Control IQ approved in Canada


I never thought I would be a fan of C-IQ, but now I realize how much time I spent micro-managing my pump. Now C-IQ does most of the micro-managing. I’m a fan! I hope the roll-out of C-IQ happens quickly for our Canadian friends. :grinning:


This is fantastic! Definitely at the top of my list for my next pump.


I am in Australia and wear the Tandem tslim pump
I love it!!
Our TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved the IQ that suspends insulin if it thinks hypoglycemia is going to occur earlier in 2020. I am a big fan of this.

I’ve heard there is an additional feature, approved in the US,that will deliver insulin when hyperglycemia is expected, creating a true closed loop pump along the lines of the Medtronic 670.

Is it this additional feature that has been approved in Canada?

Seriously hope so, as this may make Australian TGA speed up their approval.


Yes!!! It is the full Monty!

That would be exciting!


As someone in the US who has and loves C-IQ, I am very pleased to learn that it has been approved in Canada and sincerely hope that this will speed the B-IQ to C-IQ approval process in Australia. Does anyone happen to know where New Zealand is in this process?

I want to applaud AU and NZ for doing a truly spectacular job of controlling and managing Covid-19 to date and to also applaud CA for closing their borders to us in the US and of doing a very good job of managing Covid-19. Bravo tutti!!!



Thank you for clarifying Michel!!!

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