Dexcom purchased TypeZero

Dexcom has purchased TypeZero — the company that developed the Control-IQ hybrid closed loop algorithm that Tandem is trialing in the t:slim X2 with expected release in 2019.


Not sure if that’s a good thing. What do you think?



What does that mean for Insulet? Aren’t they using Dexcom for their Horizon system? Does that mean that Dexcom users are better off going with the t:slim than with Omnipod in the long run?

How long before dexcom buys tandem?

I think you find great images that speak better than words!!


It might be a good thing. It helps keep the TypeZero technology from being proprietary to a single pump company, which gives it a better chance to stand up to Medtronic’s market power. Dexcom and Tandem and TypeZero have been cooperating on the next t:slim hybrid closed loop. Now that Dexcom has gotten the iCGM rating from the FDA, maybe the TypeZero algorithms become technology that can be used (for a fee) in any pump that is approved to work with iCGM devices. Probably Tandem would rather keep it proprietary to them, but I don’t know what the current contracts say.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll see a Pod that runs with G6 CGM and a TypeZero closed-loop algorithm. Perhaps that’s not the current plan, but it’s one possible future.

I think that’s unlikely. Dexcom has been asked this at quarterly conference calls, and they’ve said they aren’t interested in becoming a pump company. I think they would rather be the CGM that all the pump companies use for looping, not the CGM that one single pump company uses.


Exactly. That makes this great. It definitely helps to keep choice and competition going.

I would be shocked if this was not exactly the plan.