DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


So I didn’t quite nail Thanksgiving like I thought would, but it was still worlds away from what I used to do. I used to find a spot at around 500 and just camp out all day. Yesterday I peaked at just over 300 but was only there for a few minutes. I was in good range for way longer than I was out of range, so I’m happy. It was a definite improvement, and I didn’t wake to my usual screw it, I might as well have pie today thinking as there was no real tragedy to respond to negatively.

I definitely needed to do two things today to make sure I got back on track, and I did. I dropped the rest of the pie in the trash, and I exercised.

My BG was kind of sloppy, like a 200ish from start to finish, so I ran 4 and a quarter miles and then topped it off with a little cross-training—dancing on the treadmill. :grin:

I think I’m officially back on track. :+1:


You were a beast!

Remind me what you use to measure distance/ cadence/ stride length/ heart rate?


I think you were talking to me, but you used the word beast… so I’m not sure you were talking to me. :smiley:

You’d like to hear what I use to measure things?? You’re sure?? :smiley:

Well, for distance, it depends on where I run. If I run outside, I use Runkeeper, a free app that keeps track of distance, pace, etc. I also use my watch and calculate stuff at the end—- for average pace per mile. This is all supposed to be low key right now, so I’m trying to keep it that way. Obviously, if I run inside, I just use the treadmill to track distance. You can set your speed by mph on the treadmill, too. So I set mine for a pace that feels like breakneck speed, then bother @Eric for the conversion and then get mad when it turns out it was way slower than what I thought. :smiley:

For cadence, I’m counting foot strikes on one side for a minute and multiplying by 2. There are apps and watches and all kinds of cool technology to help you hold a good cadence, but, for now, I just take a measure approximately every mile or two. Once I’ve gotten a good one, I feel like I’m holding it pretty well, and the presence of pain is a good indicator that I’ve slowed down. I do know it will be a smart purchase (or download) at some point, but this has just got to cut it for now. With rotating pumps, meters, Libre, spike, phones and email, faxes, pagers, and on and on, I’m pretty full up on technology. For now.

Stride length… sometimes I feel like a galloping horse. That’s no good. Sometimes I feel like a windup toy. Feels silly, but that’s the better stride. That’s about how I measure my stride. If it feels ridiculous, that’s about right :smiley:

Heart rate… That’s a very important one, and that’s the one I need to get organized again. I usually wear a Polar HR monitor, but I’ve bought a Garmin. A pink one, unfortunately. I bought it just before I got hurt, so I never quite completed the set up. However, I’m definitely back into it all enough that I need to see how that number is looking. For me, it’s one I really have to keep an eye on. So I’ll make myself pull it down and get it done tonight. Thank you for asking. :blush:

  • Do your stretching 6 times this week, at least 10 minutes each time. You only have 1 blow-off day, so don’t spend it too early.

  • Do your core 4 times this week, preferably done on easy days and rest days. Focus on hips.

  • Do not skip stretching or core work.

  • Focus on good BG each time. Plan ahead, no meals at least 2 hours before and minimal IOB. Try to have flat or slightly falling BG at the time you start. Take in a few carbs right when you start if needed. A falling BG is easy to fix if you have no IOB. A spike is not…

Week 1:

Monday, 11/26
35-40 minute Easy Run
9:00-9:30 pace

Tuesday, 11/27
35-40 minute Easy Run
9:00-9:30 pace

Wednesday, 11/28
Rest day, stretch and core only

Thursday, 11/29
20 minute Incline
10:00-12:00 pace @ 3-5 degrees
Hold good form, stay tall and keep high cadence throughout.
Always keep good form. If your form changes from being tired, stop and rest a little bit.
How did it feel?

Friday, 11/30
25 minute Recovery Run
10:00 pace
(nothing more!)

Saturday, 12/1
50 minute Long Run
9:30-10:00 pace

Sunday, 12/2
Rest day, stretch and core only


Okay i was already doing this while you were typing your stuff up, so if it looks like i wasn’t listening, it’s because i didn’t hear you. :D.

Today i did 5 miles in 43.5 minutes. Felt great. Hip feels solid. Left at 120 and returned at 55. I had a banana on the way out the door and a coffee about an hour before leaving.

Now I’ll go look over everything for this week. I’m very, very excited and ever so thankful for your taking the time. And that’s in my serious tone. :smiley:


Off for my run… and really happy to be back on schedule. :heart:


40 minutes
4.4 miles
Starting BG 109
Ending BG 83
Did zero basal for an hour prior to starting and then set it for another hour, but I think it probably turned back on before my run finished. It took a little longer than expected to get out for the run. I had to stop about 3 miles in to have 3 sugar tabs but resumed my run again right away, and I had a banana just before starting and coffee an hour before. Hip felt great. There was some pinching, but that’s pretty much been every day without change.

Very happy and off to try to knock things off my to do list.


Very good stuff here.

Remember your formula. Keep track of what you are doing for BG management.

Write down an estimate on your carbs for the banana. There is some variability there based on size of the banana (I think about 20-35 grams), so try to come up with a number for future reference.

When did you feel the low? Did you check your BG when you stopped?

If you can get to the point where you are starting to drop, but can take some carbs before it gets low, that is ideal.

Today sounds perfect. Maybe take some carbs a bit earlier while you are running
so you don’t have to stop. Other than that, perfection today.

This earns you the coveted shower beer!
:shower: :beer:


I didn’t check, no. Not with a finger stick. My guardian showed a 111 with an arrow down, and since that’s always late, I guessed I was at a 60. I barely felt the low at all except for that the treadmill felt like it was moving. It has done that a few times— felt like it was moving— when I was low, so I trusted it and took the tabs before I really started to feel anything. The other day I waited too long, and I couldn’t resume because of how unsteady the whole thing was. Anyway, I’m not sure how I would’ve known to take the tabs before I did, but I can try using my Libre to see if I can’t catch it earlier.

Afraid to ask. :grin:


No, let’s put the CGM silliness away while running.

The CGM today showed you at 111 and down. But was it 110 and down? 100 and down? 80 and down? 60 and down?

There is a reason I don’t use CGM when running. There is a better way.

Send me a picture of the front of your treadmill. The part with the buttons and screen and handrails and all of that stuff. Let’s do this right.

When your BG at the end of a run is in the 80’s, you have a beer in the shower. It’s a celebration of being non-diabetic.


Okay. I’ll take a picture tomorrow.

Oh, sure, makes sense… I think I’ve heard that before— that having a beer in the shower is all the rage amongst the non-diabetics. :smiley:


That happens to me every single time I’m on a treadmill and step off. Or take off roller skates. And I’m not low. :wink:

I’m so excited for your running success! Those numbers sounded good and you’re doing it! Yay!


Thank you, kind ma’am. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m letting all my happiness just be and keeping the what ifs in the background. Where they should be.


Today. I would’ve started at a 142, but I ran into a problem… actually a spider cricket. I brought everything over to run inside, and there was a huge spider cricket on the wall just next to the treadmill. So that meant a change in plans, and by the time I made all of it happen, I was starting at a 178. I did do 0 Basal for an hour (over, by the time i got out) and had it set for another hour after that. So it still cut out before the end of my run, but I’m getting it together a little more by the day.

I went 40 minutes and 4.5 miles. It was freezing outside, almost literally, and there was a solid wall of wind and a mile and a half uphill on the first part of my run. I also had my eyes dilated this morning and was greeted by full sun about 3/4 mile in. It was a very weird run, and I spent the first mile and a half wanting to walk. I turned around early and decided i would just make up for the distance on the other end, and everything got better once the wind and hills were going in my favor.

See, Eric… I could teach you a thing or two… about getting it done. That’s dedication, my friend. Next time I’ll just capture the spider cricket, but today I had to brave the elements. And there were a lot of elements.

Oh, and I ended at a 178! That part was cool, but then I immediately started to climb to a 220. I’ve been doing insulin since. And now I’m out to go pick up children and chips. :smiley:


Okay, I was supposed to do a 20 minute incline run today…

I started with a really slow 1/2 mile warm up— only because you didn’t say anything about a warm up, so I figured you made a mistake? Anyway, I then set it at 6.0 at a 3 incline for the first 5 minutes, which felt great, so I went ahead and bumped it up to the 5 incline at 6.0, figuring I would just go until I got tired and then would let up. I ended up staying there until the last 2 minutes where I finally took it back to 5.8/4.5. The whole thing felt really good except the last 2 minutes which all of a sudden was hard. I took the opportunity to do a cadence check to distract myself, and I was at 95… so…190. Right? I was just shy of that every time i checked, and that was about 5 times throughout the workout. Did a quarter mile cool down.

BG wasn’t impressive today, but NOW I know why. I was at a 138 going out the door and then I was at a 190 just as I was getting ready to start. So I skipped the banana. When I got off, I was a 245! I had no idea what I had done wrong, considered whether or not the incline could’ve altered the workout enough to account for the change, and then remembered I did Levemir this morning at 5:30. I usually do it at 6:45. I think that was the problem. Anyway, I have taken care of it and hopefully am back on schedule.

I am off to get kids, but I’ll upload a pic of my treadmill set up so we can “skip the silly CGM stuff”. :smiley:


@Nickyghaleb, my son runs all kinds of hilly itineraries here, since we live on a big hill. The hardest runs with a lot of uphill when he pushes himself, he comes back high too. On the other hand, when he runs a flat run at low speed, he comes back low. So could it be the incline?


It’s fine that you did a warmup. I didn’t include it on this run because the whole thing was at a slow pace. The run is basically cumulative fatigue, but not from the pace.

Great. You hung with it for most of the run. All sounds very good.

Were your calves tired at the end? Or thighs?

Since you popped up from 138 to 190 right before starting, I don’t think the 245 finish was workout related.


So not a mistake…

Last 2 minutes… thighs felt like they were not going to do it. It honestly felt pretty easy, the rest of it, but the last 2 minutes caught up with me.

I was thinking the same. The run definitely felt different than my usual runs, and I was working in a different way, but I can’t think of another reason for that rise just before starting. It also continued to rise even after two good correction boluses. After posting about my run, it continued onto a 285. @Michel, as I said, it did cross my mind, too, but I know there were issues with my long acting dose this morning which would result in the same behavior. I shaved 3 units off of my regular dose and did my morning dose almost an hour and a half early. Either way, I do the same workout next week so I’ll have another chance to watch.

@Eric— is that what you wanted?? That picture of my treadmill?? Or was that a joke?


If I am not mistaken, that’s a NordicTrack 1650. Is that right?

I think there is small rack under the console that would be good for holding your stuff. I can send you a strip holder. It’s best to put a towel at the bottom so your meter does not rattle around the whole time and drive you nuts.

Alternatively, we can set you up with a magnetic holder and put your stuff on the metal speaker. I have some magnetic stuff i can send you.

Yours is iFit compatible. Did it come with a free membership? The iFit stuff would make it easy to program workouts. You download the workouts and don’t have to watch the time or press buttons. It would be automatic. You should get that setup. I can create the more complicated workouts for you if you want. That way you can just run.

You know I don’t joke about this stuff.


You would know better than I. I know it’s a NordicTrack because it says that in the picture. :smiley: About that tray though— YES. I keep my bottle of sugar tabs there.

I would love a strip holder or some magnetic stuff. So you’re talking about testing my BG… on the run. :smiley: I’m not sure what else you would’ve been talking about, but this sounds great.

It is iFit compatible, but i have no idea if it came with a free membership. I just do “manual start” every time. I could find out. I will find out.

As I was typing the remark, I thought to myself, he doesn’t joke about this stuff. Then hit reply anyway. You never know. :smiley: