DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


It’s late, and I should probably do this tomorrow, but I’ve been wanting to write it since 3:00 this afternoon— right around the time I wrapped up my run. So I’ll start it and hope I don’t fall asleep in the middle of it but keep writing. I’ve been known to do that.

On the schedule today was a 75 minute run @ 10:00 minutes a mile for a total of 7.5 miles. I have yet to do that as an adult. My longest run— on the day I got into the car for North Carolina and then didn’t walk for 2 weeks— was 7.1 miles. Or thereabouts. Whatever it was, it wasn’t 7.5, but I also wasn’t worried about it today because you said it was going to be my easiest run of the week… And I believed you :smiley:

It was the easiest run of the week, it was the most wonderful run of the week, and it left my head full of questions and thoughts and realizations and longings and gratitude. It was that good of a run.

But first, I’ll tell you about the morning because it wasn’t perfect. I told you the other day I’d use this Saturday to get myself back onto the Zero Basal for an hour prior to the run. I also told you I wouldn’t have any coffee for at least 2 hours before the run. It all made sense and sounded easy enough when I was working it out on paper. Last night though was tough, and my head hurt through the night, and I just couldn’t sleep well… which meant I wasn’t awake this morning to see out the plan as discussed. My BG was excellent when I opened my eyes, but it looked like a total of a couple of hours’ of suspends had gathered just before I woke. I knew it would make me climb (because I’ve seen this scenario just a few times on the 670), but I couldn’t just ride the rise because I really wanted some coffee. Needed some coffee. My head was just clouded and sore, and there was no way I was starting a run in that shape, perfect opportunity or not. So with a good BG with a potentially ugly rise ahead, the need for some caffeine (and its additional spike), but the wish to avoid putting any insulin into my system just in time for a long run, I did the only thing I could think to do, and that was to give myself a 2.5 unit IV shot. Within an hour, I was properly caffeinated, my BG had fallen back to a very comfortable number, and I had no insulin on board. I have yet to use this before exercise and will continue to work on hammering out a good pre-run schedule, but sometimes diabetes is patchwork, and today it was just right.

So I started my run at a 107. I set my timer for 75 minutes and began at 10 minutes a mile. I didn’t need a thing until almost 4 miles in when I needed my first bit of carbs. The first part of the run, RPE of maybe 4, was easy. Really easy. The toughest part was finding something to do with my mind because there was little distraction available. Even though that was the case, my body was so at ease that I was tolerating the little bit of boredom. There was still plenty to tend to— like checking my Dexcom, checking my cadence, messing with the fan… The little tasks and the music were enough to help the miles feel like they were passing by. At just around 4 miles though, I found I was getting tired. It was not quite as easy, and I couldn’t help but think of the fact that I had just started, in effect, my second run. I don’t like those kinds of thoughts… overwhelmed is not the most productive feeling. I also noticed the music was too tinny and too loud, and the temperature wasn’t right… and then realized that I was probably low. Checked my Dexcom and Libre, and they agreed.

I know this is the longest write up in the history of training notes, but I have to put it here. So if you need a nap, I’ll just wake you at the end. :smiley:

Anyway, I still had a bag of Extreme Energy Beans, or whatever, so I ate probably 8 grams’ of carbs. I thought that would hold, but as I shuffled along, I continued to feel just a little tired and just a little low… but not a little demoralized, not a little scared, and not like I might need to quit. In fact, as I moved along, I realized this was just diabetes that I was feeling, and I was relieved. I can’t explain this, but the thought was magical. It was just diabetes… and this was better than it being exhaustion or pain from running. It was better than the alternative. Better! Never has diabetes been the better option when I’m evaluating a possible cause for something. Never have I thought, Oh, I hope it’s just diabetes. But I did today. I was glad it was diabetes that was making me drag along a little rather than being truly tired from the run. I realized I can fix my diabetes much easier than I can fix my endurance. And I ate a few more carbs and noticed that where my brain had felt like it had vacated only a few minutes before, it was on the mend, and where my feet had felt like they were not my own just a few minutes before, I could feel them strike the ground again… I was finding my legs and my stride and my head and my path. And then there was the best part of one of my favorite songs, and it was starting to sound good again, and amidst all of these things taking place at once, I realized I was smiling. Almost 5 miles in, and I was smiling. I love when I find myself smiling in the middle of a run. You just can’t buy that kind of moment.

I know this is corny, and I hope no one reads it, but I want it all in here with stories of running and other mishaps. Anyway, the rest of the run was that… a lot of smiles and ease and joy and accomplishment. And where there had been just the slightest sense of duty in the first part of the run, there was not so much as a drop of it in the end. There was no only 15 minutes left or 2 more miles… not a thought, and that realization planted the idea that maybe fear plays an important role in pain, and that pain and discomfort without fear is just not as powerful. Today I felt a little tired and went a little low, but neither scared me. I never was concerned I wouldn’t be able to sort it out, and I never was concerned I wouldn’t be able to finish, so I just fixed it and continued on.

I finished at a BG of 126. My hips were rock solid… but I didn’t run 7.5 miles. I ran 8 and could’ve run 10. It wasn’t my brain or body that made me turn it off but a spot of guilt over not sticking to the run as written.

Today it felt like I needed a little bandaid for my diabetes. It was a little irritated and could use a quick fix. This is worlds away from where I was when I felt like nothing could fix my diabetes. And that really was not long ago. I love what you’re doing to my brain, @Eric. I hope you know this. Now I must sleep. :crescent_moon::sparkles:


That insight confirms your entry into the ranks of the elite diabetics. Steering BG is in the same emotional category as steering a bicycle or car: just pay attention and do it.


This was a wonderful write-up. So many things happened in your Saturday run. And everything happened exactly right.

This was exactly what I wanted you to get. The understanding that there are a 100 things you have to worry about with running - pacing, hydration, body strength, training, mental aspects, etc. And diabetes is one of the least significant things of all of them. So damn small now, isn’t it?

You found that on Saturday, which makes it perfect.

:arrow_up: Yes! I know exactly what you are describing. A little drop, some carbs, and then a few minutes later it all comes back and you are in the right place again.

:roll_eyes: Behave.


I am not doing anything. You are doing it all.

I knew all of this about you months ago. And now you know it too.


Okie dokie, now @Nickyghaleb’s my role model. I want to be like Nicky.


Give me a chance to mess up first… I’m not usually like this. :grin:


You’ve been a train wreck for a while but it looks promising now! Just think what shape I’m in if you’re inspiring me! :yum::yum:

(Said with the utmost sarcasm and sincerity out of love!) :heart::heart:

Edit: Hmmm…silence to my teasing is making me hope I didn’t poke too much…



And I thought we were friends?? :grin:

There was no silence. I just hadn’t read it yet. I was too busy thinking about the Eye of Sauron and all its lure and peril. :grin:


I hope we meet someday. We’ll do pizza, a long walk, and an even longer talk about what it all means… whatever it is. :sunrise_over_mountains:


Me, too.


I’m in?!

This is perfect because I’ve been without a job for a long time and really wanted a title more fine tuned than know it all. :smiley: I’m signing my next note to my endo Nicky Ghaleb, Elite Diabetic. And you think I’m kidding…

This lesson has been a slow one to learn, and I have a feeling I’m still far from understanding it all. I’m learning how to have diabetes without being diabetic. Some days these numbers are so easy to fix it makes me feel like I’m cheating… like it should be harder. So many things in my head these days. Just good things. I’ve been around long enough to know it won’t always be this way, but I’m accumulating a lot of skills and a lot of confidence as I head through this part, and this experience will never hurt me.

Too serious here. Must go make fun of myself or my children…


:heart: But seriously… if you only knew. :smiley:


Which is why… I do sometimes wonder if you actually have diabetes. :smiley: I’m working on something for you. It’s my turn. And I absolutely, 100% believe you knew I was going to get this and were even willing to put up with all of my jokes and crying and injuries and chip-binges along the way. Holy cult leader, Batman… I’m a believer.

Sorry. It’s what I do even in the middle of the most sincere thank you in the world— I joke. I wish I wouldn’t. Your gifts, Eric… I don’t know how to thank you for them.



I am very happy with what you did last week. Hope you are ready for week 8.

Is Saturday January 26th pretty much open for you?

Before I post that, I want to tell you something.

When you are not running, feel free to look wherever you want. Look forward, look straight down, look backward, look all around. Look wherever you want. Enjoy looking around.

But when you are running, I only want you to look forward. Do not try to look backward at where you were. If you look backward while running you will stumble. When you are running, only look at what is right in front of you.

On a couple of these runs you will need to put in your angry eyes.

Week 8:

Monday, 1/14
LT Training

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

3 Repeats:

  • 1 mile @ 7:30 pace (8.0 mph)
  • 1/2 mile @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)

(The last rep at 6.0 mph also works as your cooldown. Total today = 5 miles, counting warmup)

Tuesday, 1/15
40 minute Easy Run

9:30-10:000 pace

Wednesday, 1/16
Rest day, stretch and core only

Thursday, 1/17

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

5 Repeats:

  • 1/2 mile @ 7:19 pace (8.2 mph)
  • 1/2 mile recovery @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)

(The last rep at 6.0 mph also works as your cooldown. Total today = 5.5 miles, counting warmup)

Friday, 1/18
25 minute Recovery Run
10:00 pace

Saturday, 1/19
75 minute long run with fast finish

  • 60 minutes @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)
  • Last 15 minutes at increased pace, just go by feel, RPE of 6-7 max

Sunday, 1/20
Rest day, stretch and core only


This feels reminiscent of Saw… You know it??

Answer first why and then I’ll tell you that it is. Every Saturday is pretty much open for me… as long as it’s a good invitation. I’ve got nothing to wear though. Not a thing.

Metaphorically speaking? Or literally? I’m not being funny…

Literally?? I can’t tell if this is like your no more chips Yoda talk or if you’re actually worried I’m going to fall. It’s genius either way. :grin:

I hope I own some. I might have to re-evaluate my music selection. I think I’ll do that. Clean out the Justin Bieber.

JUST kidding. Please.

Can’t wait. :grin:


Trust your instinct on what you think I am saying.

Are we done? If we are done, spend all week 8 looking backward.

If we are not done, spend week 8 looking forward.

No, that really isn’t my thing. I know what it is, but I have not seen any of them.

Doesn’t matter, nobody will see you.




And okay.

So what’s happening on the 26th??


Jan 26 I want you to run a time-trial.

Wake up early, have breakfast 2 hours before your run, 30 grams of quality carbs. Keep an eye on your BG, watch it closely, and then 2 hours after eating, a very short quick run.

Nothing to it.


Just any very short quick run??


I think you know the answer to that.

No. It will be specific.


I did know the answer. Just checking though. :grin: