Dexcom g6 issues - need help!

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I am hoping to have some kind of relief with my dexcom and cost. I seem to have ran into some kind of issue. last year in 2020 I was able to get a month supply of my dexcom g6 supplies for only $30 through my pharmacy (Walgreens). The first of the year I changed insurances, but low and behold I was told that Walgreens no longer supplies my dexcom. I was informed that I need to go through a “Medical Device Company” and My insurance (Florida Blue) Goes through DME. I called DME blah blah blah and did all the necessary steps I had to take to get all my information transferred over. They tell me that my new price for my supplies would be… wait for it… $100.00 a month!!! Okay I get it I was able to get a 3 month supply vs a month supply… but that I would still be charged $100.0 a mnth regardless. Not to mention I still have to pay for my insulin pump too (Omnipod)- that is a total of $200.00 a mnth just for my diabetes supplies… this is not even including my insulin that I need. I really need help here what my options are. I cannot afford additional $200.00 a mnth to live. I asked DME if there was a cheaper option like the libre and they said they were all coded the same. Has anyone else gone through this??? I feel hopeless. Please helP!!! :frowning:

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Do you know if your new plan has a deductible? This means you would have a higher portion of the cost, until you met the deductible amount.

Is Florida Blue provided by your employer? Costs are usually lower for employer plans.

I have a high-deductible plan, which means I pay more early in the year, and less or 0 later in year.
Most plans have a website where you can review details and search if items are covered as pharmacy or not. You might be able to see if Libre is covered as pharmacy at lower cost to you.

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I met my deductible because of this charge. They told me libre and dexcom would both be the same code and cost. I guess because of a medical code ? They told me after my deductible is met it would be about 92.00 a mnth

That makes sense. At some point it may be 0 toward end of year if your spend exceeds the max out of pocket. You should be able to find details on what these amounts are, and get EOBs (explanation of benefits) online or in mail.

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@Hnriley15 FWIW my costs with my current provider are $175/mo and they do not count towards my deductible since it’s a pharmacy exclusion item. Previously my Dexcom supplies were DME which cost me 20% after deductible.

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You met your full year deductible in the first 2 months? Are you sure about that? You’d have a top of the line plan if that is true. Then I would expect you to hit your max OOP soon as well… then you’d be paying nothing.