Dexcom Follow App

Anyone else experiencing this? My Mom cannot follow anymore. I’ve troubleshooted (removed her as a follower, resent invitation, deleted our apps, reloaded them, waited a few days, repeat). I called Dexcom Tech. Support line and they said other people who had reported the issue have since been able to follow again. I know I went years without a follower, but now I really feel better having someone know I’m having a low (live alone, have several health issues). Seems weird that it has been days and Dexcom hasn’t figured out the issue or that it is solved only for some. I also had a friend who doesn’t normally follow try on his phone. He can accept the invite, but can’t see the data (my Mom cannot even accept the invite, as it says she’s already following, even though I removed her).

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Not sure if this is the same thing you are seeing, but follow only works for me when I am connected to a wi-fi network. If I am only connected to the internet via a cellular connection, follow does not work for me.

Maybe something to look into and see if this is the same thing you are seeing.

Try turning off cellular for both you and your mom to test it. That way you can and make sure you are connecting to the internet via a wi-fi network. See if it works when you do that.

It does not really fix the problem, but at least it might narrow it down for you.


What do you do for a living, Eric, that is a classic troubleshooting procedure. Bravo.


Thanks @CarlosLuis!

I’m a professional diabetic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are not unique, Erik, but that made me laugh :joy: