Dexcom transmitter: how do you remove and reseat it in the sensor bed?

Do those of you that remove the xmitter for cleaning/drying, use the plastic gizmo for removal? And, how do you reseat it w/o causing major grief to the sensor, since the lever for tightening the xmitter isn’t installed? Do you stick the lever back on to reseat the xmitter?

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I had this very question, @dave! @Thomas and @Michel answered my question here .

I read that thread you linked to, but I don’t see a description of how to reseat. Also, it would be very awkward for me to remove with 2 hands. My biggest concern is getting it back onto the sensor without disturbing the wire–it takes a lot of force to fully seat the xmitter. I would like a more detailed idea how to reseat it.

@Thomas indicated that, if doing it alone, you may want to use the plastic tool to UNSEAT the transmitter. Once it’s cleaned, you should be able to press it back onto the sensor with a single hand and a bit of pressure. I’m going to find out for myself this weekend…but from the perspective of a caregiver, not me doing it to myself.

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I agree. I find it easier to unseat it with the tool, although my boy can do it on his own without. Putting it back is easy, but you want to make 100% sure that all corners of the transmitter are properly bedded all the way in (particularly the two that need to snap).

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so you are doing that without benefit of the lever?

I’m guessing that, unless you have gone swimming or taken a shower/bath, unsnapping the transmitter won’t help. Where at (physically) is your CGM located on your body?

about 3" above belt, more or less love-handle area, but a bit towards the front. its my best spot (I used enlites for a while)

Yes, I hadn’t gotten the xmitter wet for many, many hours. it had been working fine for days, including sweating and showers. it acted up after a few hours of just sitting. unlike Enlites, the G5 doesn’t seem to falsely report a hypo when I’m lying down.

Seems like a good area. Not ideal, but you could always restart it (with the 2hr warmup). You aren’t over-calibrating, correct?

Yes, just press it in carefully. No lever needed. Make sure it snaps in place, on both sides.


I’ve also removed the transmitter manually and replaced it carefully. I’ve found it easiest to grab both corners of the wider end of the transmitter and pull them out. When seating the transmitter back in, be sure to push the two corners and against the sides of the sensor.