basically between 90 and 110 for the remainder of the run. And it looks like you have figured out how to take the right amount of carbs during the run, without dropping or spiking.

This :arrow_down: looks super! A great recovery.

That’s a great illustration of using The Force.

Wonderful stuff today!


:slight_smile::two_hearts: Yesssss. Thank you. :grin:


Meant to ask, what was going on with your basal during this time? Before the run and during the run?

Was that 40 grams you took because of IOB or basal?


Nicky, I hope you will see this. I can email the rest of the week to you if you want.

The next two weeks are very important.

This Thursday is the last day where you get any training benefit for the race. After that it is just maintenance, taper, and not making sure you are not flat for the race.

10 days before a race is the last day of training where you get benefit. After that we shorten everything, and just do some shorter speed sessions and base miles.

Here is Monday, I’ll get the rest to you somehow. Text me if you see this.

Week 11:

Monday, 2/4

LT Training

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

  • 3.5 miles @ 7:41 pace (7.8 mph)

1 mile cooldown @ 9:00-10:00 pace

Total today ~ 5.0 miles


Did it. It was hard but not bad.

It’s all a faded memory now, but I did write down my numbers:

Starting BG: 121
1.4 miles BG: 113
… did 20g of carbs…:thinking: I’m trying to remember why. I must not have done any basal reduction going in and must’ve had insulin on board. Those are my guesses, but I can’t remember why…
3 miles BG: 89
… another 23g of carbs…:thinking:
4.1 miles BG: 134
Bolused 1.5 units through pump at start of cooldown
5 miles BG: 113

RPE was a solid 7 for the majority, and maybe a pinch more at points. All in all, it felt good, and I was happy when it was done. I wish I could remember why I was doing that amount of carbs so early on with numbers like that, but, again, it must’ve had to do with the basal and IOB. Next…

2/5 run… It was supposed to be just an easy 40 minute run outside if I got it right. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, so I was excited. However, I struggled a little in the late morning hours with my BG, so I ended up scrapping to get it done. I volunteered yesterday morning at my sons’ school and forgot to bring my food. I was very hungry by my kid’s lunchtime, so he shared his high carb lunch with me. It was a carbfest, and I underbolused, hoping I’d be “good enough” to get home and start my run. It wasn’t good enough, and I soon was battling a 400 with a lot of insulin. It was ALL a mess. I didn’t want to go out that high, I didn’t want to go out with all the insulin, I didn’t want to crash, didn’t know if I should keep my basal on… it was old school Nicky. :smiley: I left my house at a 180 with probably 6+ units on board, and by the time I got to the corner, I was an 80… with 6+ units on board. I started off with a walk, but my blood sugar was really pushing downward, and I was afraid to attempt a run at all. I burned through 3 of my GUs and was still a wobbly 70, so I decided I would just enjoy the sunshine and try a run later. I walked 3.5 miles, realized I still had JUST enough time to run before getting my kids, grabbed more GU, and went. Total mess, but I had a good starting BG of 103, a knapsack full of GU, and enough time to get it done as long as I didn’t stop and walk. :smiley:

I ended up running 4.7 miles in 40 minutes. It was outside in my neighborhood on the hills. I DID have to stop twice to get blood into my test strip because my aim was off, and I had already lost 2 strips to error. My numbers were: 103 at start, 86 (23g), 91, 91, 76 (23g), 83. those were basically any the mile markers except for 91 and 76, which were almost back to back.

It was not an easy run. I wasn’t sure how much of that was because of all of the yo-yo numbers going into it, or that I started with a 3.5 mile walk, or that I was on hills, or that I was not as fast as I thought I was (killed that thought right away), but it was a wake up call for managing race day expectations. The good part of it was that I did it, the hills did not beat me, and that it was longer than what I’d run race day anyway. The absolute best part was that it’s the first time I ran that path since before my hip injury, and it was clear as day that I am not only stronger, but healthier as well, and you just can’t feel bad about that.


Hi Nicky!

Here is all of this week. This is an important week because you are finishing training on Thursday. After that, its maintenance and tapering and prep. We will go over some important stuff next week for race day.

Week 11:

Monday, 2/4

LT Training

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

  • 3.5 miles @ 7:41 pace (7.8 mph)

1 mile cooldown @ 9:00-10:00 pace

Total today ~ 5.0 miles

Tuesday, 2/5
45 minute Easy Run

9:00-10:000 pace

Wednesday, 2/6
Rest day, stretch and core only

Thursday, 2/7
Speed pace intervals

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT RUN, IT’S THE LAST HARD WORK OF THIS TRAINING SESSION. Focus on having good BG for this run. Eat small, not big for this run. Good BG, please.

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

4 Repeats:

  • 3 minutes @ 8:00 pace (7.5 mph)
  • 3 minutes @ 7:30 pace (8.0 mph)
  • 3 minutes @ 7:13 pace (8.3 mph)
  • recovery, 3 minutes @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)

Total today ~ 6.46 miles

Friday, 2/8
25 minute Recovery Run
10:00 pace

Saturday, 2/9
50 minute RPE run

No pacing, just go by RPE only. Do not go over 5! Nice and easy today. Getting ready for race day, don’t spend all your “cash” on this run. Hold back, RPE of 5 only.

Set your timer for 50 minutes, and then do not look at your watch again until you are finished. Pace does not matter. Just look at the distance when you are done.

Sunday, 2/10
Rest day, stretch and core only


hi. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the workouts. Except for tomorrow’s. I’m mostly not looking forward to that. :smiley:

Everything else (and even that) looks good.


Put in your angry eyes. This is your chance at redemption from the last time.

I don’t want to see what’s on the outside - sugar and spice and everything nice. Show me what’s inside. Let me see what you are made of.


I’m gonna get it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is it cheating if I skip my volunteering in the morning though?? It’s a very short day. It’s just 30 minutes tomorrow, but I’d love to have my morning under control… Is that cheating I I do that??


That is definitely allowed!


Just sent my email. :heart: I’ll get kids off to school and then come home and enjoy my run.



Well… it’s done. I can say that much. :roll_eyes: I don’t know why that workout is so hard, but it is. Was. As much as I dislike the workout, I would like to revisit it. I can’t believe this thing has got my number. :woman_facepalming:

My number one goal this morning was a good BG going into it. That was a FAIL. I got myself out of volunteering this morning so that I could get myself just right only to go outside and find out my car had been broken into. So there was coffee and cops and… I could explain myself all day, but it wouldn’t explain the disaster over night, so I’ll just stop. I dropped the ball. Last night. And it just kept rolling through my morning. I’ve got theories on this, too. :smiley:

Starting BG the first time was 76, and a really wobbly 76 at that. Took 23 grams, did my half mile warm up, tested at a 58, and turned off the machine. I really wanted this run to feel good, and it was not starting off well. Killed 15 or 20 minutes, tested again at an 83 and figured I’d give it a go.

Starting BG: 83
1.5 mi BG. 83
1.7 mi 23 g carbs (legs were TIRED)
3.1 mi BG 78
4.0 mi 23 g carbs (legs still so very tired)
4.7 mi BG 105
6 mi BG 113
7.25 mi BG 111

RPE was just ridiculous. It was hard from the beginning, and it remained hard almost entirely throughout. The only “feel good* stuff about it today was that 1. I completed it, and 2. There were some pockets of confidence and strength. Pockets though. Like the littlest ones in your jeans that don’t really hold anything but are pockets all the same.

I know you don’t need my thoughts, but I’ve got some for you:

  1. I haven’t eaten gluten for a couple of years, and I mean really haven’t eaten it. We don’t have any in the house, and I don’t eat it outside of the house. I have never been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, but my 14 year old has it, and I have Type 1 diabetes, and there’s a very good likelihood of my having it as well. My two little ones are being tested for Celiac in a month, and they’re eating gluten every day… which means I’ve been eating gluten every day. And a lot of it. These runs this week have not felt good. Not in Boston, not my run outside the other day… I guess it hasn’t been every run, but it’s been a loose theme. My legs feel like lead. I have no idea if it could be from the recent celebration of gluten I’ve engaged in, but I’m not going to touch it again from now until race day. Just in case.

  2. That’s my victim theory… because it’s gluten’s fault and poor me. I like that theory more, but this one is a good contender… I’ve gotten lazy in the last month or so with my BGs. It was all that elite talk and the dazzle of the 5.3. It was also seeing that I COULD go into some runs a little less than 100% prepared and really pull off good numbers, which is great, don’t get me wrong. But it shouldn’t be the strategy. I think I’ve blown off a lot of stuff lately because I feel like no matter what’s going on heading into it, I can get that control during, and that thinking is making a mess. I keep dodging any talk about Zero Basal leading into my run because I just haven’t made myself do it. I know you already know, but I think I know now, too, that I really need some quiet numbers before I start. I think some of what is making these runs so hard is all the frickin noise… the ups and downs and insulin and carbs. It’s great I’ve learned the skill of how to pin down my numbers and get myself through a run, but it’s just not a good strategy. That’s it.

Blah. I’ve gotta get my head right. :roll_eyes:


I have to say—you have influenced us with that too. We were both impressed (son and I) by how well you well able to recover. We have not been able to match your record though with that. We are still struggling to establish an ideal mission profile.