Diabetes Reality TV

Anyone going to watch this? Starts July 18th at 7pm on the Discovery Life Channel.

Imagine five people on an island retreat created just for diabetics ready for a life change experience.
Introducing specialists with the abilities to help those eight house guests, of both types 1 and 2, through the process of living their life to the fullest with diabetes. A ten day retreat of learning how to juice, how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat. Along with, learning how to exercise, getting key information on their health, knowledge on when to test, and natural ways to help lower and stabilize blood sugar.
Take them away from their surroundings and allow them to fully focus on their health both mental and physical.
You would have created an atmosphere for someones health to be REVERSED.


I just want to say, FU Diabetes forums are 100% better then TU Diabetes! Open leadership & administrators make a huge difference!


Are there any predators on the island? It’d be more interesting if they had to compete for insulin and vote each other off the island



Yeah, not enough conflict, unless you had coaches from opposing philosophies. Lowest A1c wins.

carb vs paleo ?
T1 vs T2 ?
MDI vs Pumpers ?
Pods vs Tubes ?

It would have to be in really bad taste to get the most entertainment value.

I think you are missing the most obvious one…

My bad.

Always under 65 vs always over 450.


Maybe they should have to make their own insulin. WWII style.

Reminder: This is a reality TV show about diabetes sponsored by Mannkind. It will be aired by Discovery Life starting from today. July 18 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Less than two hours from now. :slight_smile:

If you have cable, try this first … www.discoverylife.com/channel-finder/1 … you may be able to watch it on your tv.


If you can’t watch tonight, set DVR. Still helps ratings. :slight_smile:

If you do not have cable, let’s see if they put the show on this list once it is shown:

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I wasn’t able to watch it because I’m stuck at work for about as long as I’m banned from tud, but fill me in, how was it?