Dexcom G6

Diabetic Danica on YouTube went to Dexcom for a tour and a talk about G6, they told her that you will get 10 days and 10 days only out of the sensor because the algorithm changes each day to accommodate the age of the sensor.

So, Dexcom has found a way to make this more expensive and prevent us from going beyond the day limit. Hope they continue to make the G5 or I will need to switch CGM’s or quit them.

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I asked Dexcom and they said they are not going to require upgrade. I have it in written form and I’ll be bringing it up if they give me a hard time about it. I want the current 14 days (minimum) we get out of the G5.


Also, it looked like she had to push pretty hard on the transmitter to get it pushed down into the sensor correctly…don’t know how much Liam (my 4 year old) would like that…although with the G5, there’s also some requirement to push down a bit also.

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