DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


@Nickyghaleb I am not running yet! I was running and actually enjoying it. Then the stupid foot surgery, a infection in the wound, the ER visit, then C.diff. Finally got the stitches out but it hadn’t closed because of an intolerance to the suture material. Solved those things, ended up with athlete’s foot and thrush. Heading to Stanford this week for a colonoscopy and endoscopy to see what is going on in my guts since I was so sick prior to the foot surgery and C.diff.

But I am on the mend! And I just started PT this week to get back to running. Presently I’m doing lunges and leaping about doing lunges. Apparently running is actually jumping, according to my physical therapist. I thought of you when he said this, since, clearly, you have known this all along. So hopefully in two weeks I’ll be cleared for running. But first, jumping. :smile:


Week 3:

Monday, 12/10
40-45 minute Easy Run
8:30-9:30 pace

Tuesday, 12/11
1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace
30-40 minute Tempo @ 8:00-8:30 pace

Wednesday, 12/12
Rest day, stretch and core only

Thursday, 12/13
1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

3 repeats:

  • 3/4 @ 8:30-9:00 pace
  • 1/4 @ 7:30 pace

1/2 mile cooldown @ 9:00-10:00 pace

(total = 4 miles)

Friday, 12/14
25 minute Recovery Run
10:00 pace

Saturday, 12/15
60 minute Long Run
9:00-10:00 pace

Sunday, 12/16
Rest day, stretch and core only


Yes, but was this created with love?? Because … just not feeling that part.

And you did see my thing about 6 and something miles the other day. Still waiting for that feedback. A gold star will work if you’ve got one. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No, this one was not created with love.

I can try to redo it, and have more love in it next time.

The run was great! Gold star for that! :star:

The BG is what we need to work on a bit, but that’s okay. The run was very helpful for you, and a big accomplishment to get to 6 miles.

Sorry, doing my best with the love. Give me some time. :frowning:


Fair enough. I can respect that.

But I’m running last week’s then.



You should run the new one. It has a few different elements that would be good for you.

Let’s move forward.


5.2 miles. 45 min. Starting BG 91. Ending BG 107.

Not run with love, but give me time.



Perfectly executed. Great job!

Tell me about the BG management today. What did you do to get that? Did you eat anything before starting? What about fueling during the run? How long since your Levemir shot?


Run today with love. At least the first 3 miles.

It’s okay if you run the last 1.5 - 2 miles with some animosity. That means you are pushing yourself the right amount.

As soon as you finish you should feel the love again.



I was already planning on it. Just wasn’t going to admit it. :wink:



Okay. Started at a 115, did my half mile warm up, did 4.9 miles in 40 minutes, and ended at a 126.

I did take 3 glucose tablets at the start … and ate SIX at around mile 2.5. :neutral_face: So there was about a mile in the middle that was a little draggy, but then I was feeling good again by 3.3. Also, I did work on everything I got from the gait analysis, and it really is all the difference, but it was work keeping up my cadence today. I did hold it between 90-92, but… just working harder.

Just love, by the way. All 5.5 miles. :grin:


Awesome stuff!

What was your RPE?

It’s good to remember this, and next time maybe take in a few carbs earlier before you drop too much.

That drop at 2-3 miles is pretty typical for this type of run. I see it all the time and just try to always be prepared with some carbs.

Just keep that in mind, and at about 15-20 minutes into the run try to have a few carbs.

Quick side note:
The important thing about taking carbs at this point in the run is that one of the derivatives of carb metabolism is oxaloacetate. And oxaloacetate is necessary for the complete oxidation of Acetyl CoA in the Krebs cycle to occur. Which means you get better utilization fat metabolism by having a few carbs.

The end result of a few carbs is better all-around fuel utilization during your run.

Good stuff today!

:100: :heavy_plus_sign:


6.5… I’m not sure if it was having increased my distance and then being forced to take that long break, but I have been feeling strong. I was tempted to throw in a mile cool down… but promised you I would keep to the schedule.

Okay. And I’m guessing this is because I ended up running after doing my afternoon Levemir dose. The day before I was able to put off that dose and decided to take it an hour late— to try to achieve that “zero basal”. Yeaterday’s timing was off with having to run around doing stuff for my kids. So maybe I can do some preemptive carbs at around mile 2-3 if I have my Levemir on board but not if I don’t? I didn’t need it at all the day before. ??

I prefer my “quick side notes” in English. Now I have to go back to Google Translator… as soon as I figure out what language that is. :grin:


You won’t be on zero basal if you’re taking long acting insulins. I think you meant zero bolus?


I would love to hear how this all goes… if you feel like sharing. :two_hearts:

Oh, I am happy to hear that! What a ridiculous couple of months it’s been! 3 months now?? 4?? I hope you take it slow and be patient with yourself and your recovery. There can be a lot of lateral and backwards movement mixed in with that forward progress.

I did not know this. I’m working at picking up my knees a little more and using my core— because apparently I was doing more a crucial stuff-legged hip-jamming shuffle that was less than ideal. :woman_facepalming:

Anyway, hope this finds you well, and good luck on your tests. :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:


No, I actually did mean to say “zero basal”. My mistake maybe was in not saying “near zero basal”. With Eric’s help, I’ve landed on a 3X a day schedule with my Levemir, and I do start to see a significant rise if I’m late in that next dose. In this case, I was trying it out— to see if I could time it so as to use that to my benefit just as I would by cutting out my pump basal an hour before running. It worked really well. Whether or not it’s a true “zero basal”, I have no idea. I’m sure it’s not, but it has got a similar effect. I didn’t take any glucose tablets on my run that day, whereas yesterday, about 2.5 hours into my afternoon Levemir dose, I required a total of 9. Maybe I’m drawing conclusions incorrectly, but I think it makes sense.


Interesting. I wouldn’t seem to see much impact from my Levemir injections until a couple hours or so. But you need to go with what’s working for you, so if its working that’s great.

Personally I didn’t see much impact from having Levemir active when exercising, and I would definitely not want to take basal three times a day - I did that with NPH many, many moons ago, but hated it since I had a lot of trouble keeping to the schedule (I’m not good at schedules). I’ve been doing basal twice a day (first Lantus, then Levemir) for decades, but I’m enjoying trying Tresiba once a day - and so far it is working well. Maybe worth trying if you run out of other things to vary and disrupt your stability :slight_smile:


Also, Tuesday was a bit more work than Monday. Did you feel that?


The simple way of saying it is that it’s like a candle. The carbs are the wick, and the fat is the wax.

Fat burns in the flame of carbohydrates. By having a small bit of carb metabolism, you are also able to metabolize some fat for fuel.

I was just saying that taking the carbs during the run helped you get energy from multiple sources.


This is what I would see everyday on that twice daily schedule. My second dose was due at 6pm., but you can see I was already on the move by then. We tried strengthening the morning dose, but then I had more morning lows. We split it up into 3 doses, and everything is relatively flat. That’s my concern with the Tresiba— I do three doses that fit my different needs throughout the day. You only take Tresiba once a day, right? So it stays at a fairly constant level? I’m not sure how that would work as I take 19 units in the morning, 8 in the afternoon, and 6 at night.

My doctor would love for me to try it, but I’m full up right now I’m trying new things. :grin: