DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Lots of endos in your state. Let me know when you have tried them all.

Just ask up front. When you go in, “I want a TSH and T4 to check my thyroid level…”

Do the iFit thing. Then it is just a matter of downloading the run that I have programmed for you each day. Very easy.

Thursday will be fun, I promise!


It was. :smiley:

It was also very interesting and full of mystery and a whole bunch of numbers that continue to be unclear. The run though… that was excellent.

Starting BG: 138. Ending BG: 140. That part looks like there’s no mystery at all, but there is, according to my Libre. My Libre showed me starting at a 160 and then, all of a sudden, spiking 3 miles in. It showed me at a 214. When I got off the treadmill and tested, it was still at a 196, and I expected to see a BG of maybe 185 or so (thinking that would be that… muscle… glygocen-o-whatever that you mentioned). My finger stick, however, was 140. My Libre seems to be really good about tracking the rise and fall, but I honestly don’t know if it ever even happened. So that’s the mystery.

I was impressed with the workout only because I thought you had made a mistake— and meant 1/4 mile @ 8.0. I didn’t think your stuff was going to add up. Anyway, I figured I would do half of it, and if it looked like it was going to be really short in distance, I’d make up for it. It was 4.5 miles almost on the nose. Impressive :sunglasses:. So I did it as you gave it. I did a half mile warm up, repeated 1 min @ 7.5, 1 min @ 8.0, and 1 min @ 8.3 five times, and then did a half mile cool down. RPE was maybe 6-7 for the first 3 sets and then 7 for the last 2. This workout actually felt much easier than Tuesday’s because of how it was broken up. My brain hates monotony, and one mile at the exact same pace is torturous. Today was fun. :smiley:

Now about my nighttime basal… do I need to adjust anything?? I did 7 instead of 8 for my afternoon dose and did 17 instead of 19 this morning. I did stay a little higher all morning as a result, but it wasn’t problematic.


Almost like I calculated it before I gave it to you. :grinning:

Let’s say you cut back for only 24 hours after your glycogen depleting hard workouts. So that would have been Tuesday to Wednesday evening. That looks like it fits better.

Today was not too terribly depleting. You can cut back a little basal tonight. Eat a dinner with some substance to it and you won’t have the same problem you did Tuesday night.

Keep in mind, today was only about 15 total minutes of hard running. So it is not even close to what you did on Tuesday as far as changing your insulin needs.

Great job today!


You gave me intervals in minutes with mileage as a total. Because of the frequent mistakes you are known for making, I assumed it was a type-o. The good news is I wasn’t going to last long doing what I thought you meant. :grin:

And I thought it felt easier because I was just that tough. But, no, it seems it felt that much easier because it was “not even close” to Tuesday. :woman_facepalming: What’s happening next Tuesday?? Just out of curiosity??


Do you know who my favorite mistake is?

Still a tough run. But what I am saying is that in terms of burning up all your muscle glycogen, this one was not close in terms of insulin needs. It was two very different workouts - speed versus lactate threshold. Both are hard but the Tuesday one just changes your insulin needs more than this one.

Tuesday is an easy recovery day.

Remember, next week you start working on Mondays and Thursdays.


I forgot about your last comment… about your favorite mistake. Just saw that. :smiley: That’s okay. I’ll still take it. I’m willing to be your mistake as long as I’m your favorite. :smiley:

I’ve been sick since last week, but today was much better, AND today was Christmas, so I put on my new running pants, grabbed my new GU gel things, and jumped on the treadmill. It was a casual run, so I won’t bother with details, but I’ll say I went for 5 miles, nice and slowly, and did pretty well with my BG. I even, having just synced the HR monitor the other day, wore my Garmin for the first time today and got a look at my heart rate. (Thank you, @Michel, for the reminder). It also looked pretty good. I’m not sure if I still need to take it easy tomorrow, but I’ll wait to hear back before I head over for a run. I think tomorrow is a hard day… :smiley: I actually don’t know what day of the week it is, so I’ll definitely wait to hear back. :smiley:

Hope this Christmas was a good one and that you enjoyed your goose. :smiley:


I was just kidding. Glad to know ya. Definitely no mistake.

I want the remainder of the week to be easy base miles and rest days. We can’t go into any hard workouts until you are completely recovered.

So take Wednesday as a compete rest day.

On Thursday just do 30-45 minutes at an easy 9:00-10:00 pace. Nothing more than that.

Friday should be a 25 minutes recovery run, no faster than 9:00 pace.

On Saturday do 60 minutes at 9:00-10:00 pace.

We will get back to work next week after you have had a few days to recover. I promise it will be worth the wait.

Thanks, I hope you had a good one too!


Thought today was Thursday. :grin:


Pay attention, woman! :wink:


Well, that’s the problem. I thought it was the 27th. :smiley: Anyway, I got a run out of it, so it all turned out okay. :wink:

I won’t go into too much detail since it was a bonus run anyway, but I’ll say I did a nice, relaxed 4 miles, and that my BG was also very relaxed. :smiley: I’ve got my heart rate monitor on now, and my heart rate was also pretty relaxed… my hip was relaxed, my mood… relaxed… What more can a girl want? :smiley:

Off to read my manual. For real this time. :smiley:


Take Thursday off.

There is no cheating allowed. That includes running when you are not supposed to run.


Your use of cheating makes me think you doubt that it was an honest mistake. :smiley:

Anyway. That’s fine. I’ll enjoy a dance. :smiley:


That’s fine. I just want to make sure you are not getting back into it too quickly. Just pulling the reins back a bit.

I know right where you are now. And don’t worry, you will be exactly where I want you next week. :wink:


All right then. I promise not to think tomorrow is Friday or Saturday. :wink:

I like the idea of you knowing me well, but then there is the problem of you knowing me well. :grin:


So @Nickyghaleb, is your hip doing better bc of posture changes or exercises or am I doing a terrible job at reading (which is generally the case)?


I can make for a tough read. Don’t be so quick to blame yourself. :grin:

I’m not sure, to be honest. I think the postural change and increased cadence is huge. When I start to get tired, I start to lumber more, and I guess it’s more than just an eye sore when I do. :grin: I went for a gait analysis, and he showed me where I was taking the impact of each foot plant, and it was mostly all in my hips. It’s a conscious effort every run to get myself situated right, but it almost immediately alleviates any discomfort I might be feeling. Rarely is there just one cause to things, so I’m sure the exercises are also contributing, but it’s that instant relief that makes me lean toward gait as the main cause. I’m feeling really good, really strong, and… really hopeful. I’m most nervous about that last part as I kind of know better, but it’s not an easily controlled emotion. :thinking:


Interesting! I’m really excited for your physical accomplishments, but more importantly for your improved confidence, happiness and boldness!!


How sweet of you—thank you! And I think you just gave me something to shoot for in 2019. I don’t do resolutions because I spend more time thinking them up than seeing them through, but a few overarching themes are nothing from which to shy away. Especially that bold one… I like the idea of being bold in 2019. I can see a lot of good in that. :heart:


Ran … can’t remwmeber now what I was supposed to run… but I ran 3 miles today. Started at 78 and ended at 73. Had 3 GU thingies during the run. :grin:

Looking forward to next week when you push me a little??


3 miles, starting at 78, and you think you aren’t being pushed. PLEEEEEAAAAASE…