DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


My run today was great. I had a million things I wanted to write about while I was in the middle of it and even afterwards, and now I can’t remember what all they were. But I believe in the power of talk and have a feeling it’ll come to me once I start. :grin:

I know what I wanted to say first— my overnight basals. I realized this has been the second morning of near solid suspends leading into the time I woke up. This was also the second heavy sleep I was in around that time, which means I wasn’t hitting back with glucose tabs…which is what I usually do… which MEANS I think it’s time for a small basal reduction— maybe around 3 am. Tonight probably wouldn’t be the best night to try to confirm anything because of the run today, but I think I’ve got enough to go on, and I’d love a little less suspending and a little more easy coasting when I get up. I started with this because today was the second day that I woke up with that awkward mix of too much suspend behind me, not enough caffeine in me, and the desire to have no insulin on board… and no flexibility in schedule. But I did what I needed and got it to work and started my run at a 74.

And now it’s all coming back. :grin: So a 74 but with no insulin on board, and I had managed to get about 40 minutes of zero basal. I had a banana just before turning on the machine and started right away. I knew my numbers were good (which is what kept concern at bay), but I also felt just a little wobbly on the first mile. Wobbly but not bad. Because of all of that stuff on Saturday’s run, I knew I was okay… and honestly felt pretty good, but it was that twilight phase… I was maybe a quarter of a mile in when I decided I would add some more carbs. I didn’t think I was going to see a horrendous spike from it (or hoped not) and realized to err on the other side would mean dropping low and just feeling tired on a tough run. I had 20 grams of carbs more, and by 3/4 of a mile in, my head began to clear— and then my legs… and you know how it goes. First mile RPE was maybe a 6. It was easy enough that I began writing this post in my head. :grin: Recovery was just right. And then it was onto the next mile.

Second mile was an RPE of maybe 6 for the majority with a little more difficulty in the end— a 6.5?? Still writing my post in the head, I was trying to figure out how to tell you the workout may have been too easy… but that’s a rookie move, complaining of the intensity of a workout before it’s over. :grin: My blood sugar (according to Dexcom and Libre) was 86. They agreed. I know they both could’ve been wrong, but I felt comfortable that I probably wasn’t a 200. I also felt comfortable that I didn’t need any more carbs. Recovery was relaxing and pleasant and invigorating. :dancer:t2:

Third mile started at about an RPE of 7 but was at a 7.5 by the end of the first quarter. It was still good. I felt strong and capable… and stable… and knew I would just have to get it done. I like distractions while I run, and I try to alternate them to help me pass the time, but sometimes I get to a point I just need my brain to dig in. It’s what I had to do for the last couple of minutes… and finished at about an RPE of a high 8. So it was great, but I was already revising my bit about how it was too easy. :grin:

As I started my cooldown, both Libre and Dexcom were showing a little elevation. I didn’t want to overdo it, but I highly dislike those highs (and roller coasters) after exercise. I took out my pump and gave myself a unit and a half— and hoped it would get moving right away since I still had a half mile left. When I got off the treadmill, my BG fingerstick was a 94. :hugs: And I’ve been gelling since. About an hour after I had finished, I put myself at a 75% temp basal— again, because I would really like to avoid the roller coaster. I’m hoping that by softening the delivery a little, I might be able to avoid a sharp crash and consequent rebound. I’ve been sitting happy between a 75 and 120 since.

Dang. I’m in a good mood. :grin:


Sounds wonderful!

Tell me what nutrition you are taking after you finish. I hope you are eating something afterward!

Yes, you need to reduce your basal in the evening, like you mentioned. Definitely do that.

Taking insulin while running and before you have finished - that’s l33t. :wink:

Good stuff today.

Tell me about the food stuff. Before is just a banana? And what about afterward?


Correction: high 7. Sorry.

I have not forgotten about the nutrition stuff you wanted me to do. I just haven’t done it. :grin: I think about it all day long…Anyway before the run I had a breakfast of eggs and coffee and then had a banana just before starting. After the run I had another banana about 30 minutes after finishing, a salad for lunch, a non-dairy yogurt (19g of carbs), an applesauce for a snack and another banana a couple of hours later. And a piece of cheese. I’m having a little chicken soup for dinner… and maybe some cheese and pickles for snack. :grin: Don’t judge.



You winked… but I have no idea what that means. Should I know??


And thank you. :hugs:


It means you are among the best now.

y0u 4r3 4n 3l173


`/0() 4|23 4|\| 3|!73


Is this grown up code, or did you lift this from your children?? I just spent 8 minutes of my life trying to figure out what that was. :grin:

So how am I doing on the nutrition?? Or were you expecting numbers rather than a food story,? :grin:


I would love to get the number of carb grams before and after your runs, and the number of grams of carbs, fat, and protein and total calories for your typical days.

Numbers would help a lot!

You are doing great on your runs, BTW.


Thank you. :blush:

Okay. I will TRY to figure it out now.


Does that say, “You are on fire” or am I having an emergency of some sort? Or “You are an elite”


Well done, Allison
\/\/3|| |)0|\|3, 4||!50|\|



I could only get calculators to say inappropriate things back in the day. This is much more advanced. It’s Eric’d.


Okay, @Eric, this is what I came up with… How’s it looking??


Can you do this for a few days? That would help us know better. Just try to pick a few “typical” days.


I can. Like 3 days??


Sure, that’s fine.

Is the one above just part of you day? Not the whole day, right?

What app is that?

Not sure I am following their recommendation on saturated vs unsaturated fats. Or maybe I’m just not understand how they are showing it.


This is close to the whole day. This whole day. Sometimes I triple that. :grin:

The app is MyFitnessPal, and I have no idea how it works. I just put in the info… as much as I have. That might be why you can’t figure out how the days stuff is working— I keep leaving it blank. :grin:


Why does it look like they only want you to have saturated fat?


I didn’t even notice that. I was too busy making up numbers. :grin:


Don’t lie to me. I am not your endo.

Seriously, we need good numbers here. Otherwise there is no point to it.