WaPo article about DIY diabetes tech


Thanks for sharing! This is one of the better written articles about it all.

Usually the news stories like this are extremely dumbed-down, but this one was pretty good.

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Yes @Boerenkool; thanks for a link to a well written article. It’s news, so it starts with an hyperbolic view on a story designed to draw the reader in but the body is good, accurate and, I hope, will inform non-diabetics about what is going on here. I’m one with the tagline:

“It seems like every tool we’ve added, I felt like I’ve gotten a little bit of my life back.”


Not bad! It had that one paragraph that always gets me because it’s accurate, but hides so much:

As a result, people with diabetes must stick to a target range of blood glucose. But food, alcohol, physical activity and stress can all affect blood sugar levels, so staying within that range can be challenging.

It’s just so tough to convey the level of variability and unpredictability in a few sentences.


Yes, that one sentence pretty much sums up the whole game. Too bad it takes more than one sentence to learn how to do it.

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