DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Another perfect workout w/ great numbers!!! :star_struck::running_man:


I am not sure happy is the right word.

But nice work today!

Relax a bit and keep the cart behind the horse.


Happy is the right word… until you do something I don’t like. Then silent treatment is the right word. But it’s short lived.

Anyway. I managed to squeeze in a last minute late run tonight. Long day— thought it wasn’t going to happen, so I’m thrilled. Trying to keep to what you’ve been giving me on Tuesdays, I decided on a 40 minute run and ended up with 5 miles in 42. My numbers are going to look made up, but I swear they’re not.

Starting BG: 72
.5 mile: 67 (only tested because it was last minute so zero preparation… and a little nervous about how my BG would hold up)
15g carbs
Mile 1.5: 72
Mile 2.25: 20g carbs
Mile 2.5: 65
Mile 3.75: 67
10g carbs
Mile 4.5: 1.5 unit bolus
Mile 5: 72 (finish)

I know I said that last post was going to be my last post in here, but I ALSO said I was going to keep posting in here until someone stopped me… so…

I’m off to go refuel. I did have a banana about 15 minutes after finishing (along with another 2 unit bolus about 5 minutes prior), but I’m making an effort to follow the proper steps, including maybe hitting another 75% temp basal for my overnight, so that I can reduce the hypos tonight. In honor of taking the proper steps, I’m off to have some chicken, sweet potato, and some green beans.

And, just so you know, my mom is all about the idea of refueling… and, look at that! She’s calling to remind me about it now… :woman_facepalming:


I know those numbers are not made up. They look like what I would expect from an elite woman on the podium. :wink:

Great numbers today!

But I am wondering about this part:

You tested at 72. You waited for another 3/4 mile. Then you took carbs. Then you tested 1/4 mile later.

Why did you take carbs without testing? Were you feeling low?

Generally I would expect to see a test right before any carbs or insulin, unless you were really feeling it.

But that is just a minor point. Not to detract from what you did, just curious about the timing of the tests.

The numbers look great. You have it figured out!


I tested at 72 but started feeling a little wobbly soon thereafter. It just didn’t feel like a solid 72. I was hoping to test a little less this run and was shooting for testing again at mile 3. When I started feeling a little off, I figured I’d just give it a few carbs to tide me over until then. A quarter of a mile later, and I felt a little more wobbly. I decided to just test.

I’m also still trying to figure out the GU stuff. I’ve gotten used to the idea it’s delayed, but does that mean it will always be delayed? Today I chose a glucose shot, even though I spilled it all over myself and the treadmill, because I think of it as a faster acting carb. Is it the GU itself that is delayed, or is it true for any carbs I take? If it’s always delayed, is it wrong to take a little before you are concerned at all?


What is a glucose shot?

It’s a matter of perspective.

It may feel more delayed the lower you are.

Have you tried the other two things I’ve suggested?

Please say you have bought them and tried them both. I’ve posted links. You have free shipping from Amazon. I don’t feel like finding the face-palming emoji.

If you tried them, then we can talk about the words slower and fasterer in comparison to GU, instead of just the word slow. Perspective.


Glucose shot.

I could say this, but did you actually want the answer?

Okay. You explained a lot today. I will buy the other two things you mentioned… which are… huma gel aaaaaaaand… maybe transcend? And then I will look forward to testing them out. And Gatorade Prime! That was the other thing. And I’ll pick up the Transcend because I do not remember this delayed hit when I was just using those.

Got a plan.

Also, I still need to get the tailbone MRI, follow up with ortho, and then we’ll finish up goal negotiations. :grin:

I think I’ve thought enough. Just by the way.


Jello shots! :stuck_out_tongue:


More fun than glucose shots, sure, but they’re going to make staying on the treadmill… maybe also more fun. :grin:


So. It’s Friday, there’s no snow on the ground, but our county canceled school yesterday evening in preparation for the maybe 1 inch accumulation that was expected. Kids went to school once last week. Maybe twice the week before. We’re all a little alarmed that we might actually have a superintendent who doesn’t like his job and doesn’t want to go anymore…and that’s he’s playing sick… for all of us. :thinking:


Lots going on in my head about running. I’ve got stuff in my brain about the difference between the types of carbs I’ve been treating with during my runs, about the difference in symptoms with varied blood sugar things… the real, true, and absolute importance of not having insulin on board when setting out (it’s taken me this long to get it), the importance of refueling— and the real importance of it rather than just nodding and then doing like I’ve always done—— the importance of being hydrated and its effect on whether or not I can actually use any of the carbs I’m packing in…

Lots. There’s an enormous amount of stuff up there (in my head), and it’s all just now becoming meaningful. I am just now understanding that this kind of knowledge is not so I can feel like the Terminator but so that I can get the most benefit from my runs and so that my runs can occur without undue difficulty. Just now. That’s how long it’s taken me to believe you, @Eric. :smiley: Better late than never though.

So I have things I need to get organized. I think we’ve had a good discussion about a new goal, and I’m just about ready to get that going… right? And I am ordering a few different kinds of gels today to get some experiments underway, and I really, honestly am going to try to start keeping a log on my food. Since my brain has finally said it’s a priority task. And MRI and doc… but I’m not worried about that now…

Yesterday’s run. I’ll start with that… If I can still remember it:

I made a questionable decision just before starting the run, and I’m still not sure what I was thinking. Everything was nice and even, and I hadn’t had any insulin or food for hours. I was tired though and felt like I could use a coffee. Somewhere in my mind I was going to be able to have it without BG consequence, but once I started seeing that rise, I decided I would do some insulin rather than going high. I did 1.5 units. And I think it was just dumb.

Starting BG: 134 (fresh 1.5 units on board)
1/2 mile: 124
Mile 1.5: 89
Mile 2.5: 56
Mile 3.5: 50 … but a nasty 50. Not like the ones I’ve been seeing.
*46 grams of carbs… of GU carbs. This was another iffy choice, but after talking about how to get a faster rise, I thought to really hit it hard— and thought 46 g would hit faster than 23 ESPECIALLY since the GU is so slow for me anyway.
Mile 3.75: 59
Mile 4.25: 60
Mile 5: 59
Mile 5.5 70 and done
** Did 2 unit pump bolus and walked a mile
Got off the treadmill at 67

It was not a great run. I could feel those lows, and they made me feel shaky and weak and crappy. Having just run a few decent distances over the last couple of weeks at the exact same blood sugar range and feeling fine, I wonder if it weren’t either about just having that fresh insulin working or if it weren’t about the fast drop instead of just a steady low. Thinking, thinking, thinking. I love this stuff.

My night was great. I did have another unit of insulin about 10 minutes after finishing followed immediately with a banana, and I had a bowl of beef stew and crackers 30 minutes later. I did really need to watch for about 2 hours after finishing… taking great care in what I consumed or injected, but then it was smooth sailing. Never went below a 55 or above a 150. And no temp basal! I did not set a temp for overnight (even though I ran yesterday evening), so that was something else to try to understand. :thinking:


And here come some pictures…

GU has felt slow… sometimes like it’s there, and it’s preventing me from crashing further, but not like it’s really doing anything proactively. Turns out GU is fructose. Now I think it makes sense why… Right??


Transcend is the first gel I used, and I don’t remember feeling this way… that there was any kind of “delay”. It felt more like a treatment has always felt. I ran out of it just as I came across GU while I was out shopping one day, so I just switched without realizing it mattered. I think the more immediate relief I get from it is because it’s glucose and not fructose… right??

I’ve tried a glucose shot and will try it again (even though it’s a little tricky to do without spilling it),

And I’ll get some Gatorade Prime because it looks like I can get it with glucose and caffeine, which will probably make me hit the roof. :grin: (edit: I see I messed up the pictures and have tried to fix them. This one is blurry, BUT I can see maltodextrin in there as an ingredient in the Gatorade Prime. I’m confused— thought we were trying to avoid maltodextrin? No?)


Last one… the Huma gels. I was hesitant because they’re more expensive, but after finally understanding this a little better, I think it’s a more bang for your buck kind of deal. I can get the GU ones for a buck a piece but then use 8 of them in one run, or I can use the right tool

@Trying, how are the huma gel ingredients?? I had to edit the picture! I had the wrong one up there… is this something you could try?

Anyway. I can’t wait to try them out.


Our fingertips look exactly the same…



They’re like Chia Pet fingers when I squeeze them just right. :grin:


No, wrong one.


Wrong one what?? What??


This will be much faster than anything you have taken so far, except for maybe the Transcend gels. But they are easier to slug down than a Transcend, and have a bit more carbs in each one than a Transcend.


Berry, grape, or fruit punch - pick your favorite. I don’t like the grape very much, but the other ones taste fine.


The problem w/ many of these is that they have dyes which I try to stay away from. Is there anything can be prepared at home, like maybe lemonade or something like that? Or do you always use a sports gel / drink? I think the Kirkland fruit gummies work pretty well, and they have no dye plus have some good things, too, like vitamin C. Bad thing is they are sticky, as in sticky on the teeth, so I mostly swallow them :frowning:


Okay, and i’ll fix my pictures up there. After a game of charades.


Is it a banana? I guess banana.


I can’t even make any of the jokes… that… I mean, come on. That’s a set up.