Deliberately non-compliant

In Renza Scibilia’s blog I encountered the delightful phrase “deliberately non-compliant,” which was Professor Tim Skinner’s (favorable) evaluation of her after she described looping and openAPS at the Australasian Diabetes Advancements and Technologies Summit. It appears that she has adopted the term as a badge of honor. It is not just for those bold enough to use a diy closed loop, but also for those of us who routinely override the bolus wizard and otherwise assert our own knowledge over the dictates of standardized, medically approved advice.


Why would a diabetic be compliant to achieve a 7.0 A1c, when educated non compliance can safely result in a 5.5 A1c?

I would say that the mainstream advice given to us is non compliant.


I love that! I think 90% of us here are “deliberately non-compliant”!