DEXCOM G7 shelf life

Hi all,

I have 6 month supply of g6 sensors, but would like my next prescription filled with G7.

Curious what the shelf life is for the G7 sensor/transmitter. Could I let the G7 sensor/transmitter age 6 months before using without impacting the g7?


I looked at a G7 box that I have. The expiration date is a year and a half after the date of manufacture, and the expiration date is a year after the date I received it from the pharmacy. So if your experience is similar, there should be absolutely no problem in having a 6-month supply of G7 on hand.


Thank you!!

The G7s fail like the G6s and last time I tried to get a replacement G6 transmitter from Dexcom they were fairly assertive that I should have used it within 150 days of getting it; they didn’t care about what was printed on the box (i.e. so long as I used it within 150 days I was fine, even if I used it after the printed expiration date).


Indeed, the G6 transmitter had that condition on their warranty, and stated it in the user manual, and generally enforced it. They certainly didn’t replace mine one time when I started a transmitter a few days too late and it failed after a few weeks.

The G7 sensor has no warranty at all, according to the user manual. Nevertheless, I haven’t heard of people having trouble getting replacements for failed G7 sensors. Here in the USA, I have just filled the form at Product Support Request and they ask a few follow up questions by email and then send me the replacement, no fuss. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has had trouble getting Dexcom to replace failed G7 sensors. (On that web form they don’t call it a “G7 sensor,” they call it a “G7 wearable.” Ah, those wonderful corporate word wranglers…)


Yes, that “no warranty” bit is a little surprising. The UK, US and CA user manuals all use the same boilerplate too.

I’ve only got a replacement once and that wasn’t a problem even though I explained I was activating the G7 with xDrip+ (the thing had failed immediately on insertion). I did notice from the “Technical” part of the user manual that 20% of sensors fail before 10 days are up (on adults, upper arm; one quarter fail on the abdomen). Pediatric failure rates are higher but that is hardly surprising. IRC the G6 was stated to only have about a 1/20 failure rate.