COVID19 vaccine test

I saw this story on the COVID19 vaccine test.

Bed bound
After getting the first shot on Aug. 18, he said he felt a little under the weather for several days with a low-grade fever. He got his second shot at a clinic on Sept. 15. Eight hours later, he said he was bed bound with a fever of over 101, shakes, chills, a pounding headache and shortness of breath. He said the pain in his arm, where he received the shot, felt like a “goose egg on my shoulder.” He hardly slept that night, recording that his temperature was higher than 100 degrees for five hours.

Hey, the vaccine is kinda like…hmmm… it reminds me of something, but I just can’t place it. Getting the vaccine is like getting something…what is it?

Depending on who you listen to, supposedly we need something like 50-70% of people to get the vaccine in order to get herd immunity and be able to protect those who are unable to take a vaccine because of health conditions, or just won’t get it.

According to the CDC, the last stats available for the flu vaccine were for the 2019-2020 flu season, and flu vaccination coverage among adults was 48.4%.
CDC flu vax coverage estimates, '19-'20

If it stays like this, that C19 vaccine is gonna be a tough sell.

Here is the story.


From what I’ve read they’re projecting that they need 70% of the people to truly be immune, and that they’re hoping, optimistically that 70% of the people who take the vaccine might actually develop some immunity… so for any real chance at “herd immunity” the vaccine would have to both be as effective as they’re hoping and essentially the entire population would have to take it to get anywhere near 50-70% true immunity

Also that 50-70% required immunity is vastly lower than what they’ve figured for other diseases… eg they figure for measles they need 95% immunity

It’s important to realize that vaccines don’t work on the individual level very well and that’s not the right idea… they work across large populations… that’s frequently lost in discussions and makes me crazy when I hear people say things like “if you’re afraid of covid you can get the vaccine but I’m not and I won’t”

Re the article… as it said the trials are double blind so it’s distinctly possible that these effects were psychological after only receiving saline in some, none, or even all of the cases

I get the double-blind thing, but the chances are the saline was not causing the fever.

Flu shots are really minor in terms of side-effects. And for only 50% of people to get that vax, considering they are guaranteed to be free if you have any type of insurance, it just doesn’t look good for any large percentage to be getting the C19 vax if it does this to you.

Saline certainly doesn’t cause fevers, but the mind is a powerful thing

Also note that these were self reported symptoms not clinically measured ones

People also self report that diarrhea is a side effect of insulin even when that clearly makes no sense whatsoever… point being self reported symptoms have little value in truly evaluating something.


I almost always skip the flu shot because when I get it, I always get sick with the full fledge flu in the first 3 days. When I don’t get a shot I don’t get the flu. Coincidence? Perhaps, but the pattern has been consistent for me for almost 20 years


Do you know which one you got? I think the vaccine comes in both inactive and weakened forms of the virus. At least, that’s the way it used to be. Not sure if they have totality changed that.

Maybe you got the active version of it?

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I have gotten both over the years. Initially I was getting live vaccine, then because i was so reactive to it i started getting dead vaccines. I am a.weurd duck because I react to both.

I had similar issues with allergy shots. The “miniscule” initial baseline dose ended up being a qty that took me 2 years to work up to without reacting.


I have the exact same reaction, and am in fact experiencing it right now and for the past 4+ days.

I got my annual flu vaccine a week and a half ago and I have been miserably ill. The only thing I don’t have is a fever (thank God). I have body aches, blasting headache, sinus problems, and Unbelievably High Blood Sugars. I am on 120% TB and have had to adjust my ICRs and my ISF is almost double what it usually is. (thank you Medtronic Pump for helping me to stay in TR). It is awful and I don’t know how long its going to last. I cant wait for it to pass and to feel like myself again.

btw, I have been taking IM correction injections bc they are so much more efficient than correcting through my pump. One shot and within two hours, my sugars are bk in range and the insulin is out of my system…no 4 hour wait with extra insulin lingering on. I highly recommend using them.


Back to the original topic: FYI, just got my NEGATIVE results back from my CoVid test. Phew! Now just waiting to hear back regarding my husband’s. (which I’m certain could not possibly be positive if mine is negative.)

thank you all for your prayers.



just to keep you all posted,

my husband got his CoVid test back today, and his was negative too! Phew. Now we can all take a deep breath (from behind our masks if we should be outdoors) and a huge sigh of relief :+1: :sweat_smile:


That is great news! Happy to hear that!

Keep us posted on how you are both doing.