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Those guys can get their medical whenever they want. Doing it on vote day is an obvious ploy to not be available and not have to go on record. That is lame. Voting yes or no makes a statement. Not voting is just a lame cowardly action that means he is just trying to not offend anyone.

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I am more cynical than you.I think he planned the surgery to avoid a vote.

He knows the vote won’t pass, and now he gets no blame from his constituents. If he had voted yes or no, it would have hurt him with some of his constituents.

I think these guys play us. Their only goal is to get re-elected.

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Well they’re delaying the vote until he’s back in the chamber so I kind of doubt that was his grand plan, or if it was then it backfired

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sorry but being a coward is not equal to having a vagina. Totally insulting.

Also, dude did go through various years of torture as a POW so it seems silly to cast aspersions on his bravery.

Highly unlikely that McCain’s surgery is a contrived effort to avoid a vote, as the operation may be be more serious than previously disclosed. I don’t know much about this, but any time I hear brain and blood clot, I don’t think “no big deal.”

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That sucks… prognosis of that type of cancer is pretty grim from what I read.

Yep. I am an ass for what I said.