DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Yes silly.

That’s so your body can learn to run on tired legs. Anyone can run fast on fresh legs. Big deal. At then end of the race, everyone’s legs will be tired. But Nicky’s legs will know how to deal with it. And Nicky’s heart and mind and soul will too.

That’s great. More fuel for your body to use. You should not be running an hour without taking in some carbs. I am glad you had some. Nothing wrong with doing that.

What type of gels were you using? GU?

If so, try the Huma Gels. They might be easier on your digestion when you are running because they use both fructose and glucose, instead of only glucose like the GU brand.

Was the total about 6.6 miles?

Don’t worry, next week will be different. This was great stuff today! Very happy for you.

Did you eat well tonight? Consider a basal cut tonight.

I think you know better than that by now. :wink:


Awwwww… that’s really nice. I appreciate you looking out for my heart and mind and soul. :relaxed:

Need to put this at the top of my To Do list. I was about to order a bunch of the Transcend and GU stuff, but I’ll get some Huma Gels, too. Yeah, it was kind of like eating a bunch of dental fluoride throughout the entire run.

Yes and so very proud. This was one to be proud of.

I did eat well, and I did do a basal cut, and my Basal IQ cut it even further. Much further. But I’ve had a great night for numbers. I also meant to mention that I did a 3 unit pump bolus as soon as I got off the treadmill… and then another 3 by IM. A couple of weeks ago I did a couple of units right after a run, and it ended up being a disaster. I was worried I was about to do the same thing, but I felt like I needed that much… so I did it, and it turned out to be perfect.

I do. Just looking for your rationale… and liked it a lot more than what I was expecting. :smiley:


I need to talk to you about coffee. At some point you are going to need to stop doing that before the significant runs. There are a lot of reasons why it would be good to avoid that.

Easy days, fine. 4 hours before a hard workout, fine. After a hard workout, fine. 10 minutes before a hard run…not so fine.

You want to make it easier on your heart. When your heart beats faster, it is working harder. Lots of things can affect how hard your heart works. Being dehydrated will make your heart work harder. Hot temperatures will make your heart work harder. Lack of sleep will affect it. Being tired will affect it.

Raising your heart rate with caffeine before a run is not helping it. You are adding beats and adding effort.

As an example, someone might be able to run for 2 hours with a heart rate of 140. But they could only run 1 hour at a heart rate of 160. Increasing their heart rate outside of their physical running effort pushes them closer to their limit without them getting more distance or speed. That is the opposite of what you want to accomplish.

There are times when caffeine can be helpful in running. In a very long run, caffeine can help your body use more fatty acids for fuel, and help you spare glycogen. That is a good thing. Caffeine has also been shown to delay fatigue during exercise by blocking adenosine receptors on fat cells. It can reduce an athlete’s perception of effort. It can help block pain receptors so you do not feel as fatigued. All of these can be useful in training and racing.

But right now, your heart rate is a limiting factor on some of these workouts. And you are not able to get consistent and known fueling from the BG spikes you get from coffee. It is too sporadic. So until we get there, please try to cut back on it in the hours right before the significant runs.


Here is the next week. Enjoy!

Week 7:

Monday, 1/7
Tempo run

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace
4 miles @ 8:00 pace (7.5 mph)
1/2 mile cooldown @ 9:00-10:00 pace

Tuesday, 1/8
40 minute Easy Run

9:30-10:000 pace
(note the difference in pace for this one from last week…)

Wednesday, 1/9
Rest day, stretch and core only

Thursday, 1/10

Watch the mile marks carefully. It might be easier to write them all down and put it on your treadmill, because thinking at the end of these might be tough.

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

  • 1 mile @ 7:41 pace (7.8 mph)
  • 1/2 mile (0.50 mile) recovery @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)
  • 3/4 mile (0.75 mile) @ 7:30 pace (8.0 mph)
  • 3/8 mile (0.375 mile) recovery @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)
  • 1/2 mile (0.50 mile) @ 7:19 pace (8.2 mph)
  • 1/4 mile (0.25 mile) recovery @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)
  • 1/4 mile (0.25 mile) @ 7:08 pace (8.4 mph)
  • 1/4 mile (0.25 mile) recovery @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)

1/2 mile cooldown @ 9:00-10:00 pace

(total ~ 4.875 miles)

Friday, 1/11
25 minute Recovery Run
10:00 pace

Saturday, 1/12
75 minute LSD

  • 75 minutes @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)

Stay on that pace, do not go faster.

When you are finished with this one, you will realize two things. 1) you ran 7.5 miles, and 2) your 7.5 mile run was the easiest run you had all week. Enjoy those two thoughts!

Sunday, 1/13
Rest day, stretch and core only


What did I do to get us back in this?? I thought we were kind of in a happy place with this… where it was okay for me to have a coffee no less than an hour before a run. I have, with almost 90% accuracy, stuck to that. And I’ve even told you about the two times I didn’t, and those were before we got back on track…

Found what I did to get us back on this… but you did see that it was only for the last 10 minutes?

Working on that.

I remember that… kind of working on that— or at least respecting that.

Well, that’s trouble.

So… not getting enough sleep can cause heart rate blues, but then so can my coffee fix that I fall back on for runs because I’m going through my day too tired? Holy conundrum, Batman! :woman_facepalming:

But did we ever establish this? We talked about it, and it’s probably true, but before we get crazy here… :thinking:

Okay. :neutral_face:

Okay. :roll_eyes:

And I hope this is the thing you wanted me not to be in a bad mood when I read it and that there’s not something worse coming—- this was the big one, right? :crossed_fingers:

I was— pardon the language— pissed about the chips… just for that couple of days… but I haven’t eaten them since. I’m not happy about the coffee reduction either. Maybe there will be a happy ending for this, too. Or it might just end up grudge material. :grin:


Not gonna lie. This one was my favorite of your 2 posts tonight. :grin:


You got through the chip thing. I am not asking you to give up coffee. Just don’t drink it right before a run.

I thought you posted something about having coffee right before a run just recently. That is why I am bringing it up.

Here it is. From 3 days ago. :arrow_down:

All of this is prep. I want you to race without coffee.

I don’t have anything worse. This is it.


No, but you might as well be. I’m crying. Just so you know.

I think I did. And maybe I do have some regrets in life.


What about the coffee gels? Or speed? :smiley: Seriously, the coffee gels aren’t like drinking coffee, but what if I just only… dang.


I’m fine.


How does adrenaline feel to you? You won’t miss the coffee on race day, I promise. You won’t miss it, you won’t need it.


But how will I ever be ready for race day if I can only run 2 minutes at a time before needing a nap?


There are 3 things I want you to start working on this week. Do you know what they are?


I’m afraid to ask. :smiley:


3 things.

  1. Sleep more.

  2. Log your diet a little bit to see where you are in terms of total calories, and percentage of carbs, fat, and protein. Just to make sure you are in the right ballpark.

  3. And the last is…

You tell me the last one, to see if you are listening.


Try to not drink coffee a couple of hours before a big run… or …

I’m listening. I’m just not remembering. :smiley: This is a lot of pressure here…


It starts with the letter “T”.

And no, it is not [INAPPROPRIATE]!!!



:rofl: :rofl:


Speechless. I was going with something training-related, but I’m glad you clarified. :smiley:


Thyroid, my Princess!



Never been so nervous waiting on a word. :smiley:

Thyroid… that’s right. Now it’s all coming back. Okay— the problem is that brings me back to my current endo who told me not to worry about it… which brings me back to our talk about finding a new endo… which brings me back to my To Do list… which makes me feel like i need a coffee. :smiley:

I was about to email my endo tomorrow anyway to ask for stuff. I’ll mention it to her and see if she’ll just send it to the lab for me. If she won’t, I’ll rearrange my list and put “find new endo” at the top. And get to someone who will give me the test.


I am gonna start cussing about this. Whisky Tango Foxtrot.

If your endo won’t simply write it up for you to be tested, you have the wrong endo.

Why in the world would there be anything to argue or debate? It is simply a blood test. No reason for you to not have it checked.

I mean, you are not asking for anything crazy.