Cold cereals

What brand of cold cereal do any of you T2’s enjoy? Just curious. Any recommendations?

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Shelby, some T2’s should be along shortly with T2 answers. The answer for our T1 with a Dexcom is cold cereal is too highly glycemic for us. Captain Crunch plus morning hormones means trouble for the whole day.

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@Shelby I’m a long time T1 and more recently with T2 type insulin resistance.

Cheerios has always been ok for me. Grape Nuts had been my death knell. I really like Grape Nuts, but I dislike being in the 400 range more.

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Hello, and a belated welcome, @Shelby

I peeked at your prior posts very briefly. Unless I missed it, you’re only using basal (background) insulin?

Nearly all diabetics are more insulin resistant in the morning than any other time of the day. So, controlling postprandial (postmeal) spikes may be very difficult without severely limiting carbohydrates.

What are you eating for cold cereal now? What are your numbers 75 minutes later?


I looked really hard for good cold cereals and could not find any that I could really justify. The two that I found were best among the ones I can get are Wheaties Whole Wheat Flakes and Special K Protein, where 3/4 cups = 19 grams for carbs. Honey Nut Cheerios have 22 grams of carbs per serving – but I find that what I eat in the morning is more than one serving (that’s also true with the other two but less).

So I have moved to low carb (almond or coconut flour) porridge with berries (much better), and custom savory dishes that are a mix of beans or chick peas with spinach, onion, chicken etc, that I make from scratch for a month and defrost in the morning. It works really well for me. Occasionally, I also use low-carb grits. I also tried chia seed pudding with other things in it, but I have not found a good way to accommodate yet. I’ll gladly share if you are interested.

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