DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


And if you were my endo, I wouldn’t be putting replacing you at the top of my list. I’m not sure why she wouldn’t just write it. She said she would test again in 6 months (probably 4 months now).


What is really stupid is that you mentioned being tired and needing naps.

Maybe it is fine. But is there really any reason to not test it?


Sending off the big message today to my endo to see if she’ll hook me up with a thyroid test. :grin:

But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to say, @Eric, that I haven’t had a cup of coffee since 8…30. I’m getting on the treadmill in 15 minutes. That’s 2 1/2 hours which I think is double the half-life, which means this is pure will power and determination that will be fueling my steps, so IF that fails, and I should need a nap half way through, we’re going to plan B which is for me to have a coffee before I start. So I’m glad we’re in agreement then and I’ll let you know how it goes.


I just looked at the times that @Eric is suggesting for you @Nickyghaleb! Wow, you’re fast!!


If I’m fast, then that’s just happened now. I was happy with just the one 15 minute mile, but I guess Eric has decided I’m going to do more than that. :smiley:

Thank you, @TiaG. The last time I ran more than a couple of miles here and there was in high school, and I was just above average at the time. I did 4 miles in 32 minutes today, and I wasn’t in a car in traffic. That’s a victory. :smiley:


I’m late to get it down in here, as usual, but it’s not from a lack of excitement to do so… My run went great today, and I was at least 3 hours out of a cup of coffee by the time I got started, so we’re sticking to Plan A for now. :grin:

BG was pretty easy and good all morning with a few sporadic suspends to keep me in line. I was beginning to creep up a little about 20 minutes before I started, but I obviously went going to do any insulin— so I just hustled up on getting ready. Started my run with a banana and a BG of 132… or 131?? Can’t remember exactly. I had a couple of energy beans, which I was complaining about the other day, but now with no coffee, am showing the utmost respect, almost 2 miles in. I’m not sure the exact count, but I think it was about 10g of carbs. When I was still feeling a little unsure of whether or not I was gonna hold at almost 2.5 miles, I decided to have a GU— 22 g of carbs. My CGM line on both G6 AND Libre stayed almost perfectly flat the entire time. I probably should’ve trusted I was okay on the carbs and not had the second one, but I really was afraid that even a little crash was going to make the running 10X harder. Anyway, I finished at a 107, and I did the workout exactly as prescribed. Without the stinkin coffee. So happy. :hugs: My RPE was probably at around 7-7.5 for much of the first 3 miles, but I definitely went up to an 8 or higher with 3/4 mile left. Did it though. When I was done, I did a 1.5 unit IM shot, and then 30 minutes later… sat at a 235. :woman_facepalming: I ended up doing roller coasters the rest of the evening, but that’s okay. I can work on those, too. Oh, cadence was 97-99 the entire run, and I didn’t wear the heart rate monitor, so heart rate was perfect. :grin: That’s all I’ve got— unless I missed something…


Wonderful stuff today!

I strongly suspect that 235 was from your body responding to the work. Exactly what we need to see on this type of run. Be very aggressive on the insulin after these runs, anytime you are over 7.5 RPE from speed.

This was hard work and you got it done. You burned about 200 grams worth of glucose. I hope you ate well today. Tonight you have the potential to be dropping all night, so get yourself a good bedtime snack and adjust basal accordingly.

Perfect stuff. Hope you enjoyed it!


And should I leave on a temp basal overnight?? Tonight I tried a 70% temp, and I think it still wasn’t a big enough cut. It looks like I’m starting to fall now, too.


Just saw you said “adjust basal accordingly” which partly answers my question. I’ll cut it, but what’s “accordingly”?? I don’t want to float tonight either. Is 20% reduction good enough?? Do you think??


Depends on how much you ate after the run and for dinner! How many g’s of carbs did you eat today? Very little of your run today was fat. Probably almost all carb!

If you did not eat enough, you need to make a bigger cut.


Pure luck… I went with 80% until 4:30 am, and I had a solid night without alarms or drama of any kind. I know it was pure luck because it was a yo yo right up until I passed out. Whatever though. I’ll take it. :grin:


Had a very nice run today. I went out for it because the weather was too nice to be ignored. Ran 4.57 miles in 40 minutes at an RPE of about 5.5-6. Maybe 6.5 at times. I know you said 4 on easy runs, but it just wasn’t easy. It was nice and not easy. My legs were tired from yesterday, and my hips… were a little tight. There was even a little intermittent pinching on my right in some of those old areas. It didn’t bother me much, but I was aware. I kept my cadence up and tried focusing, but I was a little beat. I’ll tell you, being on the treadmill as much as I am is also spoiling me. Those hills out there, when you’ve been away, are mountains.

BG was a little high. I ate my banana at the start again but forgot to keep it for when I was near the street. So I ate it and then walked half a mile, and I was at a 178 on my G6— which may have been even higher in reality. The first 2 miles showed me rising above a 200 (220), and then I was falling by just over 3. I returned at a ~70. (You know that squiggly line is just an approximation, right, @Eric?) :smiley:

No carbs during the run and then all was well for most of the afternoon— better than after yesterday’s run— though I did have a pretty big crash. Have mostly had it on lockdown since.

What else?


This is a step in the right direction. This was better than last Tuesday’s RPE of 7.

Good stuff.

Rest Wednesday. Work hard on Thursday.


Okay. It has been a good day. My numbers are all behaving today, and that’s a lovely thing.

My run:

Nailed it. :smiley: Did it all as prescribed, and it felt great. RPE probably around 6-6.5 for the first mile, 7 for the 3/4, 7.5-8 for the 1/2, and hard 8 for the 1/4 mile. But not a bad hard 8… it was a great 8, but I was just working.

So here’s the story…
I was ready to start at a 113. I did do an hour of ZB prior since we talked about maybe trying to own the pre-run rather than going in a little in the dark (with suspends and whatnot). So I did my hour, BG looked great, all ready to go, got on the treadmill, started it up, then looked at the workout. I realized I was supposed to put up my numbers/markers on the treadmill this time so I wouldn’t have to do the math while running. By the time I came back with it, my BG was a 178. So that was too bad because it did look, according to Libre and Dex, like my BG rose to about a 200 (maybe higher) before plateauing and then slowly dropping. The good news is that I never needed any carbs at any point, and that was GREAT because I think I saw that cortisol spike you drone on and on about there at the end. :wink: In all seriousness, I dropped from a 200ish to about a 150 at about 3.5 miles in, but since you told me to be careful with the late run carbs, I decided to try to make it to the end without anything. Within minutes, I was back at a 175 and then on my way back up to a 220 right as I was finishing. I did a 2.5 unit IM for it with the thinking that I wanted something more immediate than a sleepy pump dose. That held really well, and now almost 2 hours later, I’m at 95 with a gentle sway. :smiley:

My hips have been the tiniest bit tight for the last couple of days, so I was nervous that they weren’t going to feel right during the run, but they were solid. Cadence was great, too.

Great, great, great. Can’t get much more annoying than that. :smiley:

Did I miss anything?


Great stuff. :star:

Good to see what your RPE’s were for each segment.

Can’t tell on the spike. Could have been just from the long ZB before. We need to see it at some point where it is unmistakable.

But today looks perfect. Happy to see this. Keep working it!


Oh, and I meant to include that I didn’t have any coffee within 2 hours of starting— now I did have it 2 hours and one minute before starting, but that was through no fault of my own, and my recoveries today felt frickin perfect. This has never been the case for me. Recoveries have always felt like just prolonging death for another couple of minutes, but today they felt like what you would hope a true recovery to feel like. I would be tired for maybe the first 10 seconds, and by the end, I’d be ready to go. They were pleasant. I’ve never had a run that has required recoveries where the recoveries have felt pleasant.

I did just have a jumbo coffee to make up for my missed coffee today and feel like I could talk about recovery forever, but really, I know when I’ve said enough. :grin:


One of the cool tricks is that we will gradually increase your recovery speed so that you get accustomed to recovering at a higher pace. Imagine how easy your recoveries felt today, and imagine getting that to 9:30, then 9:00, then 8:30, etc.

Also, on Saturday you are running at recovery pace. So the Saturday run will feel the same way - easy!


I’m almost starting to believe the things you say. Very close…


Just wait until after the Saturday run. Remember how Monday and Thursday felt. Remember how you felt tired on Tuesday. And then see how you feel after Saturday and look at my comment for the Saturday run.


Didn’t report on yesterday’s run… and it’s already a faded memory. From what I can remember, it was easy going. I think I started around a 140, which was too high, but I didn’t take carbs during, and I finished at maybe a 120. I went 2.5 miles at an RPE of 4 max. I think it may have actually been a 1.5. :thinking:

I’m coming back to tell you about today’s run. It was a beauty.