DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Okay. I’ll pay up after you get the MRI. In case you sleep through your appt like your endo appt. :grinning:

It will be another secret thing, like at our lunch. That’s part of the deal.


You’re on.

Funny guy. That doesn’t happen to me twice in a week, so don’t get your hopes up. :grin:


5 miles today. Felt wonderful.

As long as you just kind of sit quietly, @Eric (and I know you said we’d try to pick up after the MRI, but maybe you’ll reconsider), I’m giving myself my own workouts now. So unless you want to take a chance on my destroying myself before next week, you might want to say something. That’s my way of asking if there’s something I can do in the meantime— in a very demanding way.

This is what I did today:
I did zero basal an hour prior to start and then went with 50% temp during. I’m still not sure why I haven’t just kept it off. I’m getting there. Anyway, I started at a BG of 155 and finished at 98. I had to do three sugar tabs 4.5 miles in.

Here was what I gave myself: :smiley:
1 mile warm up
3/4 mile @ 7.0 (treadmill speed)
1/2 mile recovery
3/4 mile @ 7.1
1/2 mile recovery
1/2 mile @ 7.0
1 mile cool down

I also checked my cadence a few different times— just to see what it looked like at different paces (because of our talk about it). Here’s what I did:

@ 7.1 cadence 194
@ 6.7 cadence 194
@ 7.0 cadence 188
@ 6.2 cadence 188

I’m like a hovercraft with how little time I’m spending on the ground. :smiley:

This is what I’m going to do everyday until you give me some direction. Oh, and there’s a Turkey Trot Thursday… bad idea?? Just to do it and not worry about time or anything??


Wait… I’m not like a hovercraft. Right??

Or am I?


I will do this with you, but I have an extreme list of demands. And there is no flexibility with them.

All of these make sense. Your cadence picks up a bit, which is good because you don’t have to make up all of the difference with stride.

Your stride length increases a bit as you from 6.2 to 7.1 mph.

It goes from 34.83 inches to 38.65 inches. Remember, longer strides strain your muscles, joints, and tendons more. So keeping cadence high will help you.

Ground contact time and cadence are linked. Contact time decreases as cadence increases.

But each step is propelling you.

a lot of steps (high cadence) = less contact time = more steps that propel you forward instead of being in the air and doing nothing that moves you forward.

The other thing is vertical oscillation, which is how much up and down bounce you have with each step. That is wasted energy. You don’t want to spend energy going up and down with each step, you want the energy to move you forward. So you want to reduce vertical oscillation.

Running clinic! This is what you will get from the clinic!


I expected nothing less. :grin:

Wait… could you be a little more specific? An extreme list of demands is tough to shake on without seeing the small print. Even for me…



There are a few things that you have to stick to…

  • Any kind of basal and food adjustments you make for runs are fine. And that sort of thing is encouraged. You don’t need to always do it the same way. I want you to test different things and experiment and find the right formula for each day. All of that is good stuff.

  • For easy runs, anything you want to do for fueling is fine, no problem. But eventually, as you progress back into it, 2 or 3 days of each week will be runs of significance. And on those particular days, coffee is not a fueling option. If you need to raise your BG before one of those runs, it needs to be with a quantifiable amount of carbs. Enjoy your coffee either a few hours before, or after. Not right before you go running. For easy runs, coffee is fine. Not for the significant runs.

  • Stretching needs to be done every day. 5-10 minutes at least, and on every day. No fudging on this.

  • Core work needs to be done at least 4 days each week. And again, no fudging on this one either.

  • The workout is what it is. No ad lib. No impromptu stuff. If it says 3 miles, it does not mean you can do 4.5 miles just because you feel good. You can cut a workout short if you are hurting. You can reduce your pace on the speed work or intervals if you can’t hit them. But you can’t pile miles on top, or increase the speed. If there is a free run, it will say that. Otherwise, stick to the plan.

  • Your first goal will be a 5k race, and the target will be to get there without hurting yourself while training, and running a time that feels like you have accomplished something. Once you get past that, we start looking at shaving seconds.

All good?


I think so, yes. But. I have to ask… your tone is such that either I have done something wrong in the past, or you have no faith in me not to do something wrong in the future. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but it feels definitely kind of like maybe it has to do with the history of or the potential of my doing something wrong.

I know I don’t need to do this, but I’d just like to state for the record that I didn’t do nuthin wrong. I got hurt, and it’s a recurring injury, and I am more motivated than ever to do this carefully and right.


Okay, so, yes… I can do this. The coffee part is a blower, but we already knew that. I’ll sort it out.

And thank you. :hugs:


You have done nothing wrong. And no, it was not your fault that you got hurt.

My tone is that way because I already know what will happen if I don’t get tough with you from the start. You will get bored with me bringing you along slowly.

Tough love, DN. :wink:


Fair enough.

You do know me well. :grin:

So then, when do we start?


Better than you know yourself.

When is your MRI?

I’d really like you to have a clean result on that before we get into too much.

We can start easy on Monday if you want.


That’s great. When you’re available, I have some questions about some of the stupid stuff I do. :grin:


I thought that was what I wanted, but maybe I just keep on with my free range chicken status… I don’t know. Now that I see your list of demands… :thinking:

How “easy”??

I did 4.5 miles today, but I was tired. Today was the first time back where my BG was very ugly at the start— just under 300. My legs felt like rocks. I think I’ve exercised at high blood sugar so many times that I never realized it didn’t feel good. I’m not sure that’s what it was today, but maybe.


Your body is not getting fuel from a 300 BG. You did not have the insulin to process it. And on top of that, your high BG when you are running is sending a stress signal that you are in trouble, so your body responds with cortisol, which brings your BG up even more. Running at 300 feels like crap.

Think about our little Applebee’s trick. Remember that one? The one on my thumb? Try that next time. :wink:

Your call. But if you want my stuff, you will spend 5 weeks hating me for being too easy, the next 6 weeks hating me for being too difficult, 1 week being grateful it is taper week, and then you would launch.

If you want me, find a race around February 23rd.


Well played.


So since you laid it out like that so nicely (and what kind of a wimp would decline publicly such a slick plan), AND because

Yes, of course, or I wouldn’t have solicited your guidance,

Sunday, February 24th. Local 5k.

All good? :wink:


Isn’t that the truth?!?

I’m glad you’re running and it’s bringing you joy.


All good!


I know you thought your FUD work was done for the day after your genius lovesac post but not quite…

As part of my last few days of freedom before handing it over to you, I did 5 miles in 45 minutes. Hip felt good. I did zero basal the hour prior to starting and then for the workout. I left at 168 and returned at 127. I felt great.

And the most important part is that I did it without my coffee. I do the coffee because I’m afraid I can’t do it without it, but that’s just nonsense. I’m very happy, and I’m going into Thanksgiving feeling capable and strong. We’ll see how long that holds after the pie comes out. :grin:


All of this sounds wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. :hugs: