Cortisol (Stress Hormone)

I am always encouraged by my GP to “keep my stress under control”. I feel like there is only so much I can do, being that I am financially hanging on by a thread, have 3 autoimmune disorders, Scoliosis, and a very stressful life situation (details of which I’ll leave off the internet). A friend told me he swears by Cortisol supplementation. My initial reaction was to internally scoff at the idea. It makes me think of when people say sprinkle cinnamon on my food to help my blood sugars. That said, I’d like to check my attitude at the door if this may actually help. I also know supplements cost a lot (see financial burden noted above) and I don’t want to waste my money on something that could be nonsense.

Anyone believe there is something to Cortisol lowering supplements? Any recommendations on a particular brand that has worked for someone in their experience?

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Preemptive apology for slight change of topic and unasked for anecdotal advice:

My best approach towards cortisol reduction has been eating small meals (generally more protein/fat oriented) throughout the day and sometimes if I wake up at night. At one point I was told having empty stomach increases cortisol and insulin resistance.

Intermittent walking has helped too.

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No apologies! I am grateful for all experiential sharing and replies.

Makes sense that empty stomach, or fasting, could increase cortisol, being that the body may be in a state of stress without food, but I thought it decreased insulin resistance.

Intermittent walking is so helpful, for my BG #s and peace of mind.

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Don’t know about supplements but I feel calmer practicing mindfulness meditation.


Walking and bicycling do wonders in draining stress away for me. I don’t know about any anti cortisol supplements. Yoga and meditation concentrating on your breath is helpful as well.

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This from Cleveland Clinic seems to be fairly balanced on lowering chronically high cortisol.