The latest tandem news

on facebook the tandem pump has posted the latest update on the pumps. it is an interesting read.


I am very pleased with this news.

I like getting periodic SOLID updates as to progress being made as opposed to a company which may keep things quiet and under wraps with a big SURPRISE at the end. I don’t need surprises. I like to know that real progress is being made.

I understand things take time. But it is nice to know that the time is being spent and we are continuing to get closer to the goal. In this case, the goal is a Tandem update for a Hybrid Closed Loop (HCL) which currently has a launch goal of the first half of 2019.


if things go well with it and i can hold off in going with the tslim ill wait until my warranty is up next year. i would still like to hear more about it as time goes on for me to make a solid decision. right now i have the animas vibe

Nice find, @amymc!

thanks…it was posted on their facebook page. i went to the news page and it was the latest one.

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It’s good to have an update, but they did not give any results of the study! The only update is that the study is completed.

at least its something right? better than no brand new news

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I think the results usually trail the study end date by some months.


Here is the link for the Clinical Trial if anyone is interested…