DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


That’s that brainwashing I was suspicious of… you’ve just confirmed it. :thinking:


Okay, @Eric, back on track this week, right?? You ready? :smiley:

This last week was patchwork between my being sick and the holidays, and then yesterday I missed after being out all day with my kids, but I got in a really nice run today. Since I missed a beee-utiful day last week when I was sick, I decided to go outside today and get some of what was being offered. It was cold but lovely, and I’m glad I did. I ended up going 39 minutes (you said 30, but I didn’t hear my timer), 4.65 miles (felt great), and I started at an 85 and ended at a 70. My heart rate was even good… better than I left off the last time anyway. Even on the longest hills, I topped off at a 182. You once mentioned the heat as a factor… certainly would explain such a good number today.

I haven’t done any Levemir since 5 am, so I’m about to go give myself a healthy bolus… to carry me until my basal kicks in… from my … new pump. :star_struck:

Assuming I don’t drop dead tomorrow, what a great way to finish out 2018. (Knock on wood knock on wood). :smiley:


Yes, I am ready. But a few things first…

How are you doing on stretching and the core work you are supposed to be doing? Still doing core at least 5x per week and stretching every day?

How about some estimates on your food intake? Have you done that yet? Carbs, protein, fat, and total calories? Just some general ballpark numbers on all of that. Just look at typical days, what is “normal”.

Pump plans? Starting this week?

I am working on getting a good doctor recommendation to read your MRI for you. Hopefully I will hear back soon.


This last week has been a little soft, but I’ll go do it now. There’s no reason to not do it.

So… this week has also been a little holiday-ish and wouldn’t necessarily be … I’ll start now. No reason not to. :grin:

Done. As in… already taken care of. Got that puppy sitting on my left hip. :grin:

You’re a doll. :wink:

What else? :grin:


What else? Week 6.

Give me RPE and all the insulin/BG/carb numbers every day. Focus best effort for BG on the significant days - Mon/Thurs/Sat.

Week 6:

Monday, 12/31
LT Training

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

3 Repeats:

  • 1 mile @ 7:41 pace (7.8 mph)
  • 1/2 mile @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)

(The last rep at 6.0 mph also works as your cooldown. Total today = 5 miles, counting warmup)

Focus on good flat BG for the start of this run. Do not overdose the carbs on this one. Hold good form on the mile repeats, do not push through the last one with poor form.

Tuesday, 1/1
Happy New Year!

40-45 minute Easy Run
8:30-9:30 pace

Wednesday, 1/2
Rest day, stretch and core only

Thursday, 1/3
Pace Intervals

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

4 Repeats:

  • 4 minutes @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)
  • 3 minutes @ 8:00 pace (7.5 mph)
  • 2 minutes @ 7:30 pace (8.0 mph)
  • 1 minutes @ 7:13 pace (8.3 mph)

1/2 mile cooldown @ 9:00-10:00 pace

(total ~ 5.72 miles)

Focus on good flat BG for the start, and do not overdose the carbs. Hold good form, and keep high cadence please.

Friday, 1/4
25 minute Recovery Run
10:00 pace

Saturday, 1/5
60 minute Progressive Pace Long Run

  • 20 minutes @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)
  • 20 minutes @ 9:13 pace (6.5 mph)
  • 20 minutes @ 8:00 pace (7.5 mph)

(total ~ 6.6 miles)

Stick with the pacing. Go easy on the first 40 minutes so you can outperform on the last segment.

Sunday, 1/6
Rest day, stretch and core only



It doesn’t look easy, but it looks great. :heart:


Got it. I was afraid it wasn’t going to happen tonight, but I got it.

1/2 mile warm up at 6.5 :heavy_check_mark:
3 sets of 1 mile @7.8 then 1/2 mile @ 6.0 :heavy_check_mark:
1/2 mile cool down :heavy_check_mark:

Not great on the flat BG for start of the run. It looked kinda like :part_alternation_mark: or :wavy_dash: and not like :heavy_minus_sign: or :curly_loop:.

Sorry. I know you do not think this is funny. :rofl:

Anyway, I was riding the roller coaster trying to get it right before the run, but that was because we’ve been running around all day. I managed to start at 138 and end at 99 though with only one GU thing and 4 “energy beans” which are, I believe, just over-priced jellybeans. RPE was about 7.5-8 throughout most of it. I’m telling you it is HARD for me to just hold a steady pace. It takes a certain kind of mental energy that I don’t need when I’m changing it up. I did hold good form all the way through, hip felt great, and I held a cadence of 200. That was those energy beans. :smiley:

I’m off to pretend like I’m up for a party before sneaking off to bed at 11. :smiley: Happy New Year to any FUD family still hanging around here tonight. :heart:


Part of your training is just pushing back the boundaries of your mind.

Enjoy your easy Tuesday.

Great job today!

Consider a basal cut tonight.


I was hoping you’d pass through. :hugs:

Thank you for such a great couple of months in 2018, and I wish you the very best in the coming year. :heart:


Thanks. You too!


I’m not good for a serious and thorough report of my run today. I’m running on fumes. But I’d still like to get it in before falling asleep…

I 40 minutes. 4.72 miles. RPE like 7… I was working today even though I think I remembered you filing today under “easy”. Ummmm… started a little high, too—- 188. I forgot to cut back my basal— forgot I could cut back my basal— and ended up overcompensating before heading out. Had a few “energy beans” almost 2 miles in out of concern I was going to crash and burn, but my Libre’s report of a steady climb from that 163 makes me think I may have done that without good cause. That and my ending BG of 216. :woman_facepalming:

Overkill. It was my son’s birthday today though, and if I were the excuse-making kind, I might throw out the difficulty in needing to take the opportunity when it arises rather than being able to take the run when planned. In reality, that’s also the essence of life with diabetes, and I’m learning.

You know what I don’t worry about getting right? My rest day. :grin:


Yes, today is supposed to be easy. Note the pace range I gave you:

If an easy day feels like a 7, you need to slow it down bigtime. Easy days should feel like a 4. You ran this on the fastest end of the pace range. Next time slow it down, okay?

The important thing is that you got it done. It doesn’t have to always be pretty. You do the work every day. That is what matters. No single run is vitally important by itself. Rather it is the collection of runs that are important. You got it done today, despite challenges. And that’s all that matters.

All good stuff!


Needed that today. Thank you. :heart:


Good. :grinning:

You don’t need to always hit the top of the paces, okay? There is a range for a reason. Go by feel on these. Easy days are about an RPE of 4. Easy days are supposed to be easy, so that hard days can be hard.


That makes perfect sense. I’m gonna go try to explain that, using those exact words, to my flawed personality. :woman_facepalming:

New year. Maybe she’ll be more receptive. :thinking:


:heavy_check_mark: Did the workout just as written except I ended with 5.8 miles. Not quite sure how. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. I was a little confused my meter and Dexcom/Libre readings today, so I’m not sure what it all meant. I planned on running early this morning but wasn’t feeling quite well enough. I had to cancel the temp basal, do some insulin, and sleep. When I woke up, I set a 50% temp for about 30 minutes which was really just the amount of time I needed to get ready to run. I needed coffee to see straight, so I did have that, but my BG was still looking good. Just before starting, my Libre and Dexcom showed matching scores of 158 with an upward arrow. When I did my finger stick, it was a 133. I checked all 3 of them a few times before starting, and nothing budged. As soon as I started my run, both the Libre and Dexcom proceeded to head up to almost a 190, but I have no idea if that was real, or if were more like a 175. Either way, I finished at 126, and my RPE was about 7 for the majority of the run with small widows of 7.5-8. Cadence was great— between 94 and 99, and I needed one GU, 2 glucose tablets, and one Transcend gel to get me through. As soon as I got off the treadmill though, I was starting to climb, so I bolused, then crashed, then overcorrected, and was right back on the next rollercoaster. :roll_eyes:

Going to bed. :+1:


Did my 25 minute run today that actually felt easy. I’ll call it an RPE if 4 but am not even sure I worked that hard. My BG was okay— not great. I started at a 143 and ended at a 78. However, I didn’t have any carbs at the start or during. I was not feeling great again today so I dropped the kids off at school and ended up getting back in bed. When I woke up, I had just enough time to do the run so there was no cutting the basal before it. I started my sensor on my pump the other day— not even realizing what I was doing— and was tossed into Basal-IQ. I thought I had turned it off. Since it came on by itself, I’ve been a little intrigued and haven’t turned it off yet, but I’m trying to work with (and understand) the suspends. My point is that I had had about 40 minutes of a suspend about 30 minutes before starting my run, so I was trying to see if I could use it. And almost kind of did. Both my Dexcom and Libre showed me very high numbers again today, at 185 and 193 respectively, even though I tested at a 143. Second day in a row. Trying to understand that, too.

Anyway. 2.5 miles. Hips were kind of tight to start with but loosened by about a mile in.

I have questions about my post-run basal rates. I know I need to turn back off the Basal-IQ so I can be the only one in charge while I learn how to handle it, but I’m also looking for some general tips on when I should cut basal a little, when I shouldn’t, when I should bolus, and when I shouldn’t. Just general stuff to use for some little experiments. Last night, I think I could’ve used a decrease. Two long suspends, 6 Welch’s Fruit Snacks, and an applesauce, and I woke at an 86.


Stretch them out today please!

I think the best thing to do after a run is eat carbs and protein. Protein helps your muscle tissues repair. And carbs to help you avoid needing stuff all night long. Your body will get if from you one way or the other.

So taking carbs right after means you are being proactive and doing it on your own terms.

So after a run, take insulin and eat carbs and protein right away.

For significant runs, like the long stuff or the ones where your RPE is 7 or more for a long time, cut your basal a few hours after, and do it for several hours.

The length of basal cut and the amount of basal cut depends on the LOE.

Have you heard me mention that I generally do not use CGM for runs?

There ya go.

There is a better way. Give me a few weeks.

BTW, there is something I need you to do… Do you remember what it is?


It is… to sleep? :grin: I remember that one. To figure out nutrition stuff? To stretch out my hips today… I remember that. :grin:

Yes, you have. I absolutely understand why not.

Okay, and I’ll try to get organized out a post-run routine for the carbs and insulin and whatnot. You had me doing it before I got hurt, and I was getting control over those numbers. I’ll get these.

Long run tomorrow, I think. Must sleep and mentally prepare. :neutral_face:


Had a great run today, but it’s definitely going to leave a mark on my excitement over Saturday runs. Just out of curiosity, do you realize you keep putting the hardest part of the run at the end?? I’m sure you do, but I just wanted to call it to your attention in case it were a mistake. :thinking:

My BG was great, but it did require quite a bit of GU stuff. 3 gel packs to be exact. Basal IQ had me in and out of suspends all morning, so I wasn’t exactly sure how many carbs I would need at start. My BG was a 112, so I decided on a banana, knowing it was a long run. About a mile and a half in, I had my first GU. I had another almost immediately and another with 15 minutes left in the run. And a small handful of expensive jellybeans. Even though my BG dropped (according to sensor so MAYBE dropped) to a 60 and stayed down the entire run, I did start feeling a little strength return just in time to start the last 20 minute segment. There was a five minute window there that I felt great, but then I started feeling queasy from all the sugar. That was a lot of sticky sweet stuff for an exercise session, and it finally caught up to me in the end. I did it though, and it mostly felt great. I don’t mean to make it sound like most of my run didn’t feel great because I think that’s how it all reads. Most felt great, some felt hard, and some felt queasy and hard… I’ll take that.

RPE was about 4-5 for the first 20 minutes, about 6 for the second, and around 8 for the last part. The last part was tough— I’m not gonna lie, but if I had been worried about whether or not I could do a 60 minute run before today, I’m not gonna worry about it now.

What else? Cadence was great— about 94-98, and heart rate topped off at 185. I only hit that in the last 10 minutes.

That’s all. Unless I missed something…