Dexcom G7 vs libre 3

Hey y’all,

I’ve been using the freestyle libre 3 for about 7 months. It’s been pretty good overall, once I figured out how to use juggluco with xdrip+ and kicked the factory libre 3 app to the curb. It is a bit makeshift though.


cost… It’s about $70 per month after insurance.
Size-very small.
Accuracy … Very good.
Updates every minute
No adhesive allergy
No need for overpatch … I’ve not lost a single sensor(back of the arm)


Failure rate, probably about 30%
Goofy setup with two apps to get decent alarms, etc.

I just found out the dexcom G7 is about $25 per month more with my insurance.

What’s your dexcom G7 experience?

Does it have a high failure rate?

Does its adhesive cause allergies (G6 did for me after about 6 months).

Is it larger than libre 3?

Does it require placement on the belly like G6 did?

Does it require an overpatch?


I have 1 G7 but have not used it yet because I have 6 G6 left to use. And I can’t figure out what the process is to insert and put it into use.
Suppose I should use it and then try and gift 3 of the G6 to someone who can use them. It’s expensive where we live and many T1D do not have appropriate insurance. Like me! I use a gov sponsored Blue Cross program and they’re only available to T1D people under the age of 18.
I would also like to try the Freestyle 3 but am nit sure if it’s avail here in Canada yet. We put devices lie this through our own testing process before they can be approved.
Will let you know when I try the G7


Ok thanks. I look forward to hearing how it works for you.

On the excess G6 sensors, if you can’t find anyone to give them to, see if your physician can find a place for them.

I hear you on the insurance, it’s a tough situation for many diabetics.

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Yes. Seems to be the most expensive chronic illness money-wise. Makes things really difficult sometime. But all we can do is keeping on going and do our best, right?

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