Darn flood -- and no time for forum :(

Man that sucks… this was an event in your whole area or just in your house ?

Just my house. I have not identified the source yet because I was focused on saving all the hardware.

Damage is surprisingly limited. Thank god I have almost all of the gear in 12-gal flip-top plastic tote boxes, off the floor on wheeled chromed racks. But I did have quite a bit of overflow gear that has accumulated: since my son was diagnosed, the basement, reloading bench and wood shop have not been my priority. That’s what has suffered. Anything in cardboard needs rescue work.

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You’re not supposed to have a reloading bench. The democrat gods are punishing you.

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You’d be surprised what you find in a liberal’s house… French Hens, Gold Rings, Geese a-Laying, Swans a-Swimming, Maids a-Milking, Ladies Dancing, Lords a-Leaping, Pipers Piping, Drummers Drumming, Turtle Doves, a well-supplied Blue reloading bench, about 15 sets of hunting and target optics, a good size safe, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. Calling Birds too.

So don’t arrive unannounced in the middle of the night :slight_smile: That partridge can be dangerous!

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@Michel Is this the political thread that you alluded to earlier? /sarc

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I’ll tell Rachel Maddow

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Rachel Maddow who dat?

You must not be a real liberal because shes who tells the real ones what to think about everything

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Guess not :slight_smile:

@Michel, how goes the clean-up??

Thanks for asking!

It is painful. Water is gone. Fans and dehumidifiers are on. Floor has been cleaned of all materials except for my numerous wheeled racks. I hauled out about 2,000 lbs of gear, first outside yesterday, then back inside in the evening. I have gotten rid of all the sodden cardboard and paper, and set all the damaged books to dry out (:rage:). I am now going through all the gear that was packaged in cardboard, and drying/ cleaning/ throwing away. It will take me at least a couple of days.

It could have been much worse though. I store most of our basement gear on wheeled metal racks with shelves, inside plastic tote boxes – none of that got damaged. So the damage is very low compared to what it would have been. It’s the first time I can actually prove to my wife that the money invested in this system is paying off :slight_smile:

I’ll take a pic of the "good’ storage when I have a chance.

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Did you find where the water came from? Is it clean water?

No – very puzzling. It was coming from our laundry room. I immediately closed all faucets. This morning I inspected all pipes and hoses, reopened all faucets, and tested all scenarios but cannot duplicate.

I am suspecting a smart washer with water level sensors: if there was a leak, it could have leaked hundred of gallons trying to fill its tub. But I have already run 3 increasingly large laundry loads and I cannot duplicate the leak. I am flummoxed.

[EDIT] water appears clean, forgot to answer.

What’s the weather like where you’re at? Are you on a septic? Is the ground soggy?

The same thing happened to my old lady neighbor this time of year last year and she had me over trying to figure out why her washing machine was flooding her garage… turns out her septic leach pipes had clogged up with mud… so any water going down the drains in the house was backing up into the washing machine drain which just happened to be the lowest point

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Lots of rain in the past 7 days, daily. Ground is soggy. But water appears clean and laundry room is upstairs. Septic tank issue always shows up on the lower floor first here, and lower floor bathrooms flush 100% fine.

Yeah that’s not as likely if the washing machine is upstairs and you’re certain that’s where is came from and certain it’s not still happening

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Good luck😐 I have had upstairs laundry leaks and they are the pits. Gotta worry about mold too!

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