Dexcom G7, G6 Medicare Podcast from CEO Kevin Sayer



I read a lot of speculations regarding new Dexcom products, Medicare coverage, Tandem, etc. It was reassuring to hear some answers and insight from Kevin Sayer CEO. I start Medicare February 1 and have been on pins and needles about G6 coverage. For me Dexcom G6, Tandem X2 and Basal IQ have been integral in helping me control BG and living alone, peace of mind from lows. It’s not perfect. It still takes a lot of work but it is the easiest, most accurate and dependable tool out for me. I believe Control IQ and the G7 are going to make an equal impact. Attached is the link to the Diabetes Connections podcast.


Great link, @Jattzl, thanks so much!

For those not with iTunes, if you scroll down, on the lower left, the podcast website link will bring you to the podcast list accessible by everyone.


Oops. Thank you Michel! I should have added that. Also on iPhones there is a Podcast App and it will automatically open there when you click on the link.


Nice to hear them admit they are aware of a problem and are working to fix it. Not every company in this space is willing to do that.


It was reassuring to me, too, Chris.


@Pgithens I think this will interest you!